Cabbage Wrap for Swelling, Pain and Infection

Breast Infection
Posted by Iowama (Currently In Ny) on 07/19/2017

Early this month, I developed a breast cyst infection severe enough that, had it not been for the July 4th holiday week, I would have headed to a doctor. The infection happened in a cyst that lies along my bra line and after reading and watching a video to learn the Allopathic treatment, I combed through Earth Clinic and decided to try self treatment. The two tools I used were cabbage leaves and Logul's Iodine.

Had I gone to a doctor, I would have been given a course of antibiotics, followed by a return visit to lance and drain the cyst. I had a house full of family coming to spend their vacations with us, so I started out by putting a cabbage leaf over the breast and wearing it in my bra. This provided complete ease through all the days of the infection and no one ever noticed it through my shirt or detected anything wrong. I thank the Lord for those leaves. Beneath the cabbage leaf, the tenderness and redness only increased daily. Things looked bad, and Mr. Iowa begged me to let him take me to the hospital. Twice a day, I was wiping the cyst with Logul's on a cotton ball, because I had read it would make it's way into the cyst, but the infection was only increasing. I finally decided to put a cotton ball soaked in Logul's onto the cyst and to wear it under the leaf inside my bra. I did that for half an hour and that was a bit too long, because it caused the upper layer of skin to peal off! Now I was really in pain…but not when I wore the cabbage leaf protection. Within hours of removing that cotton ball, the cyst turned very angry and began forming a head. 2 days later, it popped and spilled out much of the contents, but all was contained by the leaf. There was no scent of infection in it. I only knew it had popped when I went to check on it. I applied a bit of pressure and got more out, although it was too painful to squeeze out completely, as I had seen the doctor do on the video. I applied hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball to keep the area clean and changed the leaf as needed. The healing began so quickly that I could not believe it. The wound continued to drain for a few days, and the leaf caught everything. I saw a piece of thin white tissue sticking up from it and I assumed that was part of the cyst's sack, so I pulled it off. I had plenty of fresh leaves in the refrigerator to keep the wound covered. I am healed now, and the cyst seems to be gone as well.

I have Mama to Many's castor oil cure and a heating pad here, if it should reappear. I am scolding myself for being lazy with this cyst and letting it grow again, but going through this process of rapid and successful self-treatment was deeply satisfying.