Feng Shui for Health

| Modified on Feb 19, 2016
Feng Shui and Fountains
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 06/10/2014

Here's a great video on the right type of fountain to buy for Feng Shui: http://youtu.be/d09ARn8b9VM

Feng Shui for Health
Posted by The French Feng Shui Lady (USA) on 06/26/2013

Sorry about the loss of your mother.

Your question addresses several important issues and even if it must be evaluated one case at a time, Feng Shui plays a role into people's health but is not a substitute for medical treatment.

It is difficult to give an explanation without any specific information such as the floorplan of the house, a view of the property, your mother's date of birth. However, it seems like the house was set in a way that activated health issues for your mother. Feng Shui can help reduce and/or prevent some health issues, injuries and accidents by reducing the negative health energy and activate the positive one.

In regards to the oppressive feeling and lack of energy you experience in your mother's house, you too may be activating health and depression energy there. In addition, you may still be grieving and it may contribute to the state you are in.

This home may not support you and would explain your lack of energy. This can usually be easily fixed by adding a fence or shrubs on the unsupported side of the property.

There is a possibility, this house may not have a good Feng Shui for you either. Unfortunately, without any information, I cannot tell you if the house is simply bad for you and it would be best to move or if the Feng Shui can be improved. In most cases, Feng Shui offers remedies to improve the life force energy of a property.

Feng Sui can also help you sell the house by activating wealth energy.

Hope this helps.

Feng Shui for Health
Posted by Alison (Bakersfield, California) on 06/25/2013

I moved into my mother's house after she died. It feels very oppressive to me and I have no energy since I moved in here. My mother had a series of illnesses while she was in this house. My question is, how much did Feng Shui play into this? I would like to sell the house and move out, but am stuck here for now. I cannot afford a FS consultation, is there anything I can do?

Feng Shui for Health
Posted by The French Feng Shui Lady (USA) on 06/13/2013

Dear Carol, I am sorry to hear you have not had good luck with feng shui. It seems you have been exposed to Western feng shui, which is an art of placement and uses crystals and koi fish for wealth, and mandarin ducks for love and marriage, and a lot of other trinkets. They are pretty but often fail to bring about desired changes. Western feng shui is a cookie cutter version of feng shui that does not take into consideration the cardinal directions of a home, its occupants, and many other elements that are the basis of classical feng shui.

Feng Shui for Health
Posted by Carol (Chicago, Il) on 06/11/2013

I read your article on feng shui and wanted to report on my own experience of feng shui. A few years ago I tried to use feng shui to bring more properity into my life. I followed some of the suggestions I found on the internet like placing crystals, a money tree and ceramic koi fish in specific corners of my apartment. After 6 months, nothing happened so removed the items. I never thought about the feng shui in my apartment contributing to my health issues though.Very interesting.