Cure for Warts! The Banana Peel Home Remedy

Posted by Serena (London, UK) on 04/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

After almost 6 years of embarrassing warts on my fingers and trying pretty much every solution in the book, it was finally banana peels - of all things - that saved me. When the first wart appeared on the middle finger of my left hand, I went to my doctor and he said I should just leave it because they tend to disappear on their own. Of course it didn't disappear. It multiplied. I ended up with bigger clusters of warts and they just kept getting worse. Over the past 6 years, I have tried each of the following remedies:

- Wartner (an over-the-counter wart freezer). Painful, but no result, even after multiple attemps.
- Omega 3 (Fish) oil directly applied to the warts and then taped over at night. It didn't feel like anything was happening, because nothing was. I tried this for about a month.
- Having them burnt/frozen at a skin cancer clinic. This was incredibly painful and I would often feel faint afterwards because the freezing was so 'deep'. Even though the warts would turn into blood blisters than hardened and then peeled off, they just came back as if nothing had happened each and every time. I had this done at least 6 times across the course of two years or so.
- Apple-cider vinegar dipped into cotton wool and taped over with bandaids at night. This felt like it was doing something, because my fingers began to sting and it made it hard to fall asleep. The warts would 'swell' and become very white, but even after doing this for a month, there was no real difference, so I gave up.
- For a long time I tried simply wearing bandaids on them 24/7, partly to save myself the embarrassment, and partly because I had read that you could kill them this way. It didn't work.
- Laser-treatment at a cosmetic surgery. This was by far the most expensive treatment, but at this stage I didn't care so long as it worked. It cost 100 for each visit, and I visited three times. It was effective for a new wart on my knee, but did nothing for any of the warts on my hands. After even the cosmetic surgeon expressed doubts that it would work, I turned to:
- Bazuka wart-remover (available in the UK). This was another over-the-counter remedy, and I had to modify the directions a little bit to make it work. Instead of applying it every night and peeling it off every morning, I found that if I left it on two days straight, let it get a little wet underneath the bandaid when I had a shower, and then peeled it off afterwards, that worked better. It does seem to have some effectiveness, but it makes your skin very dry and painful. It worked for one wart, but not others, and it was around this time anyway that I discovered:

THE BANANA PEEL REMEDY. By this stage I had all but given up. After years of expensive, smelly, painful and messy treatments, I figured I didn't have much to lose by turning to the ridiculous. I tell you what, I am SO glad I found this web-page with all the testimonials on it, and I cannot believe that I didn't come across it sooner.

It WORKS. It really works. I started cutting the inside of a banana peel (unfrozen) to a small wart on my thumb overnight first to see what would happen, and when it started to look different, I decided I'd try it on some of the others. I couldn't believe it when I started to notice a huge different almost immediately. They didn't turn black, as some people have had happen, they just SHRANK.

They are almost completely gone now. It has taken about 6 weeks, but I would say in another two or three weeks they will have disappeared completely. There is no scarring, there are no bad smells, it isn't the messiest of treatments out there, and it works really quickly.

Thank you so much to all the people who have left messages on this site. I am really very grateful. I guess most of you would understand how freeing it feels to finally be able to show my hands in public! I had to devise all sorts of ways of covering them up over the years, and it's hard to break that habit. I find myself trying to hide my hands, and then realise I don't really have to anymore!

Posted by Ginger (Golden, Colorado, USA) on 04/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a wart just below my knuckle (on the finger side) for about 2 years. This wart was small but vey painful. I tried using the paint-on wart remover stuff for 5 weeks. Didn't work. I had it frozen twice. Didn't work. I was about to make an appointment to get it cut off when I happened on this forum.

I had nothing to lose so I cut a small square of banana peel and taped it over the wart (white part down) each night for 5 nights. I didn't think anything was happening (or it might even have felt a little worse) so I stopped. About three days later the skin around the wart dried up and fell off along with most of the wart. A few more days later, the rest of it dried up and fell off. Now it's difficult to tell where it was and the area is no longer painful.

I didn't think this would work at all but it worked for me. You have nothing to lose if you try it!

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