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Posted by Stella (C, OH) on 05/30/2008

Regarding blue sunlight therapy, I don't know if this is the same thing but I can testify to using a blue light device for acne. They also have expensive treatments in dermatologists offices that use blue light. I think I may lay in the sun in the privacy of my back yard for 15 min a day with a blue veil over my face to see if it has any effect. Also I do plan to try this on some of my plants and maybe on my basement windows to keep bugs out.

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Posted by Geraldine (Fort Lauderdale, USA) on 05/29/2008

I have tried both General A.J. Pleasanton's therapy recently, and the more modern Dinsha Ghadiali "Color Therapy" now used by Dr. William Campbell Douglass. (His booklet, Color Me Healthy available from Second Opinion).

After reading your online Gen. A.J. Pleasanton book, I immediately sought some blue glass but had to settle for painted glass and then blue transparent sheets wrapped around glass.

I am fighting a 2-1/2 year Zoster shingles PHN virus infection, and though there has been no immediate improvement in my condition, I am going to pursue this because of the extreme pain and the fact that pain medications do not stop pain, but do make me dizzy.

For explanation, Dr. Douglass (following Dinshah's method) uses different colors with light from either a flashlight or lamp, and uses different colors (and combinations) for different diseases.

I have used both methods, but have used Gen. Pleasonton's only twice, and will email you when I see some definite improvement.

It is not easy to find colored glass; such glass is all 1/4" thick, and of a rather small size. Only for Gen. Pleasanton's method have I used the sun for energy, but I think sunlight is necessary. (Both Dinshah and Dr. Douglass have had success, however, using flashlights and lamps.)

EC: Geraldine, thank you so writing in about this remedy. We are thrilled (to say the least) that someone is testing it! Hopefully many more people will try the blue glass and sunlight therapy so we can eventually get a feel for whether this is an effective remedy.

P.S. If anyone finds an online source for blue glass, please let us know.

Replied by Jean
(Cerritos, CA)

I have been unable to find any blue glass. Tried using a blue pyrex oblong dish, but it was too hard to handle. I'm trying this on my two small dogs with health issues. I ended up taping a blue silk blouse on the sliding door where the sun comes in. The silk is thin enough so some sun light comes through. Only used it 2 times and I feel there should be results, but too soon to tell for sure.

Replied by Me
(WPD, Florida)

My friend had shingles and started taking coconut oil and it went away.

Replied by John
(Pahoa, Hawaii)


Replied by Phil
(Dearing, Ga)

SKY alcohol use to come in blue bottles and might still do. Google and also check at package shops ( liquor stores ) Most liquor stores can order what you want. They use to sell this in 6 packs, like beer , but it was in blue bottles also I believe there is a big blue bottle that is maybe liquor called SKY also. Check also into SKY BLUE alcohol.

Replied by Isabelle
(Garden Grove, Ca Usa)

Hello! I did find a dark cobalt blue pane at an art supply for stained window, here is the link: I didn't order yet . But maybe somebody is interested. PEACE!

Replied by Amy
(Portugal Europe)

One can find blue glass at any supplier selling glass for stained glass windows. In the US there are many, all over the place so it should be easy and cheap.

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Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 05/26/2008 509 posts

Blue Glass & sun Therapy: I'm not familiar with this particular one but I think it may be a spin off from something in one of Mary Summer Rain's books (I think the title is "Earthway" and is called color therapy. which mentions filling different colored bottles, (color depending on the problem you want to treat) sitting the bottled water in the sunlight all day and drinking it. I think she also mentioned that it would be next to impossible to commercialize because it had to be drunk immediately since the healing properties of the water didn't last long (don't remember the exact timing but think it was probably 30 minutes to l hour after preparation).

Replied by Khakimo
(Atlanta, Usa)

Found this page on blue glass/sunlight a while back and then had to move shortly after and forgot about it. Just came across the roll of blue cellophane I bought to see if it would work. Found out the roll isn't as long as I thought so just placed it on window over some plants in various degrees of health to see what happens.

Joyce, thanks for mentioning the bottles of water in sunlight. I have blue medicine bottles I saved from artic fish oil and before I moved had also intended to start experiments with them. Because of some of the new discoveries about water that have recently been made available, besides using color I will be writing on the bottle or taping a note to it regarding what results I wish to create with the water.

