Where to Buy Blackstrap Molasses


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Posted by Piu (Kolkata, IN) on 12/12/2014

Hi Anybody know where can I find unsulphured blackstrap molasses in Kolkata?

Replied by Rekha
(Mumbai, India)

Posted by Vandy Kuk (Mumbai, Maharashtra / India ) on 03/22/2011

Vandy Kuk from Mumbai, Maharashtra / India writes: "I sell Blackstrap Molasses in Mumbai. Kindly contact me @ vandy.kuk @ gmail.com

Replied by Rita

I just got 100% Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses for goindiaorganic.com. I had been looking for this product for long and atlast I got it India.

I contacted many of other as published here for Blackstrap Molasses but in the end got it from GoIndiaOrganic.com. You can contact them at 91-11-47566727, 91-9958599911.

Replied by Rahil
(New Delhi, Delhi)

We are India based Blackstrap Molasses production unit. contact for your order ( [email protected])

Replied by Vani
(Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

For Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar in Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad contact [email protected] or call at 04040130633

Replied by Vignesh
(Chennai, India)

Hi, please let me know where I can purchase Melrose unsulphared blackstrap molasses in Chennai. Thanks, Vignesh

Replied by Ed2010

You can contact nuts and spices. At least they can get it for you. Good Health.

Replied by Vignesh
(Chennai, India)

@Ed2010, I checked with Nuts and Spices in their Gopalapuram branch a month back. But they are not selling that. So please let me know if any other stores are selling it in Chennai.



Replied by Dinesh

I want to buy blackstrap molasses. Does anyone know where to buy it in Mumbai?

Replied by Hema

you can buy the blackstrap molasses from Dhanyam Organic Super Store at 24, North Boag Rd.T.nagar, or shanthi colony, Anna Nagar.

Replied by Selvakumar

thanks for the address in chennai thank u.

Replied by Manik Mane

Mollasses in marathi called as KAKAVI.

or sugarcane honey or jliquid jaggery or concentrated sugarcane juice

we have molasses production in mahatarshtra india.and Brand is SANIKA KAKAVI

Contact: 9221102164,9850548580

Posted by Budhaditya (Bangalore, India, Karnataka) on 08/15/2010

Wanted to procure blackstrap molasses..... Tell me where do I find it? Or can you ship it to India?

EC: Please read the other posts in this section (Where to Buy: India) for more information.

Replied by D
(Bangalore, Bangalore India)

Organic BlackStrap Molasses is now available in all the four stores of Natures Basket in Bangalore I. E. Kormangala Store, CMH Road store, Whitefield Store and Richmond Town store.

For a complete listing please go to www.globalhealthsupplies.net

Replied by Nisha
(Karnataka/ India)

How and where do I get black strap molasses?

Posted by Ranjana (Arlington, Tx Usa) on 09/02/2009

Does anyone know what blackstrap molasses are called in India? Is it the same as gur? If it is how would one take it for arthritis? Thanks.

EC: Check out the thread from Vineet in this "where to buy blackstrap molasses" section.

Replied by Rahul
(Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Hello Everyone, If you need Blackstrap Molasses in India, you can email me on [email protected]

Replied by Manik

Mollasses in marathi called as KAKAVI.

or sugarcane honey or jliquid jaggery or concentrated sugarcane juice

we have molasses production in mahatarshtra india.and Brand is SANIKA KAKAVI

Posted by Kaloni (Guwahati, India) on 07/09/2009

Cant find black strap molasses in india especially from the state I come from (assam)...will gur or jaggery do as a substitue? I need for treatment of grey hairs.please advise....is it true that if you rub your finger nails against each other for 11-12 mins it stops hair greying and additionally turns the grey hair into black...

Posted by Anita (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 05/18/2009

I read the remedy used by karthik from Mumbai. He had good relief of his problems with black strape molasses. Please let me know what is black strape molasses. What is it called in Hindi or Marathi and where can i get it in Mumbai. I have severe vericose vein problem..........please help me

Replied by Satish
(Sydney, NSW Australia)


If you are in Mumbai it will be hard to find Black Strap Mollasses. If you can visit any Sugarcane crusher or small farmers in Rural areas where they crush sugarcane to make jaggary you can easily get it. It's last residue of the process of making jaggery. Hope it helps.


