Borax and Baking Soda Health Benefits

Posted by Lisa (USA) on 03/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I love to use borax for cleaning. I would imagine it would be good for cleaning an aircon. I don't use ac but if I did I am sure I would clean it with borax especially if it smelled moldy.

I find that my skin seems a little sensitive to borax. I did use it with baking soda to wash my hair. I hate using shampoo and have been using baking soda for a couple of years. Mixing borax in with it seemed to make my hair feel really clean and fresh. No more flaking. I think shampoo makes my scalp flake and it is really hard to rinse out of my very thick very long hair.

I put all kinds of oils in my hair my it never looks greasy. I routinely use olive, sesame, coconut oils and, cedar, lavender, eucalyptis ect...essential oil. I work out side in my yard a lot I find essential oil in my hair neck and wrist helps repel insects. I hear insects don't do too well around borax either. Now that gardening season is ramping up a bit washing my hair with borax may be of help.

I made a mix of 1/8 tsp each of borax and baking soda in one gallon of water I brush my teeth with it along with H2O2 spray on my tooth brush. I might try it in my water pick as well. This really makes my teeth and gums feel much stronger. My breath stays fresher longer than using tooth paste.

I drink a small amount of my gallon mix a few times per week. I am a small person and also I am very sensitive to any kind of change in my system. So I make my mixture much more dilute than the recommended recipe. I drink one small juice glass in morning only. I do feel more energy the first time I took it was at night and I did not want to sleep. I drank some in the morning next day and was up and about all day even though it was chilly outside.

I do believe I have had a few detox symptoms not bad ones (another reason I take a small amount). I don't want to have a major blow out. I know I have not been eating right this winter so I know I have some build up of toxic stuff in my body. I have spent a good portion of my 65 years focused on staying in good health on all levels and I know I am much more aware of my body than most people are today. I can't believe how people turn their health over to the medical industrial complex. IMO their only saving grace is their ability to treat trauma cases. At any rate I am glad to see others taking charge of their own health. What you spend on your good health is less than half what you would spend on your bad health. Keep that in mind the next time you think about your body. Get to know your body it is your friend. Thanks for reading this.