Natural Cures Using Urine

Posted by Charles (Sacramento, CA) on 04/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Now most people react like I did when I first heard about this. I remember I heard it on the radio one morning and I thought, I am open minded but I could never imagine doing that. So then a few years later I came across it again, starting doing some research. Read about 15 books on it and thought, hmm maybe I should try this. What was/is it. Urine therapy. Now if you are now quite ready to ingest it there are still many ways to use it. I always put a drop in my eyes in the AM, I have never worn glasses and feel it does good. But sometimes when my eyes get dry or sore it is really amazing the relief from this.

NOw the other use is for shaving, my face. Yes I heard this and thought, I can't imagine this working on my face, I have a somewhat heavy beard and sensitive skin. Well I thought instead of spending $10 on Shaving cream, I buy the good stuff from Whole Foods, I would try it. Well it was truly amazing, I thought my face would be really red and scratchy afterwards becuase it is so light but it works amazingly well. Here is how I do it. I use my AM pee and try to use it while still warm, if not I keep it and reheat it in a cup in hot or warm water. Then I have a glass of Warm Pee, and a glass of hot water. I get my face wet with warm water and then sometimes splash my face with Pee/ or not, and then I dip my razor in the glass of Pee and make one or two strokes. Then I rinse it off in the hot water. I do this so my sink doesn't get smelly.It typically takes me 7 minutes to shave. I have to be careful not to let the urine run down my chest because once it gets in your hair, it really stays and well I don't really want to smell like Pee all day. Hey that's just me. The most convenient way is when I use it in the shower and then it usually gets washed down the sink and there is no smell.

I will also just use it as splash on my face.

Hope this doesn't freak ya'll out too much. I have many more stories and experience with it. Contact me if you like.