Activated Charcoal Health Benefits

Where to Buy: Japan
Posted by Fukuda (Tokyo) on 03/01/2016


Is there anyone who could tell me where to find Activated Charcoal (preferably granulés) locally in Japan ?

I have seen Kremezin but it is a specialty and not OTC product and used for renal conditions.

Activated Charcoal for Dogs
Posted by Steve (Nevada) on 11/18/2015

I've had good success with starwest activated charcoal. They should have 1lb bulk bags. Not sure about the VIP labs that sell this.

Posted by Meg (Kansas City, Mo) on 05/26/2015

Dear Mama to Many, I am an avid reader of earthclinic and all the helpful comments from everyone and am so grateful to all for their input and general advice.

I want to know your thoughts on using a charcoal poultice in my mouth. I have had an infection in the gum for years; painless unless touched, it is a lump high above the gum line, and oozes out through the gum in tiny lesions at times; hence, no pain.

I have tried swishing with iodine, turmeric, oregano oil, turpentine and currently colloidal silver. Everything helps and the gum looks pink again as long as I keep it up, but the lump remains.

Reading about the charcoal poultice makes me wonder if it would draw out the infection once and for all. My general health is not the greatest and I am sure the infection does not help.

Dentist would suggest oral surgery etc., root canals, and I do not want to go that route. There must be a way to overcome this and I would appreciate any advice you might have. I am now 73, not young, but will not give up on trying to restore my health as far as possible. Thank you so much for your wisdom and experience.

Posted by Meg (Kansas City, Mo) on 05/27/2015

Dear Mama to Many,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I will begin your suggestions for either a charcoal poultice or tablets immediately. I am so grateful. Thank you again, and I will keep in touch.

Kidney Dialysis
Posted by Anon (Chicago) on 09/25/2013

To Mama To Many from Tennessee:

My wife is currently on dialysis, does activated charcoal filter out the toxin with the kidney also ? How do you do it ? Plus she received some blood transfusion also. She is currently on liquid restriction diet with potassium and phorphorus restriction and has a high blood pressure. Do you have guidance on diet? Their guidance is white flour diet mainly. Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks.

Kidney Dialysis
Posted by Anon (Chicago) on 09/27/2013

Mama to Many: Thank you Mama for your response.

Currently she has high blood pressure 150, it will be great if activate charcoal could help since she already on medication.

Should I put the poultice on both kidneys?

The reason I asked about the diet guidance because to see if anyone you know from practical experience what diet do they follow that been helpful?

Powder Form Vs. Capsule
Posted by Organicqueen (Chandler, Az, Usa) on 11/05/2011

Hi...was curious to see if taking the charcoal in powder form or capsule? Also, if taken in powder, what is a good method to mix it in?

Activated Charcoal and Meds
Posted by Rita (Skandia, Michigan /usa) on 02/05/2010

Will the activated charcoal tabs take away the effectiveness of my medicine?

Activated Charcoal and Meds
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 11/28/2017

I would also eat something in between the charcoal and meds, such as fresh fruit - cantaloup would be a decent choice I think, as it is bulky and has a lot of water. It should sweep away the charcoal before your meds get near it, or provide a barrier between the charcoal and meds if you take the meds first. I would not take the charcoal and meds together without doing this.

Raw potatoes are also bulky and have a lot of water. Both are low in sugar and fats. The amount you need would depend on how much charcoal you took if you took the charcoal first. If you take the meds first you would want to wait 30 minutes to an hour perhaps before eating the melon. That way the meds are not mixed into the melon in the stomach, but have exited into the small intestine and will not contact the charcoal at all. Taking psyllium fiber after taking the charcoal may help sweep it from the digestive tract in case it lingers and adsorbs the meds. Wait perhaps an hour after taking the charcoal to take the psyllium. Away from the meds, of course. Mixing psyllium and charcoal in water and taking them together seems to reduce the effectiveness of the charcoal in my experience as it is trapped in the psyllium.

Charcoal is wonderful stuff. Sulfur is also a good detoxifier, though it works differently. Probiotics like kefir may be helpful in case the charcoal removes the beneficial gut microbes. I have been getting hives recently after using store bought kombucha, though I enjoyed it for a few years before the hives started. You may want to stear away from it temporarily if you are ill.