Posted by Sha (Bangalore, India) on 09/29/2008

Can anyone tell where we can get Blackstrap Molasses in India (if possible in Bangalore)....Plz

Replied by Wasiya
(Bangalore, Karnataka India)

i am also from bangalore i am trying to find bsm if u have found where to buy bsm pls help

Posted by Vineet (Nasik, India) on 04/11/2007

Hi, can you advise from where can i purchase blackstrp molasses in India?

EC: Our dear friend from Calcutta tells us that molasses can be found in all grocery stores... It is called Gur. You can also buy Jaggery in Calcutta, which is date syrup. Gur is used to heal lung damage in Ayurvedic medicine, apparently.

Replied by Vineet
(Wanchai, Hongkong)

Hi, as mentioned that Blackstrap molasses is available as GUR in India, but I don't thing that's true. Because GUR is nothing but Jaggery. And I thing Jaggery is not BlackStrapMolasses. Pls correct me if I am wrong.... So the hunt for BSM continues in India... Any luck ?

Replied by RD
(Boston, MA)

Gur can be made from date sap or from cane sap. Gur is simply an edible form of fruit sap. Molasses in Calcutta would be cane sugar sap (or akhi gur, in the local Bengali language). I am not sure which type of molasses you want, so I can't help you further than that!

Replied by TN

In India and most countries that have sugar cane plantations just visit a farm and ask them for the molasses. Molasses are not strictly gur but it is the residue produced while making it .Ask the farmers to save you some, they could bottle it and for them it would be an extra source of income. You could also take it piping hot when it is being made at the farms.

Replied by Monsoon
(Pune, India)


Gur is jaggery and not molasses. Molasses is not understood by farmers here in India. Akha Gur is also jaggery, only in a different form. Molasses can be made only after the jaggery part is done from the sugarcane.

If anyone does get hold of Molasses here in India, do let us know

Replied by Malathi
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

I verified from many sources that GUR (Jaggery) and BSM are not the same.

Black Strap molasses is available in India!!! I live in Bangalore. Like many of you, I have been desperately searching for BSM in India. I spent nearly 2 months in searching for BSM in every Health store, Organic food shop, medical shop, etc that I know. Finally, I got the contact details of one company, ( I believe this is the one and only company in India) which imports Organic Unsuphured BSM from Australia and sells it in India. The cost of 600 ml is Rs 700. Since they sell only in Delhi, I had to send the DD along with the courier charges to get the BSM. I know it is expensive but I didn't have any other choice. The name of the company is GLOBAL HEALTH SUPPLIES(Delhi). website www.globalhealthsupplies.net. Contact # is 919810590525 or 919911126748.

Would be very happy if anybody tells me of any other company which is manufacturing/selling unsulphured BSM in India.

Now I am searching for Brewers Yeast which has Copper in it in India !!! Any help?

Replied by Vidya
(Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu)

go to a local sugarcane factory and ask for molasses. this blackstrap molasses is also used in alcohol preparation, so it is usually not given unless the owner feels comfortable giving you bsm for your health benefits. good luck.

bsm is needed while preparing sesame oil.. so you can also buy bsm in the oil mill..

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Vidya...When you purchase 'Blackstrap' molasses, ask questions about how they make it.

Proper Blackstrap Molasses and ordinary Molasses are not the same. Blackstrap Molasses is the sticky residue left after the third boiling of the sugar cane or molasses.

Ordinary Molasses is only the first or second boiling of the sugar cane, and therefore contains much more sugar and less concentrated minerals than Blackstrap. Ordinary molasses therefore does not have the health benefits of Blackstrap Molasses.

Therefore, ensure that what you purchase is proper Blackstrap Molasses.

Replied by Maratha
(Pune, Maharashtra)

Blackstrap Molasses in Marathi is called 'kakvi' in marathi ask farmers for same they will be able to understand!

