Natural Cures Using Urine

| Modified on Aug 31, 2022
Acne, Rash, Glowing Skin
Posted by Mandandi (Gaborone, Bots) on 05/31/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I started using morning urine on my face 2 weeks ago after my cousin told me about it.

I applied it before and after bathing, and several times a day since I work from home.

I had some blackheads on my cheeks, and one on my forehead I have had sine I was a teenager that just wouldn't go away.

Now, its almost gone. I bet it will be gone in a week. I have to really move my forehead very close to the mirror to see it. Who knew urine could do that. Oh, the rash on my armpits and neck disappeared in one week.

My skin glows too. And its only the start. I want to see the results in a month, two or a full year on urine therapy. Great!

Posted by Billy Bob (Washington) on 05/29/2017

You are a fear mongerer. Educate yourself away from main stream and then you will understand how foolish and common your statement is. Urine is not a toxin. There are more qualities in urine then modern medicine as urine gets to the root and heals, but, it takes time. I get so sick of people who have been brainwashed by wanting an instant cure. It takes time just like it takes time to build up a waste filled putrid body from modern day crap. It will take more than 3 days to cure toxic ailments. In many skin creams they use UREA from horse urine. Wake up world!

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 09/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just found Urine Therapy by chance. I could not but give it a try as a topical aid. MY first time it burned a bit and did not see much improvement, but when I leave it all night and woke up in the morning my skin was amazing. This is a gift from God than only few people is able to learn and... Take to practice. Ive tried tasting it, just a bit. I can imagine the benefits of drinking it gotta be wonderful just looking at the effect it has on skin. Better than Apple Cider Vinegar not as strong. No need to mix, its free, you know for sure its compatible with your body cause you absically created it. If it did not do harm to your body before leaving its not gonna do any harm if you put it back in. I don't know the science behind it curing ailments but I cant wait to start. Everytime I pee and push the toilet I feel bad for all the nutrients and benefits I know Im missing just for not having enough courage to drink it. Another use I found is teeth whitening. It does work with 1 application. Either gargle or brush.

So to resume, in less than 48h I have an amazing complexion even tone specially aorund my eyes, a bright white hollywood smilea nd less razor bumps. I think the best way to use might be at night before bed. I feel so sorry that I can't tell this to anybody I know my mother would benefit from this she is 60 BUT I know she would think I've gone nuts and really need help or obsessed with beauty. But to tell the truth, I dont care. Image and looks is everything, litterally everything in the world we live in. I look in the mirror and I see I look like 20 years ago. Thanks to ACV, manuka honey and now Urine. I dont care what anybody thinks. The same people disgusted at UT do every kind of bizzare unhigienic stuff with sex. So I dont care anybody judging me. We know the truth I laugh at ignorance. I have perfect glowing skin without spending a penny or harm my health. Im happy that there is already feedback on this Earclinic is my favourite comunity and I just came to share it ASAP.

My skin has the elasticity and freshness of my teenage years. I'm 30 now but nobody would say they always say early 20s

Posted by Phil (Portland, Oregon) on 09/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

To relieve pressure from a sty within a short time (less than 4 hours). Place a small amount of your first urine discharged of the day into a small glass. Drip a Q-tip in the urine and place Q-tip on the sty. You will feel relief in 3o minutes and decrease of sty swelling with in 4 hours. Label glass and cover with Saran wrap and reapply in the afternoon if swelling and pain continues. Done this trick with great sucess through out my 56 years on planet earth.

Ear Issues
Posted by Hariom (Sampla[rohtak], Haryana INDIA) on 08/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Urine is a very useful and best eardrops and eye drops. For ear you can use the pure urine. For eyes you can dilute the urine with water or can use pure urine. For more informations you can read my blog:

