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Posted by Robin (Rocky Ridge, Ohio) on 01/13/2009

Prosperity, core beliefs and brain washing

One thing we all need to do to increase the prosperity of our lives and that of the country is to stop listening/watching the news and discussing the state of the economy.

There is a thing called the collective consciousness. It's something we are all a part of, and it comes from the energy of our thoughts, collectively. This is a source of energetic fuel for lack of a better explaination.(the energy from our thoughts has been measured in experiments to prove that this is true)

In part, because a politician or two mentioned it, the media "ran with" this "story" and the effect was a poisoning of our minds which has led most people to start being afraid and thinking about it. It's a form of brainwashing.

We need to stop buying into everything the media pounds into our brains on an hourly basis. Turn the channel, turn off the T.V., the radio, put down the paper or magazine.

As an example, just think about how President Elect Obama got the presidency against a lot of strong opposition. He spoke of a wonderful future for all of us and many of us believed him. Our energy joined with the energy of others and became a powerful force. This was his way of getting the position he got, by convincing us, talking about our wants and needs so that we believed and connected with him. He used our minds to create the positive energy he needed to get what he wanted! This is not to say he isn't qualified, won't be able to do the job or used trickery to do what he did.

Anyone that has seen the movie The Secret or knows anything about the energy of thoughts knows this to be true. We need to start expecting the best, knowing we will be ok as we are right now, right here in this moment. We need to think positively about our finances and the economy. We need to examine our core beliefs about money, lack, and abundance and work on changing them because they run our minds and what comes into our lives. Our thoughts collect and add energy to the negative or positive energy out there. Lets work on making it positive energy and reap the rewards!

The state of this country will turn around eventually, but it won't happen over night. The faster we understand what we are doing and how it has a negative impact on everyone but most specifically ourselves, the faster this situation turns around.

Here's to a healthier, wealthier and happier new year to us all!

Blessings and good luck!

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Posted by Addy (Los Angeles, CA) on 01/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Prosperity remedies, what an interesting page! My mantra to finding jobs (which bring prosperity) is "Pray and then take action." I don't think that prayer alone works -- the follow through is equally important.

When I needed a job, I have prayed specifically on what I wanted (yes, don't be general, be specific!) Then I got to work, putting every possible feeler out there to manifest a job, asking friends and old co-workers or bosses, sending out my resume, hunting online. I leave no stone unturned and all my energy becomes hyper focused on getting a job. It works. Over the past 10 years I have found numerous interesting jobs and been hired for them within a week. A couple of years ago I was really desperate to find work and became very intense in my prayers (as in I NEED IT NOW, GREAT SPIRIT!). I manifested an amazing job within 24 hours that fit all my requirements (nice boss, flexible work hours, good pay). My faith increased, after that I vowed never again to become stressed out for money.

With faith and intention, anyone can make anything happen. I really believe that.

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Posted by Cynthia (Warren, CT) on 01/09/2009
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Subject: Prosperity Remedies

A few weeks before Christmas, I got together with a few friends for a meditation. I have been studying essential oils for a few years, so I brought Frankinsence and Myrrh, being inspired by the season and the story of Jesus and the three Magi. For the meditation, I played some soft music and placed the essences on our fifth chakras, so that we would be guided to hear and speak truth and love. We meditated on sending good fortune - gold - to all those people who were losing their jobs. We felt joy and love and true prosperity in our hearts and sent it out to the universe to be available for those who would benefit. We also meditated on those losing their jobs finding their true occupations, something truly beneficial to their spirits and their finances. We pictured gold flowing to these people, and pictured gold flowing to all of us, that every time someone touches money that person would be blessed with true abundance. We asked for all of our intentions to be blessed.

