Coffee Health Benefits, Side Effects

| Modified on Oct 12, 2022
Coffee Metabolism
Posted by Jholl (Louisville, Kentucky) on 03/23/2013 27 posts

I recently had some DNA testing done. The results came back along with health information. I learned there is a genetic tendency for slow caffeine metabolism or fast caffeine metabolism. It turns out I am a slow metabolizer for caffeine. This means I should probably never have caffeine past the morning hours since it takes much longer for the caffeine to leave my body. I just thought that might be valuable for others to know.

Bad Breath
Posted by Sp (Nashville, Tn) on 05/19/2010

Chew on coffee bean for bad breath. It really does works and works better than breath mints. I used to carry mints in my purse, now I carry coffee bean with me. A friend of mine from Ethiopia told me about this. She said that coffee bean even works on garlic breath. So I tried it and she was right.

Alzheimer's Disease
Posted by John (Glasgow, UK) on 07/19/2008

Drinking coffee has been tipped as a possible way of delaying and even preventing Alzheimer's disease in previous research. However these studies have only ever involved a small number of people and were reliant on participants remembering how much tea and coffee they drank earlier in their lives.

This latest study showed that cognitive decline was significantly less among people who drank three cups of coffee every day. These findings add weight to the body of existing evidence suggesting long-term caffeine intake may have a protective effect against the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

It is too soon to say our morning coffee or afternoon cup of tea is anything more than a pleasant pick-me-up. It is important to now research further how caffeine consumption impacts on dementia risk.

Alzheimer's Disease
Posted by Bethany (Mi) on 11/03/2017

True. Both my parents drank coffee faithfully and both had Alzheimer's.

Posted by Nickieb (London, Uk) on 10/07/2015

I love thrifty tips and this is a good one. I also recently learned, after years of frustration, that the grounds are also great for keeping slugs away from plants.

For years I was a total coffee addict, even the ghastly stuff from machines. As a result my adrenals became depleted resulting in hyperthyroid problems. The endocrine system is so complicated and critical that imbalance can result in any number of issues. While healing I abandoned the coffee but it's far too good to give up entirely so now it's an occasional treat, and only a top quality one will do.

Posted by Tiffany (Weymouth MA) on 10/16/2005

If you have asthma and you do not have your inhaler with u drink a hot cup of black coffee to stop an asthma attack.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Lisa (Wichita Kansas)

i do regular coffee enemas. they keep my bowels clean, my face clear and give me energy, i have been doing them for 4 years now.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (Usa) on 01/24/2022

Charity, I also got enema growing up.

sorry to read they were not pleasant for you. That is unfortunate.

Possibly, they were administered incorrectly? Too fast? Not taking time to give the enema slowly? Water was too cold or too warm?

Not being there, I have no idea.

Many like getting enemas for various reasons. One being the coffee enema to detox the liver.

I never had anyone I gave one to say it was unpleasant.

But, had many say they had a full feeling when getting it.

Hopefully, you expressing they were not pleasant will not discourage others from giving or getting an enema.


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/25/2022

My nurse friend S, ( Her spouse was a Kaiser OBGYN) owned an allergy clinic, and then expanded at a new location into an allergy clinic/vegan restaurant/health food store, owned colonic boards and equipment for patients and still had hers later in her home. I helped her when she was sick with gut worms> from not taking her hydrochloric acid. She had it set up when I got there to help her. She wanted me to help her because she was so weak. When our gut is low on acid, we can get worms and parasites. I was a friend she could trust with the key to her home and business. At first, I cleaned for her because I had been cleaning homes for income. Then I worked in the store /restaurant. Then I had my 2nd baby and stayed home and had another one. I didn't work after that. 1986.

I used the bag not the bulb for enemas and my upper intestine did not function due to lack of bile from cortisol production so I could run from the bear. I never gave anyone an enema; I only helped my friend do her colonic so she could lean on me to get her stuff and help her move around. I think her nurse friend E worked in the clinic but at that time I worked in the store /restaurant not the clinic side.

She did not work through her trauma because she was overwhelmed. She ran an allergy//clinic and then years after she closed it, she ran a care center out of her home. She impacted a lot of people's lives. She was a beautiful soul that loved everyone. Her trauma set her up, to not protect herself and that is not uncommon. It's like a deer in headlights thing with trauma, it freezes you in place. Working through trauma is not for the faint of heart. Facing goliath. As far as faith goes, I came back to mine through her friendship, and we went to lots of healers trying to get healed.

