Boswellia - Editor's Choice

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Posted by Melissa S (Dallas, Tx) on 09/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Boswellia serrata 500mg (can't post brand, so here's a clue: not later but *** 1word 3 letters starts w/ N) caps CURED my son's ASTHMA IN 1 DOSE!!!! I've never posted anything anywhere, but I HAD to share this info. I am in shock still & it's been 7 days w/ ZERO asthma meds (no inhaler use). My son has had year round allergies/asthma since he was a baby (13 yrs old now), he takes allergy meds year round & singulair seasonally, inhaler use a couple times daily is the norm. During spring/fall he uses a nebulizer am/pm on top of it all. My chiropractor told me about Boswellia as anti-inflammatory has, so being very science minded myself, I researched it enough to say the science behind it is deep & LEGIT. I had read several reviews that it really helped allergies & asthma; I figured any improvement is a step in the right direction. Boswellia is super supportive to all the body's systems & living on poison (all drugs are toxic, some more than others) my son's body needs all the support it can get. Many ppl don't know that both allergies & asthma are an immune response in the body. Asthma is an inflammatory disease, so I figured it was worth a shot. We are in the midst of the worst ragweed season we've seen in Texas w/in the last 10 years. I out grew my allergies/asthma (Thank God) & I have been experiencing issues for the first time in years. Got Boswellia & we each took our first 1 after dinner that night w/1 QBC Plex cap (quercitin, vit C, bromelain).

Take boswellia alone right after a meal (or toast atleast) to ensure max absoption (& other meds or vitamins 1-2 hrs later). Intuitively, I opted to skip my son's asthma pill (he did take his allegra), so I fully expected him to wake me for a breathing treatment. I felt guilty doing that, but he slept through the night. He woke up breathing TOTALLY CLEAR! GONE was his sneezing, nose blowing, eye rubbing morning routine & his lungs were clear. I was dumbfounded speechless. I've never seen anything like it, nor did I expect any noticeable result in 1 DOSE- we did NOTHING different except boswellia, there's no way this can be attributed to anything else. I still give his nightly allergy pill & will continue until it gets cold enough for stuff to stop blooming, then we'll drop that too.

It's been 7 days now in the height of the WORST allergy season, & my son has used ZERO asthma meds the entire time, his breathing is so clear it's like he never had asthma in the first place. He had a double header baseball game last night - no nebulizer before hand, & never pulled out his inhaler. He will take this for the rest of his life, there are so many benefits! I hope & pray that anyone who tries this will have the same amazing results. My allergies are better but not gone, I have not needed an inhaler. My lungs have never felt so clear, it's like my lung capacity has actually expanded/increased... There really aren't any contraindications w/boswellia. Consult your doctor if you take a bunch of meds, & esp.if you take anticoagulants. Less than 1% of ppl felt it made their blood pressure go high/wonky, some said it upset their stomach (take right after food). Boswellia can make other meds more effective, so dose may need reduced (or stopped). Boswellia has NSAID (Ibuprofen/aleve) like action in the body, so it's best not to take those together for prolonged time (1 week max).

If u take boswellia for pain/arthritis, u may need to build to higher dose. Studies showed safe up to 3,000 mg daily (2- 500 mg caps Breakfast/lunch/dinner). IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO FRANKINCENSE essential oil (incense allergy may be due to other additive factors), DO NOT TAKE or consult your doctor first.


Posted by Jeannine (Seattle) on 09/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Boswellia, the ancient Indian frankincense, cured my tendonitis. It is the most effective anti-inflammatory and pain reliever I have found. I often take it with tumeric, but boswellia alone is the key supplement. And believe me, I have tried everything!

I had pain in my hands, wrists, and forearms from typing. Because I rely on computer work for my job, the stress associated with this inflammation was high, which only created more fear around typing and more inflammatory episodes.

I also had osteoarthritis in my fingers, which was a new development on top of the chronic tendonitis.

Now, I take two boswellia tablets in the morning with my breakfast (1000 mg of standardized 65 percent boswellia extract) and the pain is gone within an hour. I take an additional tablet with my evening meals. And when the pain is gone, I can type, and I don't even remember I had tendonitis.

If you do this every day, you will be amazed at the pain relief. I can type again, knit again, and play guitar again, with no pain from use of my hands. The arthritis pain is also completely gone!

If it seems too good to be true, just research boswellia on the internet and read all the positive reviews online at retailers site. There are many good brands out there. I recommend just selecting a brand based on reading some reviews to get started. It doesn't really matter what brand you choose -- what matters is you give this miraculous anti-inflammatory herb a try!