Bentonite Clay for Health

Bentonite Clay Side Effects
Posted by Rsw (Canton, Oh) on 11/08/2011

I took it last week, 1 tablespoonful, and had the exact reaction! I bought it already mixed in a bottle with directions to take it by mouth. I apparently doesn't agree with some people because I rarely get sick, much less to that degree. I might put it in my bath but no more ingesting it for me.

Bentonite Clay Side Effects
Posted by Sarah (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/22/2010

OK- I THINK i had a severe reaction to bentonite clay... I was starting a cleanse 2 days ago- so had only juiced and eaten brown rice that day... I had some Bentonite I use for baths, ( I think it's the sodium one- but the person I bought it from claims he takes a tablespoon of it every day w/ no problems)and in the evening as an afterthought I added about 2 tsps. to my protein shake... it made it really thick so I added more water. I downed it and in about 3 hours I came down with the worst stomach cramping, diharea and vomiting I have EVER experienced... I mean tore-the-toiletpaper-holder-off-the-wall violent puking!!! It lasted for about 6 hours that severe- with a fever the entire time. The vomiting/ diharea subsided but my fever remained the rest of the day... am wondering if anyone has any ideas if this could've been severe detoxing, or reaction to the clay or stomach virus coincidence? I called poison control and they scared me to death about possibly rupturing my intestines, so I went to the DR the next afternoon and he basically sent me home with no advice (waste of $!!).

I am weak 2 days later and am still waiting on a bowel movement of any kind...? any input appreciated...