Posted by Deb B (Layton, UT) on 08/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Urine therapy cured my warts. All 3 times that I have gotton pregnant I get warts. The past 2 times I have had them frozen off in my ob/gyn office. This past time I got a lot of them and they spread into my nailbeds were they were no longer able to be frozen. My gyno sent me to a dermatologist and they attempted to remove them with chemo injections. I got about 10 shots in my nail beds with hurt like crazy yet nothing happened to the warts. I went back a month later to the dr. as advised and he decided that they were stubborn enough to not continue with the shots but to rather try a topical treatment called DNCB. Some sort of chemical that is suppose to induce an allergic reaction and have my immune system fight off the warts. Well, it back-fired. I applied the treatment as prescribed and I ended up with huge puss blisters which they said were normal but it developed into a bad strep infection. I got really sick: fever, chills, achy, and fingers that were disabled (which was really difficult with a newborn baby). I was put on an antibiotic for the strep infection and started feeling better slowly. About a month last I developed some bowel problems and started to feel sick with bloody stools for about a week. I went to the dr. again and it was decided after a ton of testing that I had "Antibiotic enduced Colitis". I couldn't believe it. All this just in hopes of taking away a few warts. I of course was fed up so I got online. This is when I found urine therapy. It sounded easy enough, cheap enough, and it couldn't seem to hurt. I wasn't brave enough to actually drink it but I read that by just putting the urine on the warts would do the trick. I figured I could handle that so I did it and IT WORKED!! I can't believe it. What a miracle. After all that trouble, money, pain, and all I had to do was pee on my hands. The warts that were once "stubborn" and huge, cracked, bleeding are now a problem of the past. I don't know why or how it works but I am glad I know this cheap and painless cure.

Posted by Lena (Queens, USA) on 10/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Two of my kids had thrush before turning 4 months old. My grandmother told me to use a cotton ball or clean white cloth, wet with bit of babies urine from first morning diaper change and wipe on the white patches on tongue and mouth. Cleared in 1-2 weeks.

Posted by Jenny (Norway) on 09/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Today, as I was attempting to remove an egg from a pot of water, I accidentally poured boiling water on my right hand, into the delicate skin of the palm, as well as on the top of the thumb. Within seconds, little white blisters started forming, and the pain was becoming quite intense. I started panicking, thinking I had done irreversible damage, when I remembered urine-therapy. I quickly went to the bathroom, urinated in a cup (I was not able to pass much, only about 1 dl), and soaked a ball of cotton wool in it. I put this on the affected area, and the pain relief was INSTANT. When I removed it, the pain came back. So I kept the pressure on, until I could pass more urine, and repeated the procedure. I kept pressure on it for about half an hour, at which point the pain had almost gone down 100%. I removed the urine soaked cotton wool, and there were no blisters, hardly any redness, and almost no pain. This happened only a few hours ago, and there is no sign of me having scolded my hand with boiling water. Amazing!

I have also had success in applying urine to mosquito bites and bleeding cuts. I am about to start taking it internally, and will post an update on this in due time. I am feeling positive!

Posted by Jennifer (Bronx, Ny) on 07/22/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I always wanted to find another way of getting rid of the small pimples that grows on my face. I am very happy that I found this website because I did not know that urine is good to treat acne. So after I read every persons comment about the Urine Therapy, I decided to put urine on my face the areas where I have acne last night. I did not wash my face and when I woke up I saw a diference on my face. I saw that the small acne pimples that I had was strinking and also my face look clear. I am very satisfy with the results and I will continue using my urine. Thank you

Skin Care
Posted by Shelly (Zanesville, Ohio) on 05/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been rubbing urine on my face for about two weeks and my skin is glowing and looks bright and beautiful, but my wrinkles are the same. Just wondering if anyone knows if urine will help with wrinkles.

Seborrheic Dermatitis
Posted by Cathy (Blackhawk, Co) on 01/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Urine therapy thus far is working beautifully on my newly resurfaced facial seborrhea dermatitis-applied locally, just seems to have a mind of it's own and knows exactly what to do to heal it--about 90plus % gone after only one week. Highly recommended for those who suffer with this condition.

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, America) on 02/05/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Well the don't knock it til you try it, very well could be urine therapy! I have battled a rash on and off for over 4 years now. I have diagnosed myself with morgellons, hives, ezema,candida and other fungus and maybe even some kind of infection. Well let me tell you, I still don't know what it is, but it goes away and comes back with a vengance.

I have tried everything you could imagine that has been here on Earth Clinic. Coconut oil, niacinamade, vinegar, baking soda, and even the Mini Beet Protocol. It has gotten better doing these things, but never completly goes away.

Well anyone who has been following these posts knows that I got very ill from the MBP and had to discontinue it as a healing practice. Then BAM, all over me RASH like crazy.

Hey The-phoenix, this is what I spoke of in my last post, Self Diagnosis. What is this crap on me, I thought I had treated it for everthing. My next step was going to be Grapefruit Seed Extract, but no time to wait on that by mail. So I started back here on Earth Clinic and carefully read through different posts and came across urine therapy. So many people, making so many claims about mystery illnesses completly be cured or greatly improved.