We both got healed of many things, but not all. She never went to a healer without a car full of people she was trying to help. She especially loved to pick up homeless people, wash their clothes and let them shower, fed them, prayed with them and took them to healers. Many of them lived in her home after she closed her care center. She would rent some rooms out and other rooms were full of homeless people. Some of them got crazy miracles. Then they would join the church we went to and bring a lot of their friends, because of the miracles. A miracle is not really a miracle, it is an agreement with what already is, that you didn't know, or think was real or possible. Agreement is the key in the lock.

As a catholic I never owned a bible, but she bought me a bible for Christmas one year. Andrew Wommack is my favorite verse by verse teacher. Healing journeys is part of his site that opened my eyes to truth. I own most of his books. I also follow many prophets and a new lady that is an apostle, Krick in the park ...she is teaching me some new things about healing.

I post on here as I feel led and also write notes to people as led. They usually keep them and reread them as they are inspired not by me but by power. I plan to write my books the same way, as inspired. Personally, I have no desire for money or fame, only that others can find truth and light and feel loved. Love is the greatest power. I grew up in a home that had not known what love was and could not give what they did not have. We have to seek if we want to find. I am learning. Blessings, charity

Coffee Enema
Posted by Nanowriter (Hotspot, Texas) on 10/10/2013

Hi Dave, I just got done reading a very interesting book by a guy called Matt Stone. He has a theory that we all drink way too much fluid and that this is lowering our basal metabolism. One sign of LBM is high blood pressure and he mentioned that one could get excess fluid was through enemas! Take your temperature and see if it is low.

Coffee Enema
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/12/2013

Hello Dave from Denham Springs.

To answer your question about why would an enema cause an increse in your BP... it didn't.

You used enemas in the past as cleansers... That is apparent from your post, correct? And no problems, correct? Despite the tumor issues in Liver and Pancreas. And those tumors were diagnosed years ago you say. So I take it you've given yourself cleaning enemas before and this time was to clean for bilirubn level.

Coffee cleaning enemas are a major part of the protocol in some very good anti cancer protocols... Dr Nick Gonzales (one of my alt med heros) and the enemas are universal with his patients who all have tumors. The point is, all his cancer patients take enemas but the enemas don't cause hight BP issues. SO... The tumors didn't cause the high BP. (Otherwise Gonzales could not have all his patients on coffee enemas, right?)

So...what is the cause of the BP. Did the enema cause the increase... And I said NO. Then what did?

First, don't confuse relationship in time with causation. (Example: My hair has turned grey in the last 25 years. I have used the same barber who cuts it every two or three weeks. When he started cutting my hair, it was brown. Now it is grey. Hence, the barber caused my hair to turn grey.)

Dave, it could be that your BP was headed up at about the same time as the enema. Previous enemas had not caused an increase.

Something else is going on and the enema and the BP rise happened in approximately the same time frame.

Treat this as a BP issue; look on the EC site under BP ailments and check out all the remedies for BP problems. I keep mine at 107 or so by using natural E, manesium, selenium, argenine, hawthorn, CoQ 10, cayenne caps. You know... the heart stuff.

I do sprint exercises. I do NOT do distance running that keeps the heart going for long periods of time. That type of exercise will harden the heart with time (See Dr Mercola's recent article on this).

However, I not recomment you do another enema right away because you'd be so up tight about it that your BP might go up out of anxiety. I'm assuming you are doing an enema correctly... Not over 15 minutes with the liquid in you... Largely lying on your left side, although body position can vary but the left side is the Kelly/ Gonzales method, and surely you are not using too much liquid... Two or three cups?

And are you on meds for your tumors... meds as we all know can cause BP problems.

Dave from Fountain Inn

Coffee And Cleanse Diets
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 05/14/2013

Hi, I sympathise it's tough reducing your coffee intake but it's necessary as coffee removes all the water soluble vitamins from your body every time you drink it. So best to cut it out - it's best to cut it out gradually at first get down to one a day then I a week. I am at the once a week stage and am a bit stuck- now I notice I feel grumpy and or tired afterwards and take b vits and spoonful of Bsm to make up for it. Good luck

Alzheimer's Disease
Posted by Linda (Omaha, Ne) on 11/02/2017

I disagree that coffee helps to prevent alzheimers; I know several people with alzheimers and all of them were coffee drinkers. I think it is a selling tool to get people to buy coffee.

