Where to Buy Blackstrap Molasses


Posted by Jaz (Richmond, Va) on 10/07/2010

I've had House of Herbs Black Strsp Molasses in my cabinet and have used it sparringly for cooking... Had no idea of its true health benefits. I have not found where it can be purchased in VA, but it can be ordered from their website: primechoicefoods.net. So many others have said that this has helped them w their anemia and fibroids... I am praying it helps me too. Blessings to everyone

Posted by Karla Joy (Vancouver, WA) on 02/03/2009

Thanks for posting the information about Molasses Cures.

1st, an alert: "Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Molasses," used in the 1/31/09 post comparing it to Blackstrap Molasses, is actually blackstrap! It doesn't say that on the front label, but on the side, in small print, it says "Ingredients: Blackstrap Molasses." That's why it's composition is so similar to the Blackstrap shown.

By comparison, the composition of Grandma's Molasses given in an earlier post makes a good example of regular molasses, a 1st boiling.
At the suggestion of an acupuncturist, I've been taking a tablespoon each day for leg cramps. I'd tried taking extra calcium and magnesium, but was still having leg cramps. He said, perhaps I needed more iron. The beauty of the blackstrap is it has all three plus potassium. Thank you for providing this website :-)

Posted by G (Buffalo, NY) on 12/05/2007

...Also, to the woman that is asking where to find blackstrap molasses, someone said near the honey in the grocery store. At the grocery store where I shop, it is on the shelf right next to the regular molasses and karo syrup.

Posted by Dottie (Cooper City, Florida) on 10/23/2007

I don't have anything amazing to share yet. I just bought today and took one tbls. However my information is for the people that wanted to know where you can buy it. I bought mine in the Nutrition S'Mart for $4.99 and it was Organic, I hope that I was able to help someone. I hope next time I have something amazing to share with you all. I cannot wait. Good luck to everyone.

Posted by Filbert the gorgeous (Waynesville, NC) on 09/28/2007

This is just a minor comment. I believe that if a food tastes better, it's better for the body, excluding poisonous over-refined foods & MSG... I've tried the Fair-trade BS Molasses & it tastes awful. Grandma's, & "OLD" Plantation molasses, as well as all the other Black Strap Molasses brand's that I've tried do not taste good. I can see why people think they have to take their molasses w/ warm milk to make it taste good. The one brand that consistantly tastes wonderful, for me, is "Plantation" molasses, NOT "old Plantation". Plantation Molasses, to me, is perfect. I drink it straight from the bottle, along with some tahini. In fact, the combination of tahini and Plantation molasses is out of this world! I love it & drink it everyday. It's really one of my main staples. I put tahini in just about all of the veggies I eat, along w/ other spices like turmeric, soy-sauce(only organic-no gmo soy), sea salt, stevia... Try it, & you'll see. At the health food store it's like $5.50/bottle, but I'm certain it's cheaper online. Enjoy!

Posted by Elke (New York, NY/USA) on 09/26/2007

Blackstrap molasses is available in NYC on the Upper East Side at the Food For Health Natural Food Supermarket, 1653 Third Ave. (92nd/93rd Sts.), NY 10128, Tel. 212-369-9202, www.foodforhealthny.com. I bought PLANTATION Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses, NET 31 FL OZ. (915 ml) for $5.79 (tax incl.) BTW: On ebaY someone tries to sell a 16 FL OZ. bottle (that is approximately half the quantity) of the same stuff for $8.55 plus $7.13 shipping, which is really expensive if you consider that it is a by-product from the processing of (sugarcane or sugar beet into) sugar and it is being used in the manufacture of cattle feed, and for other industrial uses. So keep asking at your local shop if they do not want to start selling it...

EC: Whole Foods also sells this brand of blackstrap, about the same price...

Replied by Renee
(New York, NY)

If there is a Stop & Shop Supermarket in your town, they sell the Plantation BSM-Unsulphered for $3.99.

Posted by Mark (Springfield, Ohio) on 03/20/2007

I recently came across Groeb Farms Blackstrap Molasses and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about it and if its a good source blackstrap> it's found at Gordens Food Service (GFS) stores and is much cheaper, you can get a gallon of it for $7.49, a much cheaper way to get your blackstrap if its a good source.