Charcoal Side Effects
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Usa) on 06/19/2011

Kelly from Ohio; I usually do a complete cleanse before introducing my system to some thing new or different;so if the charcoal does block you up, you have enough time inbetween bowel movements to do the charcoal then again work on your bowel movements. I use one of the very best cleanses ever for the past fifteen years, it's a twin pack of multi-herb digestion & detox support the other bottle is multi-fiber cleanse;you take one of each herb(2), morn. Noon & night and this herb will let you know it's time to go potty haha because it's Dynamite, but it's bought in an herbal store & very affordable. Good luck

Charcoal Feedback
Posted by Mercedes (Wilkes Barre, Pa/usa) on 05/25/2011
0 out of 5 stars

I took natures way activated charcoal for gas pains it caused worse pains then I started I also feel a lump in my stomach it has been 6 days and I still cannot have a bm. I also went to the hospital for this pain. They couldnt do anything for me because I took exlax which made me go but not the hard lump above belly button. The exlax made me dehydrated so they sent me home. I wouldn't recomend this to my worst enemy. So to all who read this before taking it please don't take it.

Viruses, Charcoal and Cayenne
Posted by Patricia (Las Vegas, Nv, Us) on 07/08/2011

Cat-Eye from Australia- couldn't help but notice your comment on Z. Sitchin. May I humbly suggest you check out the Noah Fredericks' introductory series on You Tube. Just put Noah Fredericks in the search engine on You Tube.

Back on Topic- I am a huge fan of charcoal and just getting up to speed on cayenne. Drinking teas. In water with ACV right now. Am I reading this right- 1 part cayenne to 4 parts charcoal will take the heat out but interfere with the other properties?

Hides Bald Spots
Posted by Sean (Miles, IA) on 12/19/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have a bald spot birth mark on side of my head the size of a nickel that I darken with activated charcoal to hide. It works great with brown or black hair. Often the barber would cut my hair to short there and further expose it. So this helped greatly. Also later started to cutting my own hair with a flowBee that helped the situation with the clumsy barber go away!

Hangover Cure
Posted by Shane (Trail, BC, Canada) on 01/02/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I was told that if you want to prevent the unpleasant effects of a hangover you can take an activated charcoal capsule with each alcoholic beverage which will absorb the harmful elements in the alcohol which cause the hangover.

Charcoal Feedback
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 11/21/2022 94 posts

Christine simply forgot to include that *HER FAMILY* was only using it as needs arose - those that she listed. I hardly think any of them were using it every month, let alone every day!

Heavy Metal Detoxing
Posted by Lauren (Queens) on 11/11/2021

Hi Mama to Many… hope all is well with you.. just have a quick question for you…. Is it ok to use charcoal for heavy metal detox along with cilantro? Not sure if I can use the two together without side effects. Appreciate an early response. Thank you so much… have a blessed evening..

Heavy Metal Detoxing
Posted by lauren (queens) on 11/13/2021

Thank you so much!!!

Activated Charcoal for Dogs
Posted by Italiandobergirl (Nj) on 11/17/2015

I am a now retired Vet Tech yet will be opening a Pet Rehab in NJ I pray. I also run a 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue. We save all B& S, yet many Dobermans that are very gassy and prone to bloat.

I am a huge fan from my work at a Vet of the use of Activated Charcoal (AC). I always had it on hand. Issue until I open my Business/Clinic I am looking for any OTC compatible AC. The AC at stores has dyes and other ingredients not good for our furkids.

Has anyone found a brand OTC as I am not a fan of ordering, and now will NOT order any online meds that is NOT a VIP Approved Pharmacy.

Yes sidenote other non VIP Online Pharmacies have had many reports of tampered meds or not even the correct PLEASE make sure you utilize a VIP Pharmacy. I.E. Dr. Foster & Smith is VIP. JW any specific brands to add to my first aid kit for my furkids and our Rescues? Grazie.

Activated Charcoal for Dogs
Posted by Joan (Ca) on 11/18/2015

The brand KAL charcoal activated seems pure and only has charcoal and gelatin due to the capsule. U can find it on

Posted by Vandu (Maryland, US) on 02/27/2015

Can activated charcoal be used for small child of 4 who is having diarrhea. He had it all day yesterday, twice during night, woke up from it today. So it seems it continues..

When I called the company for the activated charcoal we have, he said it's only for 12 and above. Didn't explain why. I thought it would be fine for 4 year old just smaller amount?