Alzheimer's Disease
Posted by Bruce (Georgia) on 10/21/2021

Were they on statin drugs?

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/24/2022

How To Safely Use Epsom Salt In Your Child's Bath & The Benefits (

I was given a lot of enemas as a child and had to use them as an adult. They are not very pleasant. Epsom salts make me feel wonderful and I have used a lot of it. Gardeners use it on food and flowers. Calcium and magnesium work like a pump, one tightens, and one loosens muscles. Most heart issues are from magnesium deficiency. Magnesium regulates the calcium. Most people are low magnesium, and it is very calming. Too much causes runny bowels, it draws moisture into the colon. It can be used as a foot soak. Milk of Magnesia is also good for constipation.

Can toddlers take milk of magnesia? - JacAnswers

Coffee Enemas
Posted by RE (OH) on 01/25/2022

Hi Charity,

Just want you to know I love the last line you posted. I have read your posts for years and always enjoy your take on adversity. Thank you for posting on Earth Clinic.

Best wishes.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (Usa) on 01/25/2022

Charity, enjoy reading and learning from your posts and comments.

You should collect all of them and write a book. Many would benefit from your knowledge.

I have never gotten a colonic.
Have considered getting them by never got around to it.
Growing the enema was given often in our home and my aunt's home.
You told in another comment (recently commented) that you also were given enemas when growing up. And, unfortunately you found the enema not to be pleasant for you.

When you did enemas most everyday for 25 years were they unpleasant as well?

Have you ever gotten a colonic?

Did her friend E give a colonic or an enema?
When you helped your nurse friend a few years past, did you give her a colonic or enema?

Cause colonics, from what I have learned, are given with a special machine in a clinic. Never heard of home colonic.

When you helped your nurse friend do a colonic, did the cleansing (colonics) help her dealing with past trauma?

I have never heard of the enema or colonic helping resolving past issues. Such as trauma. I am going to read more on this.

It is proven that giving the child an enema will assist him in spells of bad behavior.

This is called Bad Gut Syndrome.

Can read more about it on Mandy's page at

Her article there is titled “Discipline or A Bad Gut? Repopulate”

She has other helpful pages as well.

Lived with my nurse aunt in the late 50s for a few years. She was a olde fashioned nurse. Who believed in natural healing, herbal remedies, and giving enemas.

Being 7 years older than my cousin I remember her changing his diet, stopping candy and sugars, when he had bad behavior spells.
During his bad behavior spells, tantrums, he would also get enemas. It was amazing to see how his behavior changed afterwards.
He was given a daily enema for about three or four days. Sure part of his behavior changing was the change in his diet too.
It is proven there is a direct link between the gut and the brain. And bad things in the gut can cause undesirable behaviors.

Back in the 50s the enema was given with the reusable rubber bulb syringe. I don't remember getting the bag one.

Possibly you were given the bag one and it was too much solution given?

After leaving home I continued doing enemas. Learned the coffee enema is very important to detox the liver.

Most important healing tool is praying and believing in the Lord. He will heal.


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/27/2022

RE, I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me. I live among opposing factors, so encouragement of my thoughts is scarce, makes me stronger. My favorite line for life is that if you have the choice to respond with tears or laughter, then laugh because crying is a huge drain with little payoff. I can say though, that I read that if your mucus become the type the body can't process it will CREATE AN EMOTIONAL STORM TO MAKE YOU CRY and blow mucus out the nose. We are so much more complex than we realize.

Any seed planted in my soil has a harvest so I pray for you today that you experience Joy multiplied and renewed youthful strength with clarity, and as we hav~~rest (harvest) in winter, when spring hits this year you will find yourself rejuvenated beyond what you could imagine. Blessings to you, Charity

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/26/2022

HI Sue, my friend owned her colonic board. She set it up before I got to her house.

I remember another time when I went to go help her. She had been with this child that was in a bad situation and my friend was a thin person but always huggy and she caught head lice from this child. I had a magnifying light and took it to her house a few visits to pick the nits out of her hair. She loved so many people and wasn't afraid of how that would affect her. I don't know anyone that loved like she did. Selflessly. I have always been more guarded than she was. She passed in oct. 21. I'm sure she is dancing on streets of Gold.

