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Coffee Enema
Posted by Alex (Romania) on 02/19/2015
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In my view you suppplement with isolated chemicals. Not a good thing. Ialso agree that coffee enemas could not be the main culprit in this because usually they lower the blood pressure. Also there is a posibility of temporary supratoxicity by the detox reaction which in my imagination drains from inside the cells into the circulatory system.

In my view the first thing to do is to go on a ancient weston price diet . That means ancient cooking and ancient food and experiment with that. The tumors in my view should have been erased in maximum 2-6 months entirely .

I suggest weston price diet +coffee enemas + herbs. This is the easy way there could be harder ways like fasting , juice fasting, water fast, vinegar, salt water flush , ketogenic and stay out of the isolated chemical supplements even if they are natural. hipertension means supratoxicity in the body and the supplements and bad food which you're ingesting besides the good food that you mentioned is most certain to blame for hipertension.