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Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (Usa) on 01/23/2022

Lisa, glad you left your comment. Please tell others of this wonderful home remedy!

I also do regular coffee enemas and other enemas. I have been getting coffee enemas for years. And feel wonderful!

a little bit about how I got started knowing of this wonderful home remedy….
I also gave enemas in my home, and in other homes, when needed.

Growing up in the late 50s the enema was given often in our home. it was a very common home remedy given by most moms then. The enema went away for awhile. It is coming back as a home remedy now. Moms realize the danger of giving Tylenol, OTC stuff and harsh laxatives. So are looking for natural alternatives.

My aunt was a nurse. Being 7 years older than my siblings and cousin, I remember the enema in our home, my friends home and my aunts home. Many times I remember my cousin being told he was going to be given an enema by her. He always felt better after getting it.

Glad you told of some of the benefits of the enema! I also feel cleansed after an enema. Agree about your face is clear and give you energy after the enema. I have the same feelings!

Not only does the coffee enema, and other types of enemas, do this but what is unique to the coffee enema is it detoxes the liver. That is the most important difference of the coffee enema compared to other enemas.

Good place to learn more is at Also called OHN.

or, read in book Prescription For Nutritional Healing.

I love natural healing and old home remedies. I do not take or give OTC stuff.

Years ago I worked part time for a holistic provider. Sometimes she ordered the coffee enema, or other type of enema, be given to a patient.

She had an exam room and treatment room in her home.
I would take the patient to the treatment room and administer the enema.

Other times the enema was given in the home of the patient.
Many times I would give an enema to the constipated child. Or to reduce his fever. Other times I would instruct the mom how to prepare and give the enema in the home.

I now work part time in a health food store. The enema, and especially the coffee enema, is asked about by customers often.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Lisa (Wichita Kansas)

i do regular coffee enemas. they keep my bowels clean, my face clear and give me energy, i have been doing them for 4 years now.