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Native Diet
Posted by Wayseeker (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 10/06/2012
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Have read three books recently that have proposed an astonishingly obvious idea. Native peoples, when not eating the Western or European diet at all, experienced incredible health, immunity, and vitality.

Once they began to eat the white man's foods, they soon progressively became very ill, even faster than the white man. Things like canned goods, white flour, sugar, denatured foods destroyed their immunity to disease. Something to consider here and now. It wasn't the lack of immunity to civilized man's diseases that killed them, as we are told. It was the loss of immunity which arose from straying from their protective native diet that left them vulnerable to such diseases-- for which they then had no immunity whatsoever.

Native diets were simple, often wild, raw foods, like treenuts and berries (hey, fruits & nuts, like CA), raw milk, wild game and fish, roots and greens, grasses, and some cultivated crops, grains, and livestock. Real foods like mother's milk, blackberries, squash, oats, acorns, chestnuts --all exerted substantial protective qualities on these indigenous peoples who ate them.

These studies went back as far as the 1500's, and said that these peoples knew extraordinary strength, stamina, health and immunity, great old age, total ease at giving birth, and their teeth were like porcelain, set in wide dental arches (like wider pelvises).

The soil minerals came through the plant foods, and green live grasses, the best way to get them --where they don't calcify the arteries. Maybe we could amend our soils to achieve such super foods again? Just by adding compost, mulch, worms and trace minerals? Just a thought.

(See soilandhealth. org for a magnificent library.)