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Posted by Bonnie (Manlius, New York, Onondaga) on 01/27/2010
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Cayenne pepper for headache

First of all, I'd like to give praise to Earth Clinic for such a fabulous website! I have tried many remedies from the site and they ALL worked...with the exception of the cayenne pepper for my headache! I had a headache behind my left eye and decided I'd snort some of the pepper as I'd read that it cured many a headache. Not too familiar with snorting foreign substances up my nose, I wasn't sure how to do it. So I grabbed a spoon, dug out some pepper (mistake number one) and sniffed. My first thought was that the synapses in my brain were misfiring when I decided to try this method. My second thought was that I wondered if this is how it felt to stick a blowtorch up my nostril and light it. Before I looked in the mirror, I seriously wondered if my left eyeball had shrunk to the size of a raisin and fallen into my now empty eye socket. (It hadn' eyeball, albeit on fire, was thankfully intact)! In my haste to grab a tissue and blow this fireball out of my nose, I ran into the open cupboard door (this REALLY happened)and smacked myself square on the forehead...(mistake number two). After a minute or twenty, the pervasive burning had dissipated, but a new, equally as fun sensation was happening....the cayenne was dripping from my nasal cavity into my throat. For pete's sake, I was now TASTING the pepper! I drank a tall glass of water and decided that i had had it....and took an ibuprofen. Unfortunately, the cayenne did not take my headache away. Although, who knows what would have happened had I not ran headfirst into the cupboard! So, this will be my very first "Nay" post on the site...with a gentle reminder that if you decide to try it, do NOT use more than a teensy bit of cayenne and for the love of God, shut all cupboard doors FIRST!