Posted by Rhonda (Indianapolis, IN) on 03/03/2007

Hello, I have been reading comments about blackstrap molasses and how it has tremendously helped many people. Blackstrap molasses can be a little expensive. I want to inform others that they can now purchase blackstrap molasses in tablet form at swanson vitamins. One bottle contains 180 tablet for less than $5.00 and one tablet contains 29mg of iron, which the daily requirement to build iron. I hope this info will help many of you. And I thank all of you for sharing your comments.

Replied by Joel
(Longmont, Co)

Rhonda, the Swanson product seems to have ferrous fumerate included in its ingredient description. This form of iron may not be suitable for everyone. It may be safer to get your minerals directly from real blackstrap molasses, rather than from a pill that has ferrous fumerate added to it.

Posted by Barbara (Niles, IL) on 01/21/2007

I'm planning on trying this natural remedy as quickly as possible! I just ordered 'Organic Blackstrap Molasses' from www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com ($5.76 for a 32 oz. bottle). Please visit this site as well --> www.energeticnutrition.com/vitalzym/mystory.html {I ordered special natural nutrients to also help regulate hormones naturaly and reduce/eliminate fibroids without drugs or surgery. See 'Fibroid Starter Kit with Myomin' (Myomin helps reduce the size of myoma (fibroid tissue). Good Luck and Lots of Health to All!

Posted by Peyote (Richland, MO) on 12/21/2006

For the folks who have a problem finding black strap molasses. Here is a source Swanson vitamins has tablet form 250 count 29Mg. Iron for a price of $4.79 Order #sw182 Shipping by mail. Phone #1-800-437-4148 You all keep up the good work. Peyote

Posted by Beth (Lansing, MI) on 12/18/2006

Blackstrap molasses is available at Meijer's in the syrup section for $2.29

Replied by Steffie
(Nashville, Tn)

A good buy for Organic Black Strap Molasses... Not all molasses is blackstrap. This site is good also for supplements in general. Good prices with only $4.99 shipping no matter how much you order. I'm very pleased with them.


Replied by Moonays

yes, but on the label of the bottle there is a warning about it having acrylic which is carcinogenic to the body. I am not sure if I should use it or not. Since it is being boiled 3 times to get consistency during extreme and long time heating, acrylic can be formed which is carcinogenic. So while I want to use it and purchased it, I am confused if I am doing good for my body by consuming it.

Posted by Heather (California) on 10/27/2006

I'm hoping molasses will cure my with my anemia. I just wanted to let people know that you can order the House of Herbs Blackstrap Molasses from Ralphs.com - Click onto their Special Order page and request it to be available on the site - they will email you and then you can order it. The products UP# 073600210. I really appreciate your websites info.

Posted by Gina (Elton, FL) on 08/05/2006


Posted by Art (Syracuse, NY) on 07/15/2006

For Loreeli who is looking for "House of Herbs" brand of blackstrap molasses... the House of Herbs Headquarters Location is: 38 Ann St., Passaic NJ 07055-0170 Telephone (973)779-2422. She may try to call them and get the address of a local store. I picked some up in Syracuse NY today. I use it to boost my energy level. It truly works!

Replied by Isabel
(Tervuren, Belgium)

don't know how to start a new thread, so I'm reacting to this one. I'm looking for blackstrap molasses in Belgium (Brussels; Leuven; Antwerp). Who can help?

thanks, isabel

Replied by Elke
(Brussels, Belgium)

You can find it in Stonemanor, the British Store in Everberg.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I can't tell you where you can find it in Belgium as I never looked for it there but in Holland it is easy to find in the reform winkels like De Tuinen, Het Kruidvat and others. I don't know whether they have De Tuinen in Belgium but if they do consider visiting it, it is such a great health shop.... I love it!

Replied by Veema
(Port Louis, Mauritius)

Hello, I would appreciate if someone could advise where I could BSM in Mauritius. Although we cultivate sugar cane and produce lots of sugar, I am unsure if BSM is sold here. Please advise. Thanks.

Replied by Gg
(Denver, Co, Usa)

Does anyone know where to purchase unsulphered House of Herbs blackstrap molasses?

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

BSM is available at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocer - see naturalgrocers.com for locations and phone numbers, they tend to be in the western US. I saw it in the section with the honeys and syrups at their location near me, which was at next to Panera at Preston and Forest, in Dallas. I didn't catch the price exactly but remember being less than I paid online (but a smaller bottle).


Posted by Kelvin (Africa, Zambia) on 06/19/2014

Where can I get this organic molasses in Zambia?

Replied by Regina

Hi Kelvin, I bought some yesterday at Link Pharmacy at Kafubu Mall in Ndola. I will post my experiences with it!

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