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on Oct 08, 2021| Modified on Oct 10, 2021
TENS Therapy
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 10/08/2021

Thank you, Art, for posting another incredible article on Earth Clinic! Very grateful!

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TENS Therapy
Posted by Art (California) on 10/10/2021 2159 posts


Thank you for the response! I Haven't tried it for frozen shoulder so your input is useful. I have found that although the manufacturer gives a basic pictorial sheet of pad placement for general use such as the upper back, lower back, hips, etc., I seem to get better effects by placing the pads where the electrical pulses seem most useful than the recommended application points. That has been my experience so far. Here is a video link to give you an idea of what I am describing :



TENS Therapy
Posted by Art (California) on 10/09/2021 2159 posts

Hi Jgny,

Thank you!

For overactive bladder, if your TENS unit has 4 electrodes, you can place one pair of electrodes just below the belt line and the beginning of the hairline and then place the other pair on either side of the tail bone. If your electrode leads are long enough, you can use one red electrode from one pair of electrodes and pair it with the black lead from the other pair for the front of your body and then use the remaining black and red leads on the back of your body. This is a type of X pattern that can give a better dispersion of the electrical energy being released.

Please let me know if my description is clear enough and let us know how it works out for you. Also, how did it work for your frozen shoulder?


TENS Therapy
Posted by Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 10/10/2021

Thank you Art, I only have two leads, so I will alternate which side I use it. As far as the frozen shoulder, it seemed to only aggravate the pain. Ended up that ice packs and switch to the heating pad was the only relief I got.

TENS Therapy
Posted by Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 10/09/2021

Thank you Art! I have a tens unit, one that I bought for my frozen shoulder a few years ago. I put it away and pretty much forgot about it. I am interested in the overactive bladder info, but the article didn't show where to place the electrodes, just said sacral area. I might try placing the pads over the bladder region. I hope more will post on their experience with a tens unit! Thanks again!