She did not get healed of what was done to her as a toddler by her dads ranch hand and it affected her whole life. I try to help people find their courage to look at their trauma, but some cannot look because the pain is too great. Usually, they have health issues from the original trauma. I learned a lot of information on by grantley morris. I hope to help people get free and live in the Truth that they ARE amazing and powerful and beautiful. We are all SUPERMODELS. Blessings, charity

General Health and Well Being
Posted by Don (Michigan, Usa) on 12/11/2018

General Health and Well Being: I love a mug of good black coffee with a bloop of extra virgin olive oil. The oil takes any harshness away from the coffee and has a soothing, filling feel for the mouth and stomach without sugar or dairy.

Coffee Withdrawal
Posted by Jess (Michigan, US) on 12/14/2014

I have a bad headache because I have not had coffee in two days. Is there anything natural that might help? Niacin maybe? I was drinking 2-3 cups a day.

Coffee Withdrawal
Posted by KT (Usa) on 12/15/2014

I am really curious...what is your age and why did you stop drinking coffee?

Try some B-Complex.

Coffee Enema
Posted by Dave (Denham Springs, La) on 10/10/2013

I was wanting to ask a question in regards to high blood pressure. I have checked my blood pressure about 10 times a day. It ran 116/66 to 120/75 most of the time. Then one day last week after blood test I saw my alt was 64 and my bilirubn was 1.09. So I decided to do a coffee enema which I have done many time with no real problem. This last time about an hour after I did it, I noticed I feel bad so I took my bp and it was 140/84 so I kept checking it off an on over the next hr and it kept going high and then back down normal to low. I went to bed and in the morning I noticed as I moved around it started going up and down again then it stopped by noon and remained perfect.

The next day I felt hot or flush checked it again and it was 150/89 a little while later its bacck at 120/73. Any thoughts as to why after the enema it would change?

Oh, I was told about 6 yrs ago that I had a 4.3 cm growth in my liver. I also was told I had adenocarcinoma of the pancreas and they told me I had 2.5 to 3 weeks to live. In Jan of 2013 a holistic dr did some bloood test because I had some spells with a drawing in my cheek and mouth he said he thought I was passing blood clots. Then he told me that he thought I had viral chf. Anyway was wondering what your thoughts where.

Oh, I do take 3 natto-k a day 3 virus stop 4 80 billion ultra flora. 1 -1000mg lypo-spheric vit c 500 mg b12. Beta glucan 3 times a day. 3 hawthorn cap a day. 3 chromium and vanadium. 1 cq10 cap 3x a day. 1 chelated zinc a day. 2 fish oil 3 x aday. 1 micro max seaweed cap. 1 magnesium 2x aday. I drink a couple fresh juiced carrot, beet, galic, dandelion, ginger a day. I also take a tonic of the garlic, lemon, ginger, acv, honey 1 table spoon a day. I eat no meat or fish no animal product. All vegan I drink italian still mineral water 33. 8 fl oz 3 times a day. And 1 papaya leaf tea a day. Hey, thx for your time and feed back.

Coffee Enema
Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 10/11/2013

Gee, Why not just stop with the coffee enamas if they cause your blood pressure to rise? Are you guys playing this for laughs or what? If you are you got a laugh out of me....Oscar

Coffee Enema
Posted by Dave (Denham Springs La) on 10/26/2013

Hey, thx for all the replys. As far as quiting the coffee enemas I wouldn't dare do that there to vital to my healing. I don't take any meds at all not for over six years. Not even so much as an asprin. the thing that I thought may have happened was perhaps a stone blocked a duct or a blood clot dislodged. Just thought I would throw it out there for others opinion. I haven't had it happen again since then. Thx again for the feed back.

Coffee Enema
Posted by Alex (Romania) on 02/19/2015

In my view you suppplement with isolated chemicals. Not a good thing. Ialso agree that coffee enemas could not be the main culprit in this because usually they lower the blood pressure. Also there is a posibility of temporary supratoxicity by the detox reaction which in my imagination drains from inside the cells into the circulatory system.

In my view the first thing to do is to go on a ancient weston price diet . That means ancient cooking and ancient food and experiment with that. The tumors in my view should have been erased in maximum 2-6 months entirely .

I suggest weston price diet +coffee enemas + herbs. This is the easy way there could be harder ways like fasting , juice fasting, water fast, vinegar, salt water flush , ketogenic and stay out of the isolated chemical supplements even if they are natural. hipertension means supratoxicity in the body and the supplements and bad food which you're ingesting besides the good food that you mentioned is most certain to blame for hipertension.

