Apple Cider Vinegar Fountain of Youth Tonic

Alkalizing with Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chocolate Lady (Anisland, Ak) on 12/26/2013
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I and my 15 year old son are new to this type of treatments. We have tried apple cider vinegar three days in a row now and each time we both seem to get a headache within an hour after drinking the concoction. The first day we drank 2T of ACV and 2T of honey in about 8oz of warm water. The second day I reduced the ACV to 1T and 2Tof honey-we still got a head ache. Day three we drank 1T of ACV, 1T honey and 1T lemon juice-still got head aches. It helped his cough and generally he seemed to feel better, but I seemed to be MORE bloated, head achey and had night sweats, and constipation! I understand I may have multiple issues going but, I didn't have a cold like my son-I drank the concoctions to help my stomach but just wound up uncomfortable even more :( Help!!! I think ACV has great healing properties, is this a common side effect in the beginning?