Superfood Maca Root

Maca Side Effects
Posted by Joanne (Ct) on 08/19/2016
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I have been adding a tablespoon of Maca powder to my green smoothies for the past week. It has definitely raised my energy levels, but about 24 hours after taking it, I am getting a very large bump/pimple/boil popping up on my face. 3 so far! First one was in the exact center of my chin, the 2nd one was exactly under my left nostril and the third one is about an inch off the right side of my mouth. A triangle. Very amusing... not. I have been applying hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton balls when they pop up and it's healing them before they grow into gynormous things. Each one happens exactly 24 hours after I drink the smoothie, like clockwork. I would love to continue taking maca, but would like to know if anyone knows why I am getting these gigantic pimply things forming. I have read that acne is one of the side effects of Maca. But there must be a reason for it. Is my liver detoxing?