So I thought well, I am not going to drink my urine, no way. But I didn't mind putting it on my skin. So in a bottle I collect some of my urine and onto the rash it goes. This was not even my first urine of the morning as it was suppose to be. I left it on all night, next morning looking better. But remember I have had improvement before, but was never cured.

The next morning, I collected my first urine and put it on the rash. Later that night before bed I washed it off. The rash seemed a little angry on the third morning. I collected again and treated, only this time, I washed it off after an hour. The redness is almost gone, and it truely looks like it is completely going away. It even appears as if the scarring I have had over the years is even fading.

I will let everyone know how this turns out. I will be knocking on wood, hoping this is a cure. But even if I have to use it everyday, if it keeps it from itching and keeps the redness away, I will use it everyday. So soon I will know if UT is a treatment or a cure.

There are alot of different ways to use urine and I found a couple good sites for detox and urine therapy. and are awesome sites.

I will be hoping and praying this is a cure! I think, I may have skin allergies or food allergies now. But what ever it is it sure seems this time it is fading completely away. All the times before you could still see the dark pink colors of the bumps, they seem to be fading.

Sorry for so long of a post and sorry if I repeated myself. I am so excited!

Skin Care
Posted by Shirty (Beverly, MA, USA) on 04/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Re the comments about urine for the complexion: A Russian nurse told me about a middle aged woman who had the most beautiful, clear ski. Apparently, she applied her own urine to her skin. When you think of it, it is not that strange. The most expensive facial creams contain uremia, basically urine. So, why not give it a try.

Skin Care
Posted by Paul (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/03/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I sometimes massage my skin with urine, leaving it in/on my skin a few minutes before opening the shower water.

Older urine leaves the skin cleaner and much more velvety than fresh urine. You can massage the scalp too.

I "age" the urine in a bottle, and close it with a twist cap to prevent smell and potential spillage in the room. As it "ages" it has more of an Ammonia smell to it. Some people have said aging in the open air is better, but I share a house with other people that would be freaked out about urine therapy. Aging in a "sealed" bottle becomes a practical way for my situation. Because of this secrecy and having to conceal a bottle of urine going to the shower/ bathroom, I dont do it regularly.

In addition, I prefer the urine from periods of eating quality whole foods, but urine from other periods can still have a positive effect on the skin.

Ear Issues
Posted by Teresa (Nacogdoches, USA ) on 06/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Although it may sound gross to some, here is a remedy that's been used by my family for generations. It has worked on me, my siblings and my children. It is now known that your own urine has natural antibiotic properties unique to the individual who contributes the sample. However, your child must be old enough to urinate into a cup (with your help of course). Catch the urine in mid stream in a cup. Take 1 teaspoon and pour into the ear canal followed by a cotton ball then lay the child down for a nap. You will never spend another dime on antibiotics for ear infections if this remedy is used.

Posted by Charles (Sacramento, CA) on 04/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Now most people react like I did when I first heard about this. I remember I heard it on the radio one morning and I thought, I am open minded but I could never imagine doing that. So then a few years later I came across it again, starting doing some research. Read about 15 books on it and thought, hmm maybe I should try this. What was/is it. Urine therapy. Now if you are now quite ready to ingest it there are still many ways to use it. I always put a drop in my eyes in the AM, I have never worn glasses and feel it does good. But sometimes when my eyes get dry or sore it is really amazing the relief from this.

NOw the other use is for shaving, my face. Yes I heard this and thought, I can't imagine this working on my face, I have a somewhat heavy beard and sensitive skin. Well I thought instead of spending $10 on Shaving cream, I buy the good stuff from Whole Foods, I would try it. Well it was truly amazing, I thought my face would be really red and scratchy afterwards becuase it is so light but it works amazingly well. Here is how I do it. I use my AM pee and try to use it while still warm, if not I keep it and reheat it in a cup in hot or warm water. Then I have a glass of Warm Pee, and a glass of hot water. I get my face wet with warm water and then sometimes splash my face with Pee/ or not, and then I dip my razor in the glass of Pee and make one or two strokes. Then I rinse it off in the hot water. I do this so my sink doesn't get smelly.It typically takes me 7 minutes to shave. I have to be careful not to let the urine run down my chest because once it gets in your hair, it really stays and well I don't really want to smell like Pee all day. Hey that's just me. The most convenient way is when I use it in the shower and then it usually gets washed down the sink and there is no smell.

I will also just use it as splash on my face.

Hope this doesn't freak ya'll out too much. I have many more stories and experience with it. Contact me if you like.

