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The Milk Diet
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 09/09/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all xx I've been reading a lot of blogs and clinical research all over the web about 'THE MILK DIET..which was 'invented' by a founder of 'THE MAYO CLINIC' in the 1920's.

Its being used to cure illnesses from A to Z with great success and is easy to do and follow and simplicity it's self.

Most people are staying true to the original diet I am posting, but some have added Kefir or food of their choice.

BUT...the way I see it, if something work's and it ain't broke don't try and fix it. So I believe the best method, and the one bringing great results is the original Raw Cows Milk only.

And no one with 'Lactose intolerance' or a true 'allergy' to anything to do with Dairy had any negative results following this diet and in many cases miraculous results.

And they also under went 'Body Re-composition' where the physique and overall health changed dramatically using this diet for the good.

I hope that those of you who are 'Anti Dairy' or been brain washed out of making YOUR choices about what you should and shouldn't do concerning your own health, will read this with an open not 'dictated' to mind.

We are ALL different and too many people are buying in to what we as a species need to survive on and there is way too much bad information about EVERYTHING we eat and drink? Anything in its 'Natural' state as Creation made it isn't to be feared or avoided.

Anything 'Man Made, Monsanto Mess ups, Codex Cranked, GMO, LEAVE ALONE!!!

Its engineered for greed not need and will be the death and mutation of every living thing on our beautiful planet.

If it aint got no seed then take heed!! Seedless grapes for one, whether their labeled 'Organic' or not are..GMO MONSANTO CROP!!

Its doesn't take much to read up on 'Heirloom foods' and their natural propagation and growth. And neither is it true that 'Gluten' is a bad guy for everyone to eat.

And 'Gluten Free' is far more to be wary of, have you seen what they put in that stuff after removing Gluten which many people need to function?

Here is 'THE MILK DIET' read it, research it and make your own mind up. Common sense is not a miracle its an everyday ate, although I am beginning to wonder?

Love Andrea C xxxx

Real Milk Cures Many Diseases
by J. R. Crewe, MD

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