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Posted by Mel (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/22/2007

Since your website started the inclusion of raw dairy, it seems a few are posting comments about the risks of congesting raw milk, without any citing personal experience or first-hand educated research in the matter. The commercial dairy industry is very aggressive in putting out as much negative information about raw dairy as possible. Check out this website for some good comparisons of the facts: http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/

Not ALL cows carry the bovine leukemia virus, and there are MUCH fewer documented cases of bacterial infections, and otherwise, due to consumption of raw dairy, than there are documented cases of ailments and illnesses affiliated with pasteurized dairy. Further, Louis Pasteur developed this process for beer and wine to give it longer shelf-life. Commercial industries adapted it and a homogenization process to dairy. The first poster (Marian) is exactly right -- pasteurizing kills all of the good enzymes necessary for proper digestion, as well as any potentially harmful bacteria (not all bacteria is bad). People that are lactose intolerant, can often drink raw milk. Other syndromes that are triggered by dairy (I have one) are not exacerbated by raw dairy (I speak from first-hand experience, as well as corroborated research findings).

Another rather disgusting side-effect of pasteurized dairy: since the extreme heating process does such a good job of killing (pasteurizing is flash-heating to lethal temperatures, for those who don't know) many of these producers keep less than sanitary conditions and use milk that would otherwise be considered diseased. I, for one, do not relish consuming a cupful of dead harmful bacteria, any more than I would the living variety. Raw, organic dairy farms, who grass-feed their free-range cows, rather than grain-feeding (a source of many bovine ailments) confined animals, are also usually highly meticulous about the conditions of their dairy facilities. Here in CA, (as well as in NM, CT and 2 or 3 other states) it's legal to sell through Whole Foods, so it's quite regulated (and expensive!! @ $16/gal.) and many dairy farms permit tours of their facilities.

Other states have more restrictive laws concerning the sale of raw dairy to the consumer, so finding a source is usually a little more creative and independent process. There are websites available to help with the search for a quality provider. Weston Price, a leading health and nutrition expert has a great website with info about the health, legal and economic issues surrounding raw milk: http://www.realmilk.com , as well as an additional wealth of information on nutrition and other raw foods.

In addition to my own personal experience, and a ton of educated research (I am a scientific researcher by trade, and gather my information from qualified sources), my family is Amish. My direct lineage has not been in the community for 3 generations now, but cousins and older family members still are, and I grew up thinking it was quite normal to have the family car parked next to the horses and buggies at the local market. All foods among my family are organic, direct from the farm products. As of yet, since the late 1700s, when we settled here, I've never heard any tales of rampant bacterial infections running through the community. We have very little disease or other illness. My great-grandmother lived to 102 in her own house, unassisted, and likely had the health to live much longer, if she'd had the will. Her husband was 90. Her daughter is now 96 and going strong. Any relative in my family who dies before the age of 90 is considered too young.

So, from first-hand personal experience, plus documented knowledge of hundreds of years throughout generations of my family and their community, as well as extensive educated research on the matter -- I urge anyone with an open mind enough to circumvent the anti-nature propaganda of the commercial food industry to research the facts and seriously consider replacing the over-processed dairy in their diet with the real stuff.

Peace & Health!

Raw Dairy Feedback
Posted by Annie (Oklahoma, Oklahoma) on 11/12/2007

Raw milk carries the BLS-Bovine Luekmia virus that can spread to humans and has already shown up in blood work. BLS is also implicated in Breast Cancer. The risk is to great even though Raw milk does have some benefits.

Raw Dairy Feedback
Posted by Caroline (Roseburg, Oregon) on 10/25/2007

The person who mentions consuming raw milk should add the caveat: Raw milk consumption is a risky behavior due to the possiblity of ingesting bacteria with the potential of making one very ill. An example, e. coli, campylobacter, etc. Louis Pasteur isn't famous for nothing!

Replied by Kirsten
(Friendswood, TX)

Silly Oregon person. Do you work for the National Dairy Board? How much have you researched raw dairy? Have you experienced any healing from it at all? Perhaps you should become a bit more educated on the subject before supporting federal mandates to regulate and control what folks put into their bodies.

Replied by Celland
(Boston, Ma)

I have been drinking raw milk from various sources for almost 15 years with no illness. Let me add that I drink at least one gallon per week. If there were any truth to this germ phobic nonsense I would have stumbled across it by now. One of the biggest stories aganist raw milk that came out in papers and magazines in the 1950's turned out to be completely fabricated! Stop believing what the media forces on you and learn to t think and judge with your own brain for God's sake!! Come back to reality.

Replied by Sordub
(Sioux Lookout, On, Ca)

Right on... I grew up on raw milk and its products, I. E., cream, butter, buttermilk, cottage cheese, etc. (yes, even yogurt). I'm 71 and feel just fine.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Celland and Sordub, I give my kids raw milk and for over a year made kefir from raw milk. I absolutely love it! I haven't been making it for awhile but have recently begun fermenting again and currently have a big crock of veggies getting ready. Of course, it made me think of making my raw milk kefir! I decided that when the fall school year begins, I will begin making it again. It healed my issues with dairy and after several months of raw milk kefir, I could eat dairy once again without my body reacting. Best to you both, Lisa

Raw Dairy Feedback
Posted by Meg (Lomé, Togo) on 10/03/2007

Hi. I am a big fan of raw dairy products, completely unheated, unpasteurized, straight from the cow. In all the reading I have done, I have seen that prior to the introduction of widespread pasteurization of dairy products, raw milk was being used to treat many medical conditions, including pelvic inflammatory disease, prostate problems, edema, and others. A rundown on it can be found here: [http://www.karlloren.com/aajonus/p15.htm#_ftn64] It can be a bit difficult to get hold of raw dairy in the US, a bit more easy in France, and I just don't know about other places. Myself I am hoping to find a source this weekend here in Lomé. I hope you might point out raw dairy as a possible healthy addition to people's diets even if no-one wants to try it for those problems. If nothing else, it is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, and because it is raw, all the extra enzymes in it that help our bodies absorb calcium are still present. Thanks!

Raw Dairy Feedback
Posted by Marian (Central Lk) on 09/10/2006

Concerning sinus infections and their relationship to ice cream, I would like to comment on the pasteurization of milk and its products there of. The pasteurization of milk kills the enzymes that enables the body to process and assimilates its benefits. When products of pasteurized milk are consumed, it basically sits rotting in the small intestine, which resides in the same meridian as the sinuses, thus, causing inflammation and quite often sinus infection. Raw milk products from cows raised in mineral rich pastures, fed only grasses and no grain, produce a milk highly beneficial and easily assimilated by our human bodies. It is loaded with fat soluble vitamins, A , D, and E, minerals and enzymes. So don't knock out ice cream all together, it can still be enjoyed by making your own with fresh raw milk.

Where to Buy

Posted by Anthony (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/06/2012

Hi, Im interested in trying raw milk and wanted to know if anyone knew somewhere in philadelphia, pa where I could get some? thanks!

Replied by Maureen
(Tampa Bay, Fl)

You might start at your local health food store... I took a peek at CraigsList and found a couple a good distance from Philly... Lancaster and Hamburg. That sell the raw milk. Maybe look up The Oley Valley Turnpike Dairy, hey- make a day of it, they have a petting zoo, at Halloween they had/have an awesome hay maze... Cute town/area... best of luck...

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