Posted by Megan (Calgary, Ab) on 01/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone wondering about UT for acne that I tried it last night for the first time and it already made a huge difference that even people at my work noticed. All I did was pee in a cup, dip a cotton ball in it and rub it over my face, also holding it on the larger pimples for 30ish seconds. Didnt smell at all (could be because I eat very healthy and drink alot of water) and within 10 mins my fiance and I saw a difference in the size of my pimples. I left it on overnight though, it dries quickly and if you don't let yourself think about that it's urine, you can live exactly the same as when you didn't have it on your face. Also, I have severe acne so to see results almost instantly, is amazing, a dream come true, and it's FREE!!!

So if you suffer from any kind of acne, I would try this because if it worked for my stubborn acne, it should work for you too!!! I couldn't be more happy or more excited :)

Hair Care
Posted by Pri (Accra) on 08/19/2016

Get 2 egg yolks, add some olive oil and apply all over the hair ... Put ur shower cap over it and leave for about 30-45 mins. Wash out and condition. Your hair will never be the same again!

Skin Care
Posted by Mom (Apopka, Fl, Usa) on 11/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I stumbled over UT today.. I have been doing allot of reading... My elbow was dry from sitting at the computer day after day, I put some UT on it and Ta Da- It's soft again after the 2nd application today!! (I had tried really expensive lotions for months and they didn't work! )

I started having dark circles under my eyes, so I put some there, that helped too, after 2x it already seems a little better. I'm going to try it a few days and I'll let you know. Than I finally got brave and brushed my teeth with it. I will do this every day for a week and I'll let you know how it goes. My sister was just tested and she found out she has NO calcium left in her bones and her teeth are breaking, I know she would freak out if I told her about this so I am going to order her a book and mail it to her about this anonymously. What do you think?

OK, I drank some.. To be honest I have asthma and have had brochettes for over 2 months. I went to my local pharmacy and he told me to use "onion juice and honey" overnight in a container leave it in the re-fridge overnight, and it seems to be working. But now that I have done this too, I am REALLY hoping to get better soon. Oh and one more thing... Try it on your arthritis, I have it in my elbow, wrist and knuckles, (same arm as dry skin on elbow) and guess what - yup, it doesn't hurt anymore! I will be applying that everyday! I may try the lavender oil drop trick I read about here to cover any odor, however I don't smell any. Good health to all!

Posted by Lisa (Lafayette, La) on 10/20/2010

Hi. My sister has the same problem as you, acne on face. I suggested urine therapy, topically, to her. She tried it, and said after four days, she noticed nothing. I then suggested borax, from laundry aisle at store, mixed with water to make a thin paste, and applied nightly. She began to do this, and said she has noticed a drying and shrinking of zits like nothing else she has ever tried. Her husband has good insurance, and her doctor has prescribed $400.00 medicine to her, it never worked. Nothing worked but the borax. Try that. Good luck!

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 05/19/2018

I was doing some reading on cancer for a friend and found that Ted warned that drinking cocoa and the use of urine therapy increases cadmium that can contribute to cancer.

Replied by Ted Bangkok, Thailand on 04/06/2012

The cause of most of the bone cancer I come across in Thailand is due to cigarette smoking (mostly from paper in the cigarettes), eating chocolate, drinking cocoa combined with urine therapy (you get concentrated cadmium). These are the causes of bone cancer from my clients. Specifically cases where I have treated bone cancer, the remedy was strontium chloride (as a substitute for strontium renelate) as an affordable replacement and more water soluble strontium taken at 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. The azoxystrobin kills mostly the fungus based cancer, which is also sometimes the case. But I used far lower dose in liquid from mixed with water, about 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. However, the one thing that worked across all cancer that I know for sure are DMSO (with aloe vera oil to prevent skin reactions), butyric acid (smells like rancid butter), and urea, and possibly urea peroxide (at low concentrations), and lysine. Urea is now included as part of the anti cancer protocol (but I really have to tweak this), as 1/3 teaspoon of lysine, 1/4 of N acetyl cysteine, and 1 gram of urea (is approximately 1/3 teaspoon) every hour for four hours in the morning and in evening. Beta glucan, vitamin C, and vitamin B3 also helped. Zinc acetate displaces the cadmium and taken at 25 mg every day will help. Cadmium and lead are two major sources if found to cause bone cancer, and lead must be displaced by magnesium rich water and other things, such as N acetyl cysteine.

I haven't really had a fully developed protocol as most clients seemed happy with it, but is not protocol I am happy with because they seek something to lessen the cancer from spreading which it does, but I am seeking an outright cure which is a little idealistic from the client's point of view.



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