Coffee And Cleanse Diets
Posted by Maryo (Crystal Lake, Il) on 05/13/2013

Is it really necessary to not have a cup of black coffee in the morning while on a semi-cleanse diet? Reading that coffee is an acid substance & we want to load our bodies w/alkaline substances, but can't I have just 6oz, black, to get past the headachy, blah withdrawal? Doing a Spiru-tein smoothie with almond milk, blueberries & mango in the morning. Delicious green smoothie at lunch & veggies at dinner. No dairy, some small amounts of evoo & coconut oil. Snacking on fruits in between. I'm dying w/o a little caffeine...

P.S. do we think it's ok to use apple cider vinegar for salad dressing while "cleansing"?

Posted by Wayne (Welland, Ontario, Canada) on 08/25/2007

I am writing regarding gout which i now suffer from. Having read many accounts of coffee being a problem I have now seen a new study which states that drinking 4-6 cups a day actually may prevent gout. 40% fewer incidence of gout in heavy coffee drinkers. This was a 12 year study of 40 plus males done in British Columbia, Canada published in the Journal of Rheumatology. It seems the benefits were almost equal for decaffeinated coffee as well.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 01/24/2022

Hi Beth A,

Any tips on giving a toddler (2 year old) a warm water enema for constipation?

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (Usa) on 01/24/2022

Hi Madelyn, did you talk with a pediatrician or holistic doctor?

You could read on:

or read in book: prescription for nutritional healing


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Caroline B (Indiana USA) on 03/24/2022

Madelyn, excellent information can be found at

Kristina and DeeDee there are wonderful. Very helpful. She has many health articles and videos. Also, sells enema bags and bulb. Enema soap, oils and EOs too.

another helpful source is book “prescription for nutritional healing.”

It has various enema solutions that are healing.

So sorry Charity found the enema to be unpleasant.
I never felt it was unpleasant. Yes, gives a full tummy feeling or urge to go potty.

cramping happens sometimes. I had the one receiving the enema relax and take deep breaths in and out of open mouth. When the cramp passed I resumed the enema.

As far as your two year old constipated toddler find out why he is constipated. Talk with your doctor, holistic provider, pediatrician, etc BEFORE giving him an enema. Ask provider or nurse for tips giving enemas.

My mom and aunt administered enemas in the home when needed.

Being the oldest one in my family by 8 years! I remember my siblings, cousins and myself getting the enema.

enemas were in my home and other homes.

I believe they are a good health tool. Better than giving OTC junk. Helps bring a fever down, hydrated, cleanses and helps with constipation.

I was taught to have the one getting the enema to relax. Tell him you will be giving him an enema and it will make him feel better when done. I was taught to take time preparing, giving and after the enema. Never rush the enema.
I found across my lap was one of the best position for giving an enema. Put towel on lap. Have him laying face down on tummy.

Make sure everything is prepared and ready for the enema. Then bring him to where you are giving it. That way you don't have to go and get something like Vaseline or other lube.

Other things help too. Such as
having the room warm. Offer privacy. Close the door. When possible I had the tv on for him to watch when getting the enema I found this helps him relax.

I also administered enemas on changing table, other tables. Massage table when had on there. Even a few given on dining room or kitchen table.

No interruptions! Turn phone off. Tell neighbor, who is always coming over, you will be busy for about an hour and half to two hours giving an enema.
If others are at home when you need to give an enema make sure thy can occupy themselves when you are busy. Or ask another mom to watch them while you are busy. I found good time was when others were off to school or napping.

I found it sad that Christy told the enema was unpleasant.

again, consult with your doctor about the constipation issue and before giving an enema.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Sue W (Ohio) on 01/26/2022


When you helped your nurse friend a few years back, did she get a colonic or an enema?

Because colonics are given by a therapist at a treatment center/office.

I have never heard of home colonics.

Wonderful she was able to work through her past life.

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (Usa) on 01/25/2022

I also enjoyed the last line.

I am going to use it when helping others.

Thanks for posting


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/25/2022

I appreciate the encouragement. I know I am here to sow seeds to help others but also, they are seeds for my tomorrows. I know of two books I am to write, and one is my testimony which may be a big book of crazymaking nonsense with truth as the lacy backdrop, yes of course it has holes in it! Truth is absolute but we are human and easily tricked by things that appear real. Then a book on dental healing miracles, I am so close to closing that situation that has caused so much pain for so many. I will probably enlist my daughter to help me write/edit; she has a master's in English and so does her spouse. What if we really do fly but we haven't figured out how to do it yet...kinda like manifesting all new teeth I, Charity

the final key in my lock > the more you try to get what you already have, the further away it goes from you

I love Kim Daniels testimony. Her blind grandma use to pay her to take her to a person the grandma wanted to shoot. My story is not that wild, so there is hope for me

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (Usa) on 01/26/2022

Charity, you are a wonderful person.

