Natural Cures Using Urine

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, America) on 02/05/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Well the don't knock it til you try it, very well could be urine therapy! I have battled a rash on and off for over 4 years now. I have diagnosed myself with morgellons, hives, ezema,candida and other fungus and maybe even some kind of infection. Well let me tell you, I still don't know what it is, but it goes away and comes back with a vengance.

I have tried everything you could imagine that has been here on Earth Clinic. Coconut oil, niacinamade, vinegar, baking soda, and even the Mini Beet Protocol. It has gotten better doing these things, but never completly goes away.

Well anyone who has been following these posts knows that I got very ill from the MBP and had to discontinue it as a healing practice. Then BAM, all over me RASH like crazy.

Hey The-phoenix, this is what I spoke of in my last post, Self Diagnosis. What is this crap on me, I thought I had treated it for everthing. My next step was going to be Grapefruit Seed Extract, but no time to wait on that by mail. So I started back here on Earth Clinic and carefully read through different posts and came across urine therapy. So many people, making so many claims about mystery illnesses completly be cured or greatly improved.

So I thought well, I am not going to drink my urine, no way. But I didn't mind putting it on my skin. So in a bottle I collect some of my urine and onto the rash it goes. This was not even my first urine of the morning as it was suppose to be. I left it on all night, next morning looking better. But remember I have had improvement before, but was never cured.

The next morning, I collected my first urine and put it on the rash. Later that night before bed I washed it off. The rash seemed a little angry on the third morning. I collected again and treated, only this time, I washed it off after an hour. The redness is almost gone, and it truely looks like it is completely going away. It even appears as if the scarring I have had over the years is even fading.

I will let everyone know how this turns out. I will be knocking on wood, hoping this is a cure. But even if I have to use it everyday, if it keeps it from itching and keeps the redness away, I will use it everyday. So soon I will know if UT is a treatment or a cure.

There are alot of different ways to use urine and I found a couple good sites for detox and urine therapy. and are awesome sites.

I will be hoping and praying this is a cure! I think, I may have skin allergies or food allergies now. But what ever it is it sure seems this time it is fading completely away. All the times before you could still see the dark pink colors of the bumps, they seem to be fading.

Sorry for so long of a post and sorry if I repeated myself. I am so excited!