Inclined Bed Therapy Benefits

Acid Reflux, Edema
Posted by DFORCA (Sequim, WA.) on 01/18/2021
2 out of 5 stars

I've tried raising the head of my bed six inches, because of acid reflux.

Had a bad dream, I dreamed that I was on a shear mountain rock wall inching my way along a narrow ledge.

What did work, was laying on my right-side, this seemed to remove the pressure of the stomach contents coming back up the throat.

Now, I just go to bed with an empty stomach and sleep on either side.

I've tried raising the foot of my bed six inches, to try and reduce the foot swelling.

It didn't work for me, what did work, was placing an extra comforter folded up into a large garbage bag.

I placed that under my calves for about an hour.

My feet didn't look normal, but, the swelling had gone down noticeably, I was able to tie my shoe laces without my feet hurting.