Food Combining for Health

| Modified on Apr 23, 2012
General Feedback
Posted by Bradshad (North Providence, Rhode Island) on 04/23/2012

There needs to be more info. On ec about Proper Food Combining. From what I have been reading this is where it is at. If your not eating correctly and the foods are not breaking down it will lead to most health problems. I have been doing it for psoriasis for 1 month and I am starting to see results AFTER TRYING EVERYTHING FOR 16 MONTHS OF GOING NATURAL. Sorry caps lock. Anyway do your research and remember you don't supplement a bad diet you correct it. If you think you are eating great you may be but if the foods are not combined properly you will never get to the root of your problems.

General Feedback
Posted by Leah (Kenosha, Wi) on 04/23/2012

Bradshad... I have only a small area of psoriasis left after cleaning up my diet significantly. No gluten, sugar, soy, dairy, etc... Your food combining success is very encouraging and I am going to give it a try. Thanks!

Proteins/ Carbohydrates
Posted by Lars (Jacksonville, Fl.) on 09/01/2011

i asked you a question about dr, haas' book, and I have another question for you. I'm doing the liver part, but is one liver better than another, like chicken vs. Beef, vs. Pork liver??? if I'm gonna continue this I want to use the right one. Also how many oz. do I need per day, or week or.... ? I'm 49, 5-9. And not too active. @ 200 lb's.

ps. when and where can we expect to get an answer???

Proteins/ Carbohydrates
Posted by Lars (Jacksonville, Fl.) on 08/24/2011

when I was in the 82nd arb. Div. U. S. Army I read a book from Dr.Robert haas, " EAT TO WIN", HIGH CARB LOW PROTIEN DIET. And had great energy and was really happy with it, granted I was only 23-24 yrs. old and obviosly very active. in the service from 81-85. Now I'm 49. It seems that the whole thing has reversed, e.g. high protien / low carb, if it worked then why not in todays enviorment??? also what is your thought on the book and Dr. hass? thanks for a great site that is not biased, and very useful, first time at your site, but not the last!!!!

lars g.