Discovering the Health Benefits of BHT: New Research and Findings

BHT and Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by Art. (Vancouver, Canada) on 08/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

You're right Oscar.

I am dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetes #2 which is the result of interferon. Just google the side effects and see for yourself. It saddens me to think there are still people who will take that stuff as prescribed by doctors whose only concern is money. The BHT at 350mg per day on an empty stomach lowered my liver enzymes and gratefully cured my brain fog and flue like symptoms. Now I can eat chicken without feeling like I am getting the flu, and I thought it was my sister's cooking. LOL.

Now at this time I take R+ALA for the PN and Chanca Piedra for the pain in the lower lobe of my liver on my left side which by the way started after my biopsy back in 2002. Today I am having a good day but there are some bad ones where energy and stamina are very low. My Alt is 55 AST 51 GGT 32 because stupid me had to get a shingles vaccine out of worry. I am sure my numbers will drop some more if they can find a vein to draw blood from. There are few who can and now they are no longer there. I do appreciate Oscar for all his suggestions and hope he can put all his wonderful info in one column.

Having a good day. Art.

I do appreciate