A few weeks later, I saw a story in the news about a newscaster for NPR who had been doing a story about people who were losing their jobs. Ironically, she lost her job while doing the series. Well, here's what wowed me - a listener heard her story and stepped forward to offer her a job, and it turned out to be a truly wonderful opportunity, something that she had always wanted to be doing, but couldn't/wouldn't while in her old position. Would this have happened without my group meditation for prosperity? Who knows? We're continuing to send out an intention to bless all the gold in the world and all the people that we may all live with great physical, emotional and financial health.

Thank you to the providers of Earth Clinic and all those who share their remedies for health!

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Posted by Karen (Cambridge, MA) on 01/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Inner passion brings prosperity, that's one of my financial philosophies. Do something you are truly passionate about and money will flow to you. Then apply sound business practices and common sense to make it continually thrive. I've seen this success story happen with friends and family who have started businesses based on a lifelong love for something (physical training, animals, clothing). I've also seen a few friends start businesses because they thought it was a good business idea and not necessarily because they loved it and the business failed in a very short amount of time. Of course it's also true that you can make a success of anything if you put your mind to it. But for me, the happiest and most fulfilling path to prosperity is through the heart.

P.S. Sandy from Bangalore - I loved your story, thank you for sharing it!

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Posted by Hope (Sacramento, CA) on 01/06/2009

What a beautiful story - Thank You!

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Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 01/06/2009
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Working for stray animals--Prosperity

During my late teens, when I was still a student, I started looking after stray started with a kitten with a fractured limb found outside my house..I took it in and looked after it and nursed it back to health. I started looking after many stray animals in my locality. There were stray kittens with eye infections that I treated, there was a dog with mange that I treated, and so on. I nursed sick animals, and spent my pocket money to buy the medicines. (By the way, a lot of relatives/neighbours thought I was queer because I looked after strays, and mocked me about my 'queer' ways.)

Within an year of starting to do all this, a world of opportunities started to open for me. I got into a good educational course in one of the most prestigious institutes in the country, and have had a good career and great financial security.

If I look back on my life, I can see that after I started working for strays the graph of my life shows a sharp rise. I have been really lucky that I put serious efforts to look after strays from a young age. Not only did this bless me with laughter and boundless love from animals I interacted with, but also opened the gates of success and prosperity for me.

Recently, I happened to have a long chat with one of my neighbors, who now cares for strays. He told me that I had inspired him to start looking after animals. He said since he started that, his business is roaring, and he is making huge money now. He specifically pointed out that he was doing nothing new/innovative in his business this year as compared to last year, yet out of the blue he had got many new clients this year and profits this year were huge...while last year profits were low. This man had also seen the connection between looking after strays and getting prosperous. I could only grin knowingly when he shared his observation with me...

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Posted by Katie (London, UK) on 01/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My rise in financial well being has coincided with gaining maturity as I have aged. I was quite immature in my 20s and got into all sorts of credit card debt. Actually I got into debt twice. You'd think I would have learned from the first round, but no! By the time my credit card debt was gone the second time around (and a decade had passed) I had finally mastered financial law #1: Don't live beyond your means! Now I don't charge anything that can't be paid off at the end of the month. Since I am no longer struggling to make high interest credit card payments, my chronic anxiety disappeared. Financial stability brings emotional stability and vice versa. At least in my case.

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Posted by SARA (HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA) on 01/05/2009
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these are very tough times and we all are or will feel the effects sooner or later. but the one rule i have always lived by is only buying something i want after i have saved the money for it, no layaways, no credit no nothing but saving. this also gives me the time to really decide if i want it too. because i now know how long it took to earn that money for it and if the object is worth it to me. obviously this is for wants not needs. when times are tight i cut back until it's better. sara

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Posted by Paige (Detroit, MI) on 01/04/2009

I don't see a prosperity page on Earth Clinic. Can you add one? I think the timing is right with people around the globe suffering from the financial downturn. Maybe people who are enjoying prosperous times can tell us what they are doing or what philosophy they are practicing about money. I live in Detroit and as you can imagine the overall vibe here is very distressing. We need to bring hope back into people's lives.

EC: Great idea, thank you!

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