Inclined Bed Therapy Benefits

Varicose Veins
Posted by Mrs.p.howell (England) on 07/06/2016
1 out of 5 stars

What a load of codswallop this information is about raising the bed 6 inches is. I suffer from a herniated disc in the bottom of my spine also varicose veins in my right leg in which I developed phlebitis in 1962 and have had recurring bouts during the latter years. After having numerous injections in my back which alleviated the pain and sciatica I have been pain free for 4years and my leg I have managed the phlebitis with 2types of cream and gel from the doctors and a compression stocking. My husband whilst he was on the computer read that raising the bed by 6 inches was supposed to do one good, so we gave it a go, the first night or the first morning when I got up I could hardly walk and my leg was really bad, never mind I persisted until I have had to give up sleeping on this bed and go into the other bedroom where the mattress was firm and flat but the sciatica and leg are only getting better very slowly for all I am taking painkillers. So I advise against those with disc problems and varicose veins to raise their beds.