Apple Cider Vinegar Fountain of Youth Tonic

Cold Apple Cider Vinegar Drink
Posted by Antonia (Ithaca, Ny/usa) on 12/13/2012

I have been drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) for 6 years for my acid reflux AND bile reflux and it works every time. BUT... I have some sage advice you will appreciate. DO NOT use regular ACV you find in your average grocery store. That stuff is like battery acid and does not work as well, taste as good or is as beneficial as Organic Unfiltered apple cider vinegar. That filtered ACV is bad, bad, bad. I mix my organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar 50/50 with water and keep it cold in the fridge. If you take a couple of swigs before eating it will prevent problems. If you are having an acid/bile problem then take a couple of swigs and wait 5 minutes. If the problem continues take two more swigs. That usually does the trick but there are those rare occasions that I have to do three doses, but it ALWAYS works. After 7 years on Protonics and then Prilosec I now ONLY use this apple cider vinegar and it works better than those drugs, with no side affects AND other great benefits.