Thanks to Dr. Emoto's now well-known work with water chrystals, we have known for some time that water can read and can be programmed - in essence it can communicate. New discoveries lead me to believe this may have to do with the hydrogen in the water. There is an amazing 9-part video available on youtube called Water-The Great Mystery in which are detailed research being conducted by scientists around the world and their findings. I highly recommend it and gives much to contemplate on exactly what is happening as we learn to use these tools, as well as generating new things to try. I have done some experimenting with water in areas besides health and have been astounded at what can be accomplished. Happy Pioneering!

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Posted by Bev (Elroy, WI) on 10/04/2007

I don't know about the blue light therapy you mentioned. Ray Peat PhD told me that fluorescent light has light in the blue range which is somewhat toxic. He said incandescent bulbs have light in the red range which is healing. I had changed my lights to fluorescent and then switched them back to incandescent.


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Posted by Sue (Bellingham) on 03/10/2019

I put my straggling geraniums from outside on the sunny kitchen window this fall, hoping they could be resuscitated. I found an old cobalt blue vase, and have been filling it with tap water, putting in sunlight for a day and then watering all the indoor plants this winter. I have never had such success with my plants. Most recently, we were away for several days and I forgot to water the basil plant, which was just that thing you buy at the grocery store, in a little plug, that's usually mean for instant consumption. It had thrived all winter, but when I neglected it like this I came home to a desiccated "thing." I thought I'd toss it and buy another basil plant and couldn't find one, so I started to water it frequently with the cobalt blue vase water. This poor plant, which really seemed like a goner, has come back to life. I have no idea why this works, but it seems to. I have never tried the blue light in any other way.

Where to Buy Blue Glass

Posted by RG (Waco, Tx) on 09/21/2008

Here is an inexpensive way to get all the Blue Glass you will ever need!

(1). Go to your nearest fabric store and purchase the sheerest (light in weight) cotton fabric in the appropriate color (Cobalt Blue?)
(2). At your local Walmart or other grocery store, purchase a bottle of liquid starch.
(3). Cut the fabric to fit your window pane/panes.
(4). Completely wet the fabric with the starch.
(5). Apply the starched fabric to window pane/panes.
(6). Use a sponge to apply more liquid starch as needed to spread the fabric seamlessly over the window pane/panes.
(7). Bubbles and creases can be burnished (pressed)out by applying pressure to the wet fabric with the sponge and stretching it out completely flat.

The fabric will dry and stay in place indefinitely! If it starts to detatch, just apply more starch to that area that is detatching and wa-lah, good as new! When dirty, just remove, wash and reattatch the same way. Hope this helps. You can use this technique to cover just about anything with fabric.

Replied by R.G.
(Waco, TX)

I found the perfect fabric tonight at Walmart. It isn't cotton though. It is 100% polyester. I am pretty sure this will still work. It has a better sheen to it and more transparency than the cotton did. I am also trying "cobalt blue"
acrylic paint. I will thin it out a bit to get more transparency. Also, you can liquify powdered cornstarch which is much cheaper than the ready-made liquid starch. Same stuff. I am looking forward to seeing benefits from this. I have been having a "healing crisis". My skin is bright red and scaly from detoxing the wrong way. I will let people here know if it helps.

Where to Buy Blue Glass
Posted by Janet (Houston, TX) on 08/21/2008

For the blue window glass, I might try the car window tinting kit. It is supposed to repel heat, and you can cut it with an exacto knife to fit a window pane. It is about $30 a roll (for one car) but that could be for 2 windows of a midsize.

Where to Buy Blue Glass
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 05/31/2008

Google "stained glass suppliers" and you will find hundreds of companies that will ship blue glass. Appears to be quite cheap to buy a decent sized piece of glass. Cobalt blue is the color of the glass that our family used in the mid-1900s for the blue glass and sunlight therapy.

Replied by Nancy
(Birmingham, Alabama)

I rent, so would this remedy using the blue glass work if I build a frame to put the blue glass in and then sit it in front of the window?

EC: Yes, in fact this is exactly what we had at home growing up -- a piece of cobalt blue glass in wooden frame. Otherwise, it's just too complicated!

Replied by Becky
(Warner Robins, Georgia)

I have never heard of this. What is it and where can I read about it. Also, would the paint-on faux stain glass kits work? You can buy the individual colors and they come in all shades of blue. This sounds very interesting!

EC: Read all about blue glass on sunlight therapy on our site! You won't find much about this therapy elsewhere on the internet...

Replied by Bltw2
(Maineville, Oh, Usa)

Use the gels that theaters use with their lights. They come in many different colors - great for color therapy

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