Bentonite Clay for Health

Where to Find: Canada

Posted by Suzanne (Orleans, Ontario, Canada) on 02/17/2010


I live in Ottawa Canada. Does anyone know where I can Purchase Bentonite Clay? I understand that it has great healing remedies. I don't want to purchase on-line really, really bad experience with that.

Replied by Nicole
(Gatineau, Quebec, Canada)

In order to get your clay, go to the health food stores on the Quebec side (Gatineau) and there you will find the best choice of clay. Clay has been used widely in Europe for many years and is still popular today, especially in France. The best clay actually comes from there. I love the health food stores in Quebec as they carry popular items from North America and from Europe.

Replied by Chuck

I've been using the great plains bentonite detox daily for years. It cured the acid reflux issues I was having. Also, when I consume Alcohol, I tend to have little to no hangover, where prior to the bentonite, I would suffer from severe migraines after a night of fun. The hot ticket is being sure to hydrate while taking bentonite, as it will definitely dehydrate you.

Also, I noticed it will weaken medications, so take those well prior to your bentonite regimen. Some noted constipation while consuming this product, I have not had that or any other side effect associated with calcium bentonite. Drink plenty of water, and I think you'll agree, the benefits are wonderful and I was able to stop taking the body aching prilosec completely!

Craig S.
(Northern Wisconsin)

While searching sources of clay I found there's a lot of sources but many deceptive with very little disclosure. The only site that I trust is the living clay site. Right on the label it states that you can eat it. The disclosure of information on this product was most welcome. The previous female owner was a teacher, probation officer and earned her bachelor of Science degree. The company was bought out by Nutrisudicals. The original owner Mrs. Peters lives in Texas and is 77 yrs. old. She wrote a book referencing living clay and her experiences. She does radio programs that you can schedule to participate in asking questions regarding living clay. A friend of mine wrote her a letter and Mrs. Peters called her. She stated that she's a wonderful women to talk to. I have been soaking my legs that had diabetic sores They are drying out and scabs form and eventually fall off. My legs are about 80% clear. The V.A. had me putting calamine compression bandaging but the results from soaking my legs for 15 minutes is very good for healing progress and less restrictive as compared to solo application. I also drink 1/2 tsp in water in the morning. I then wait an hour before I take meds. It is calcium bentonite. Since taking it internally I have moved from my recliner to sleeping a restful nights sleep in a bed. I'm waiting for my 3 month blood tests to compare for changes. I rarely found negatives on the net but only found positives from users.

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