Does Colloidal Silver Turn You Blue?

| Modified on Dec 17, 2021
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Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 12/15/2021 159 posts
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hello Art, I've enjoyed your article on Colloidal Silver, but one paragraph kind of confused me although I think I have it figured out right now. I wanted to add it in as an image in case you think it could be worded a bit differently.

But Mainly, I'm writing because I wanted to know if the picture of the Earth Clinic Colloidal Silver is the silver that you are talking about? Possibly your recipe? I am seriously considering purchasing a bottle, Denise

Posted by Art (California) on 10/01/2019 1463 posts

True colloidal silver has not been shown in studies to turn anyone blue. Ionic silver can potentially cause argyria, but it would take very high dosing for a very long time of everyday use which there is no reason for.

Colloidal silver is a broad spectrum antibacterial and antiviral with modest antifungal qualities. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities, but that aspect of CS is not as well studied. Other forms of silver such as silver chloride may have more potential to cause argyria, but not a ton of research on that aspect.


Multiple Cures
Posted by Jenn M. (Cobborra, Australia) on 02/23/2019
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I learnt about C.S from observing migrant women in their 80's, 90's and a couple a tad older who made their silver with a very simple pack of 2x 9volt batteries in a mining town in outback Australia. Often with no fridge just a generator, and doing it tough in temps and living conditions most people would balk at, they made their silver, strained it and drank a couple of tablespoons daily. Also used it for their animals and all cuts and grazes, and spider bites.

Mind you, many of these women were still working an 8-10 hr day working underground in mines. Attributed no doubt to their daily use of silver. As for Agryia, a full article (including photos of The Blue Man) are available on WebMed the medical site that many health practitioners use, and especially when you tell them that you use it.. It's like the Holy Grail of CS.

My new specialist was horrified when I told him I sprayed it on my ulcers, which ultimately improved out of sight, I might add, but he printed off the article from WebMed just to show me it causes blue skin. We know that it is utter rot because you'd have to be consuming a lot of large doses daily. And generally unfiltered. Today we are more sophisticated! We filter everything, sometimes twice depending on it's use and I have never had a bad reaction to anything I have applied it too. Only good stuff.

My second specialist is a really old guy who was delighted when I told him I was using CS as an antibacterial spray. He told me that in the days when penicillin was only new, Dr's still used CS for antibacterial use, along with Potassium permanganate for washing....( as much crystals as would fit on the edge of a matchstick) so I too use both with excellent results. One thing tho, CC stains permanently on material and can leave your fingers and your containers with brown stains that will eventually fade.

This has gone a bit off track but is all true and excellent stuff!

Best Capping Agent
Posted by Daryl (Arkansas) on 01/14/2019

Art, what capping agent should be used and at what point in the process?

Best Capping Agent
Posted by Art (California) on 01/14/2019

Daryl, I use gelatin to cap, but mostly only for higher parts per million batches like 320 ppm. I make a 250 ml beaker at a time and I add 1/4 teaspoon of gelatin before I begin my run.

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Posted by Freda (British Columbia ) on 01/07/2019

I have heard from numerous people how Colliodal silver has benefited them. There are also many people denying that Colloidal silver does not turn you blue.