Replied by Rita

Unsulphure Organic Blackstrap Molasses is now available with GoIndiaOrganic.com. You can contact them at 91-11-47566727, 91-9958599911. They supply it to all cities in India.

Replied by Raghavendra
(Bangalore, Karnataka)

Hi all, I guess it is called as Kakambi in kannada.. This is very famous in malnad region. I think it is available in Big bazar, but I am not sure. Thanks, Raghavendra

Replied by Kuhu Basu

I have been using Natural Mantra products for quite some time, and they do keep organic melrose molasses and other organic health products. They really are good. If you want to you can try some of them.

India: Kerala

Posted by Jake (Kochi, Kerala) on 09/10/2015

Hey please tell me how can I get unsulphured blackstrap molasses in Kerala, India.

If any stores in Kochi, it will be lot helpful.

India: Kolkata

Posted by Magdalene (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) on 03/11/2013

Where can I buy blackstrap molasses in Kolkata?

India: Maharashtra

Posted by Vilas (Nashik, Maharashtra, india) on 06/22/2011

I want to purchase blackstrap molasses, but I m unable to get it. I stay in nashik, maharashtra. can u help me in getting it.

Replied by Saab
(Montreal, Canada)

molasses is called 'raab', in Hindi a by-product of 'Gur'= jaggery. most sugar sellers should have this.

good luck

Replied by Gaurav Jaggi
(New Delhi, Delhi)


Anyone who requires UNSULPHURED ORGANIC BLACK STRAP MOLASSES can buy it from GLOBAL HEALTH SUPPLIES IN NEW DELHI. Can be shipped to any city in india. A bottle costs rs. 975 plus shipping charges. Please contact on 919911126748.

India: Mumbai

Posted by Dimple (Mumbai, Maharashtra /india ) on 05/12/2011

Dear Sir,

This is 2nd mail I am sending the above. I am in urgent need of the the above. Pls let me know the availability status of the same along with the following:

1) Brand
2) rate
3) date of delivery

Or can advise some other source of getting it, please

Hoping for yr favourable response.

Thanks & regards

Dimple Shirodkar

Replied by Gaurav
(Delhi, New Delhi)

Hi, Now blackstrap molasses, apple cider vinegar and manuka honey available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kerala at NATURES BASKET STORES. for the exact address and phone numbers please visit www.globalhealthsupplies.net or call on 918800835053

Replied by Rajesh

Contact for buying 'Blackstrap Molasses' & 'Apple cider Vinegar' Naturally yours - Organic and Natural Food Shop Shop no 2, ground floor, Maria Apartments Nargis Dutt Road, Pali Hill, Bandra (W) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 Regards Rajesh Sonwane

India: Mumbai
Posted by Dimple (Mumbai, India) on 05/11/2011

Hi.. I stay in Mumbai I need to buy Unsulphured BSM to cure my fibroids (as read abt it in the net) from Mumbai.. Can u pls suggest a distributor in Mumbai, India. Regards, Dimple

Replied by Simple

Dear Dimple,

It seems you are in dire need for Blackstrap molasses. I got the same from GoIndiaOrganic.com. They have premium quality organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses (plantation one). I myself got the same from them.

Replied by D
(Mumbai, Mumbai, India)

Organic Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses is finally available in Mumbai. I went to Natures Basket store in CuffParade and its readily available. Finally I dont need to pay extra charges for courier and its available at every store of Natures Basket in Mumbai at Rs 1075 for a 600g bottle.

Italy: Milano

Posted by Sitat (Milano, Italy) on 01/15/2011

Hey, could anyone tell me where to buy blackstrap molasses in milano? It doesnt seem to be here except black treacle.

Replied by Mesem
(Toulon, France)

Salut Milano. You could telephone an animal feed supplier to fine a source for human grade molasses as this is often feed to cattle in winter.


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Posted by Moreen (Ocho Rios Jamaica) on 06/23/2015

Where can I get blackstrap molasses to buy in Jamaica?

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