Unraveling the Keto Diet: A Comprehensive Guide for Optimal Health

on May 28, 2023| Modified on May 28, 2023
Posted by Denise E (Crescent City, CA) on 03/08/2023

I'm a little nervous to write this review but I am going to as this seems to be a lasting effect I am having on daily migraine pain. Please understand I had full-blown migraines all my life, I'm 70 now. I had first the aura for about 30 minutes, then my left arm would go numb for just about 5 minutes only, and then excruciating pain in one temple or the other. I actually was taken to emergency a few times over the years. I finally found out about Immitrex which stopped the actual pain about 7 years ago. Sometimes very mild migraine, sometimes not.

In the last few years, maybe only 1 bad migraine a year but what was a game changer to start with was a ketogenic diet, basically very low carbs, no sugar at all, just carbs I get in things like brocolli, spinach, yogurt, nuts. All I can eat to on Keto.

Then I began a supplement regime just 7 days ago recommended by Art in California but I never mentioned the nagging migraine pain every day of my life in the last few years. It's because I could pop a couple of tylenol, aspirin, or ibuprofen to end them within 30 minutes. I was just so focused on issues I that were way more nagging and no fix so far.

At this point, because I am still on the same foods that seemed to keep me with mild migraine, but started the supplements for other issues I'll list below, I think I've found I do not need aspirin as there are no more pains in my temple, usually left one. I'm thinking something I've added in is blocking the pain. I just don't know and want to stick with the 5 supps so I can let Art know if they are working for my other issues. Of course letting him know if my lack of head-pain keeps on.

Just hoping we can figure out what I'm taking that might be helping, I'm also knocking on wood here because if anyone here has experienced what they've called classic migraine and even hemoplegic (I also get aphasia with the bad ones) they will know the pain. I also usually had bad nausea during the pain part of a full-blow migraine.

Here are the supps I'm taking according to dose on the bottles:

Magnesium citrate 1000mg in 2 doses https://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/magnesium.html

ALA 600mg in 2 doses https://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/ala.html

Lutein 40mg 1 a day https://www.earthclinic.com/mobile/cures/eyes-vision/lutein/)

Vitamin D-3 1 a day https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/art-solbrig-protocol-for-memory-loss.html

Citicoline 250 1 a day https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/art-solbrig-protocol-for-memory-loss.html#ar_192059

I want to do more of Art's Protocol on memory loss but I am starting out slowly, for one thing, I can't afford everything at once, and also, I need to watch closely for side-effects. Seems if there are any, I seems to get them. I have my MD appointment on Friday 3/9/2023. My doc will probably order more labs since he'll be told my new supplements etc. I get regular labs for cholesterol and HbA1c for my type 2 diabetes, no meds, just food and supps.

Sorry this is so long, and I just put 3 stars because I am new at a review, only 7 days but sort of profound how I'm no longer having to take aspirin every day which is dangerous for many reasons. Denise

PS I also should add I've been doing a tsp of turmeric a day, heaping tsp collagen powder, tsp of nutritional yeast, tsp of flaxseed, tsp of chia seed, which I still had the headache and I didn't do any of those except turmeric for inflammation.

If you'd like a good site to hear about Keto, here's a link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8153354/

Posted by Ralph (Australia) on 04/30/2022

For the last 12 months, I have found that when I am on a keto diet I am able to completely control my asthma and even eat some broccoli, cabbage etc, however, if I slip up and fall out of keto my asthma will come straight back. The keto diet controls some of the major inflammatory mechanisms affecting the lungs. Finding this out has been a major relief for me and the keto diet can be very satisfying once you get around the learning curve a bit. I hope you or somebody else finds this to be helpful. Cheers Ralph

Weight Loss
Posted by Gardengirl (Gallatin, Tn) on 08/10/2012

I have been taking raspberry ketones and I have lost 2 dress sizes in about 1 month. I take 1 (100mg.) pill after breakfast and 1 in late afternoon. That's it!!! No side effects. I heard about raspberry ketones on DR OZ show last month. Hope everyone that needs to lose weight tries them.