Health Benefits of Strawberries

| Modified on Apr 21, 2017
Posted by Mike (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/03/2011

Strawberries really did the trick. I had really bad gas, to the point where I couldn't take a deep breath because it was trapped in my chest and was painful. I ate about 4-5 fresh (not frozen) berries and it was gone within 15-20 mins.

Stomach Ache
Posted by Jodi (Owen Sound, On, Canada) on 08/20/2009

I've had a stomache all day & came across this website. Saw the strawberries remedy and thought it's worth a shot...all the other cures didn't look so appealing. After my 4th stawberry, my pain went away!!! Unbelievable. Thanks so much for this tip!

Posted by Sandra (San Antonio, TX)

I use acv for my acne except I combine strawberries with it and it really works. I soak the berries in the vineger and then crush them strain it and I apply it on every night before I go to bed. It took about 3 weeks but my face cleared up considerably.

Posted by Don (Long Beach, CA)

I have found a miracle solution for my gout which has gotten worse, with more frequent and incredibly painful bouts.

I've had all the drugs from my doctor, and I've eaten cherries until I couldn't stand another. None of it worked.

My wife brought home a flat of strawberries from the school where she teaches, and they sat in the fridge for a couple of days. Every time I'd open it, they'd be sitting there, going to waste. I had read somewhere that strawberries might actually exacerbate the condition, so I was reluctant. But I was in real pain, so I tried it. As God is my witness, I ate a half of a box of fresh strawberries and two hours later I was a new man. After taking Alipurnol, colchicine, and vicadin when it got really bad, strawberries have proven to be the gout killer. It doesn't just give me relief, it I feel like I barely have gout now. I eat a handful every other day, and have smoothies, and I haven't had a bout or even a threat of one in three months. This week I decided to really test it. We had a party and there were friends from Puerto Rico here. The last time they were here they brought a bottle of fine rum. I broke it out and we had a fun time. I also ate chocolate, ice cream, red meat, and drank 3 beers, all within 2 hours. This cocktail combination would have proved deadly before I discovered strawberries to be my saving grace. But the only thing I was feeling was hung over!

If you are suffering from gout, try strawberries. Eat a whole box, every day for a week. You can scale back as I did. The antioxidants in strawberries seem to have given me a pseudo cure. I am a new man. More invigorated. My head is more clear. I have much more energy. The only thing I've done is I've gotten off the pills and am eating lots of strawberries. I've also not had coffee for two months. But I'd been wanting to give that up for a long time. Try it. I want to know if it's just working for me, or for others too.