Healthy Diet Programs

Posted by Stephanie (Napa, Ca) on 10/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I tried every diet in the world and that 15 lbs keeps going off and coming back with a vengeance. I finally went vegan after much fear of missing meat and cheese (dairy products) three weeks ago and I have lost 15 pounds... I really wasn't expecting that. I did eat quite a lot of cheese on my previous diet so that's possibly the biggest reason for the drop in fat (animal fat), but I feel so much better too. I keep getting compliments on my skin, which has become noticeably more clear and smooth and my dark circles have pretty much vanished.

I watched the documentary 'Earthlings'; which you can find to watch on youtube for free; and it really opened my eyes to the fact that we are not meant to consume tortured animals. The imagery and information is so powerful it became easy to stop eating meat and dairy immediately(there are great substitutes for everything if you really miss something), and now I can't see myself ever eating dairy again. I don't even miss eggs! I drink green smoothies every morning with a whole banana, frozen pineapple chunks and a handful of spinach and it tastes amazing! I also take a magnesium taurate supplement to take the edge off and help me sleep. I only wish I'd made this decision sooner, not only because I can now look forward to turning 40 and be the only one of my friends who hasn't gained weight, but because I know I'm doing my part to help end needless, insane animal suffering - which is more horrific than anyone realizes. It's TRUE that if slaughter houses had glass walls, no one would ever dream of eating meat. Also read "Skinny Bit--", completely inspiring if you have a lot of weight to lose and shows just how animal fat is slowing you and your metabolism down!