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Vegan and Gluten-Free
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 12/02/2014

NAY to Vegan diet and gluten free --

Finally, that's it. I think three years is long enough.

Always hungry and dissatisfied with my cooking and my body telling me things don't go right. Never had to trouble myself with constipation but now severely despite Triphala as usual No wheat, no gluten.

When there is a sugar problem, more restrictions. No dairy - right, that had to be because of my experience with a large dose of bovine hormone from a piece of cheese, making an electrically powerful five pathway from my liver to my right breast. It was an instant decision even though I do not believe in vegan diet other than wanting to shed body weight over a period of time.

Now, having added goat dairy items to my diet things look much better. I remember at first starting out, my body did not care for carbs. But after a few months, my knees started shaking and I ran to buy rye.

But now, my body reacts with constipation because of my dosha which is vata which it is for people over sixty anyway. Dry grains and no gluten are not for good health unless you are of the kapha dosha which gains weight just by looking at food. That is what is stated by Ayurveda quite clearly. See, one shirt does not fit ll.

I am so lucky to have located a business that has nothing but organic, ancient and pesticide free products in flours, even sprouted. Help seems to be on the horizon. I tried so many gluten free recipes. Sometimes they worked out but mostly my dogs profited. Now I need to gain weight. I have a long standing dissatisfaction with the advice given by "experts" on Diabetes. They ruined my zest for good food and the outcome was something like "eat but don't eat". This has caused years of mental and physical suffering. I rather believe in ancient medicine systems like Ayurveda and TCM. Our doctors talk nutrition they have not studied and have caused havoc in the western world.

There is always a silver lining on the horizon.

Namaste, Om