Barefoot for Health: A Natural Remedy!

High Blood Pressure
Posted by Mystic Gardener (Ohio, US) on 07/19/2015

Miracle cure for my high blood pressure! "Earthing" or "grounding". Google it. I have tried everything, including medication for 3 years! Today it is down to 128/68! Normally it would be about 175/90 even with medication, no sugar, low carb diet, lots of magnesium, and on and on. I have had no medication for almost 24 hrs. This is so amazing. There is a lot of info about this on the web. All I did was walk around outside barefoot this morning, and sit with my bare feet on a cement patio for about an hour. It actually changes the viscosity of your blood from "ketchup" to "wine" and it flows so much better through your veins so your heart is not working so hard! I am just blown away by this! Be very careful if you are on blood thinners or aspirin therapy, it could go too low! Be careful and check it often!