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| Modified on Oct 04, 2023
Maca Side Effects
Posted by Jay (Usa) on 08/16/2023

Maca root ( potential side effect)

My mom took maca root for about a week for menopause symptoms ( itching hot flashes mood swings ECT.) However she is very sharp mentally and fully cognitive.when taking maca root she started showing dementia like symptoms within 2-3 days couldn't think clearly, started slurring, kept forgetting what she was doing almost falling ( she wasn't dizzy) ect. As soon as she stopped taking it she returned back to her normal self ( she can run circles around me)and is fully coherent again.

I took it recently for hormonal mood swings ( I was desperate and had 3 settings okay, crying, and murderous)and experienced almost the same thing within 30mins of taking it plus I felt like I was drunk and slurring and foggy minded plus it made the moodiness worse.Will not be taking again. It may work for some but not for us.

***However I couldn't find any mention of these side effects so I figured people should know it can cause mental or cognitive issues ( temporarily maybe??? as we did not take it long)***

Ps Mom is 63(F), I'm 25 (F)

She is in excellent health. I am dealing with a hormone imbalance after a cyst however I am very healthy as well. ( She still runs circles around me)

Maca Side Effects
Posted by Vivian Hatfield (Kansas City ) on 04/24/2022

If you are getting boils which I'm prone to, try Boilgone. Best remedy ever and you can look it up on Earth Clinic.

Depression, Hormones, Stress, Energy
Posted by Blue Star (Tennessee) on 04/23/2022

Maca is an adaptogen.

Due to depression, I have been low energy for years. Maca has helped on many levels.

I take a combination of black, red and yellow maca in the morning. @ 3000 mg. My energy level, mood and stress have balanced out. Post menopause, maca has boosted my libido and the vaginal dryness is subsiding. The belly fat is melting off.

Maca works by nourishing the endocrine system which in turn regulates the hormones. It balances the adrenals from exhaustion. It also balances the thyroids, parathyroids, pituitary and pineal glands.

It is good for male and female libido. Many women dealing with fertility issues tend to become pregnant while using maca. It is good for treating fibroids, PCOS and cystic acne.

Maca Side Effects
Posted by Josephine (California) on 10/15/2016

Not sure how old you are, but I can tell you my experience. I took it in my early 40s for peri-menopause. I really didnt notice any difference so I stopped. Now that I am in my early 50's I started taking it again after getting my very regular period every 18days. The maca brought it right back to 25days or so within a month. It has eliminated most of my mood swings before my period, a huge plus. It really does kill several birds with one stone since its an adaptogen. I usually take it 3 weeks on and 1 week off but got lazy and just took it all the time and started getting sore breasts. Read that upping magnesium helps with that too. Since I was getting lazy taking 6-8 mag pills (100mg each) I got back on that horse too and the sore breasts went away with in day. I think I read that on EC.

I also think you have to take the "cooked" maca vs the raw. Dr. Mercola has also recommends maca for "the change".

Maca Side Effects
Posted by Darby (Des Moines, Iowa) on 09/28/2016

Maybe the capsule form would be better for you. I haven't tried maca yet but I've read about it from Raintree when I was looking for more info on chanca piedra. I am taking chanca piedra capsules because it's more convenient for me. Just look for a reliable source of maca so you will get the genuine product.

Maca Side Effects
Posted by Joanne (Ct) on 08/23/2016

Thank you for your reply, Steve. I stopped taking Maca a few days ago because I think it was really affecting my hormones (got my period two weeks early and that NEVER happens). Also I feel that it made my lymphatic system very sluggish. Skin cleared up after I stopped within a day, no more breakouts.

If I try it again, I will do a much smaller amount and try the gelatinized one. The one I was taking was raw organic maca powder. But I am going to proceed cautiously with this. Thanks again.

Maca Side Effects
Posted by Steve (Nevada) on 08/19/2016

Your body may be detoxing from the Maca. Maybe try cutting back to a teaspoon. Also some people do better on gelatinized organic Maca as well.

Maca Side Effects
Posted by Joanne (Ct) on 08/19/2016

I have been adding a tablespoon of Maca powder to my green smoothies for the past week. It has definitely raised my energy levels, but about 24 hours after taking it, I am getting a very large bump/pimple/boil popping up on my face. 3 so far! First one was in the exact center of my chin, the 2nd one was exactly under my left nostril and the third one is about an inch off the right side of my mouth. A triangle. Very amusing... not. I have been applying hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton balls when they pop up and it's healing them before they grow into gynormous things. Each one happens exactly 24 hours after I drink the smoothie, like clockwork. I would love to continue taking maca, but would like to know if anyone knows why I am getting these gigantic pimply things forming. I have read that acne is one of the side effects of Maca. But there must be a reason for it. Is my liver detoxing?