So glad you were there to help.

So many are thankful.

Love your comments.


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 01/26/2022

We reflect onto others who we are and as I read this reply, I see you are a wonderful person who helped so many with the most humbling experience of an enema to get improved health. I read that the coffee had to be specific to avoid toxins from the processing of the beans. I drink cheap coffee.

What brands have you used for enemas. Maybe a day in my future I will try the bulb coffee enema. I had hepatic cyst removal, liver surgery that failed and got worse the following week, in 2010 and in 2018 I was finally able to stop slathering it in castor oil multiple times a night and I am thankful for that. I felt like I was dying. The 30 cysts had more than 1.5 liters of liquid in them before the failed surgery and then grew back larger. I take desiccated beef liver so my body can attack the supplement and not my liver. After every test they could run they said it was probably auto immune. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I suspect the homeless drug addicts are the mightiest among us.

I pray today you reap a thousandfold harvest for every kindness you ever sowed in your lifetime and your bag will be so full that wherever you go it will leak out and touch the masses. Blessings, Charity

Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (USA) on 05/09/2022

Charity, hope you are doing ok.

I use organic, air roasted, coffee.

I buy it from


Coffee Enemas
Posted by Beth A (Usa) on 01/27/2022

Wish everyone could be like you.

So helpful to all.

omg head lice! That would drive me crazy! Hate lice and parasites.

Well, it's life. Deal with such things.

Wondering…did the home colonics help her.

NBless her.

Sure you are missing her

Health Benefits
Posted by Coffee Drinker (Anon) on 02/16/2013

Hi, Can anyone tell me why coffee is so bad for us? Does it affect insulin production? Does it make us fat? Personally I feel hungry afterwards even if I've eaten already.. And sometimes I feel grumpy afterwards too. Is there any interesting research? Is it full of toxins/ mould ? Does it deplete lots of vitamins and minerals? I have cut down but finding it hard to give up. Thanks for your feedback x

Health Benefits
Posted by Steve (Las Vegas, Nv Nevada) on 02/17/2013

Coffee does all the bad things you mentioned as well as putting extra stress on the adrenals. I used to drink almost a quart in the morning everyday for many years until I wound up with adrenal exhaustion. Felt like I was going to die. I recovered through tons of energy work and nutritional balancing/juicing, herbs etc. Took me a year to feel close to normal again. Now I drink Cafix which is a decent substitute. No it doesn't really taste like a great cup of coffee but at least I feel like I can have something reminiscent of coffee in the morning.

Pink Eye
Posted by Sam (Hershey, PA) on 05/27/2008

Remedy/Cure: brewed black coffee for conjunctivitis

How to Use: Brew a cup or two of coffee as strong and dark as possible. Dip a clean cotton ball in the warm coffee. Gently wipe the coffee saturated cotton ball over infected eye so coffee runs into the eye. Wipe over several times and if needed repeat with a new cotton ball. The coffee can be saved in a container for 24 hours, but be sure container is clean. DO NOT contaiminate coffee by placing used cotton ball back into coffee! Be sure to warm coffee before each use.

How often: I used this treatment once every two hours for three days. Treatment can be done more frequently to alleviate itch and inflamation associated with pink eye.

My experience: I payed $21 (USD) for a bottle of antibiotic eyedrops. I used them for the ten days as recomended. I was not cured at the end of the ten days and suffered each day with red, sore, goopy, itchy eyes because the drops didn't even alleviate the symptoms of pink eye. I used the coffee for three days and from the first treatment I was no longer suffering.

Posted by Jolie du Pre (Chicago, IL) on 02/05/2008

A cure for dry skin is to exfoliate. There is no need to buy a product from the store. Use the grounds left over from your daily cup of coffee. Keep the coffee grounds in a container with a lid and store the container in your bathroom. Apply the coffee grounds in the shower. It's messy, but the grounds will not clog your drain. Use the grounds all over your body, including your face. Coffee grounds are full of antixodiants. It's a great cure for cellulite as well.