Hydrogen Peroxide, Dilute
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How to Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide

| Modified on Dec 11, 2022
Adding Saline Solution
Posted by Jen (Australia) on 11/04/2022

How to dilute 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

In this article it is written that one only dilutes 1 TB spoon to 11 TB spoons of distilled water... do you not add any saline water I.e. dilute Himalayan salt into saline water and add that water to the pure water??? I refer to Dr Brownstein's method but for his Covid Patients on Nebulizers he states :"using saline prevents the osmotic differential that can cause damage to lung cells"...???? Do not want to start an argument or a med technical debate... just simple answers to help make the best decision please. thank you all

Adding Saline Solution
Posted by Naiseem Si'lek (USA) on 12/11/2022

Yes, you need saline solution while nebulizing with Himalayan salt!