Posted by KS (Glenview, IL) on 07/01/2021

Nurses would feed patients cooked rice when I worked in a hospital in pediatrics for diarrhea and coca cola to drink. Rice is good for both diarrhea and constipation.

Where to Buy
Posted by Judith (Japan) on 01/05/2015

I'm originally from the Philippines. My family are living there. Can I ask where can I buy activated charcoal in the Philippines?

Where to Buy
Posted by Lorna (California, US) on 01/08/2015


Try Healthy Options at SM malls.

Where to Buy
Posted by Aby (Bacolod, Philippines) on 03/04/2015

you can also find activated charcoal at Health Express here in bacolod and in manila

Charcoal Side Effects
Posted by Newlynatural (Fl, Usa) on 08/27/2013
0 out of 5 stars

Hi. I have a problem. I started taking activated charcoal on a regular basis and now I am bloated and cannot go. My stomach is solid as a rock. I stopped taking the Charcoal of course but what can I do to fix this problem, it's been 4 days?

Where to Buy
Posted by Rahsai (Canoga Park, Ca, USA) on 04/11/2013

Where can I buy grade A activated charcoal in bulk?

Where to Buy
Posted by Kassius (Usa) on 11/11/2016

I bought mine on Amazon (USA) from hardwoods. Research the best type and the larger amount you buy, the better the price.

Activated Charcoal and Meds
Posted by Craig (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 12/23/2011

Would taking the activated charcoal affect someone who is on a fentynal patch? Would it reduce the effectiveness of the patch?

Also does activated help with parasites?


Activated Charcoal and Meds
Posted by Charcoal Dependent (California, US) on 08/05/2014

Activated charcoal may have an effect on a fentanyl patch although, not as severe as if you were taking an opioid pill. I still think it would pull some of the fentanyl out of your system. Check with your doctor, and or try a dose or two and see how you feel. No withdrawals intended :) I am a RN who is prescribed a large amount of activated charcoal due to a form of toxicosis. My MD advised me to wait 90 minutes-120minutes between taking charcoal and other medications or supplements. Make sure if you take activated charcoal, that you at least take a multi vitamin. As the article mentioned, charcoal will pretty much absorb the good with the bad.

Activated Charcoal and Meds
Posted by Heartrhythms (Santa Fe, Nm) on 02/14/2010

Hi Rita, activated charcoal would probably reduce the absorption of your medicine if taken around the same time (to be safe, I'd leave at least 4-5 hours between the charcoal and meds).

Upset Stomachs
Posted by Belkis (Houston, Tx) on 02/20/2015

Where in Houston can I buy activated charcoal?

EC: Try your local pharmacy. All of them sell activated charcoal tabs.

Charcoal Feedback
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 11/28/2017

Taking several gel caps of charcoal is a bad idea if the release of charcoal adsorbs stomach acid and prevents the remaining gel caps from dissolving. This could theoretically create a mass of undigested capsules that could be difficult to pass.

Bee Sting
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 11/28/2017

I wonder if holding a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar would penetrate the skin and disolve the toxins from the sting. Or an aspirin or vitamin c tablet.

Also, chia seeds would work in place of the flax.

Viruses, Charcoal and Cayenne
Posted by Rocky Raccoon (Humboldt, AZ) on 10/01/2008

Did you ever find a source for ceyanne pepper (Bird's Eye Pepper)? I would like to purchase as well, but don't know where to find it. As you mentioned, by the time you find a source, the product is reduced to useless powder not yeilding any health benefits or so expensive you need to finance. You may email me direct if you like. Sincerely, RR

Viruses, Charcoal and Cayenne
Posted by Tracey (London) on 07/12/2017 1 posts

Check Ebay, I found lots of vendors selling African Birds eye chili pepper, pods, seeds etc.

Viruses, Charcoal and Cayenne
Posted by Chris (South Australia) on 09/01/2017

Dear John from N.Z.

I read with interest your experience with african birds eye chilli. I have endevoured to find a source but its of little help without a botanical name of the chilli.
Are you aware of another way I may be able to source the chilli you refer to?

Regards Chris, Adelaide Australia

EC: Hi Chris,

Sorry, it's unlikely that John will respond since 9 years have passed since he posted. Perhaps someone else can advise...

Charcoal Feedback
Posted by Janyl (La Porte, Indiana ) on 02/23/2017

This post from 2005 says she used charcoal that for over 14 years and there are several areas or info that state you shouldn't take it long-term. Do you happen to know the real answer to this??

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