Natural Remedies for Faster Hair Growth

Stinging Nettles, Neem
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 04/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Everybody!

I'm am excited to be back at Earth Clinic. I couldn't wait to tell you that after about two years of bald spots and almost total hair loss. My hair is on the grow.

Actually what I see has only been here about two months. So I want to share what I have done that may have added growth to what the other products started. I picked up a coal tar shampoo at Dollar Tree store, I also started taking Stinging Nettle Capsules, and stinging Nettle Extract orally alternating them.

I took Stinging Nettle about three weeks. it was diuretic to my body so I gave Nettles a rest, and started drinking the Neem tea which is very bitter. Very few seem to be able to stand it. I drank a whole cup down the first day, I down it like medicine. I could only handle that one time. After that I drink a third of a cup each day.

I had to stop after 12 days tho, Neem is also very diuretic and requires me to drink over a gallon of water to replace body fluid, and I was only drinking a third cup each day. but the good news was when I checked my hair I actually saw hair, I can actually grab it and pull on it, Its about 1/4 of an inch, located where there was once only fuss. the thankful fuss hair was a blessing from previous products, like the castor oil. But the coal tar Shampoo, Stinging Nettle and the Neem Tea gave length to the short hair and growth to what look bald (the fuss).

I take a little break and start back again because something there is working.