Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

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Posted by Lola2008 (Miami, Fl, Usa) on 08/16/2011
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Hi I just started taking acv, 3 times a day with water and nothing else -I also apply topically to my face - sometimes have mild acne with a random not so mild deep cyst on my face now and then normally after menstrual cycle.

my face looks so much better in a short period of time but my sinuses are so much worse, I have had sinuses problems for many years have tried just about everything- I also do not eat sugar and dairy very rarely -

i wake up feeling sick every day with flu like symptoms and I have a "river" of mucus dripping on the back of my throat-the back of my eyes hurts -even my ears feel full, they dont hurt it just seems like I am far - the wonderful rosy glow I had the first few days is now gone too!

my lower back hurts a little don't know if related and suddenly I also seem to have discharge clear and odorless nothing worrisome - but it is out of the ordinary

i am wondering if this is because I am de-toxin somehow or I might be allergic to Apple Cider Vinegar ?

i should also mention that I am hypothiroid under control with armour

i have been taking primrose oil for a few years now

just in case I will tell you that I started putting castor oil drops in my eyes before I go to bed I have pteglyum in both eyes and had a pimple like growth on my tear duct that has disappeared in 2 days ( have had it for a few years too)this is sooo wondeful!

my eyes are completely blood shot where pteglyum is all veins seem to have gotten irritated at the same time so I am wondering if it is all connected somehow

thanks so much I love this site!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Carlittagirl (Prairieville, Louisiana, Usa) on 08/03/2011
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My husband and I are sick with sore throats and chills we both drank 2 tbs ACV and now we feel WORSE! Help! We feel nauseated now, have headaches and overall much more sick???

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Deb (Mildura, Victoria Australia) on 08/01/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

I know this is probably contradictory to all who have found ACV an excellent treatment for boils but for me it was the opposite. I had never suffered from boils previously but within a few days of taking ACV, a large boil would appear. Initially, I thought it was possibly eliminating toxins in my body through these boils but the only way to stop outbreaks was to cease the ACV. Free from boils for a few months and then retrialling ACV again would cause yet another outbreak. I tried this four times, all with the same effect. I changed nothing in my diet or environment such as detergents etc.

On the positive side, I loved the diuretic effect of the ACV and I definitely had more energy as it levelled my blood sugar level. No, I am not a diabetic. Any solutions would be appreciated.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Amber (Issaquah, Wa) on 07/29/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

A couple months ago when I had a very bad cold I found this site and tried a few different concoctions of ACV to be able to swallow. Everything I tried worked Great! However, I have a side effect that when I am sick or healthy that I do not know is normal and would like to hear if anyone else is effected the same way or a way to get around it.

My side effect when taking ACV is that I lose my ability to taste completely for the entire day. I have tried different ways of drinking ACV with warm water and honey, or 2 tsp to 18oz of water or the _____'s recipe on the bottle. Either way I lose my ability to taste and sometimes smell. Again is this normal? I sip not gulp down. I have tried a straw and still no luck. Thank you for your reply.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Harjeet Kaur (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/18/2011

My husband has been having apple cider boiled togather with Ginger, Garlic and Lemon juice. (same quantity) since last 2 months. Recently when he went for his complete blood ckeckup, the doctor found increased white blood cells in blood. After one week another check up and the amount is even higher. He's perfectly all right and not been sick recently. Can it be the ACV? Please help.Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Els (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 07/10/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

HI! Ted. Since january 2012 I had a stomach pain. I went to the doctor I got some antibiotic but from those antibiotic I had an allergies the allergies that almost kill me I got pain on my heart and chest! Until I got an heartburn and like a panic attack! I came across on ur site about ACV. Good for Acid reflux I tried it already for 4 days sometimes I put it on my food.. But after I use ACV my stomach pain is gone but after in a minute the pain came back and I felt bloating even to go to the toilet for pee became quite difficult and I even feel itchy down below!! Now sometimes I feel my lower stomach is pain. DO you think is ACV is not for? Does I need stop drinking on it? I afraid that I got a kidney stone. Coz I can see in 4 days sometimes my PEE is dark and with some bubbles on it? Please advice!!

Els From Netherland

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Na (Verona, Nj) on 07/09/2011

Why do I spot blood in the vaginal area after drinking orginic apple cider vinegar? May you please tell me Ted.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Lori (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 07/09/2011
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I have been trying the ACV remedy for about 5 days, now, after many years of pain with a chronic health issue. The past few days, I have been exhausted and sickly. Is this a normal reaction, perhaps the idea of getting worse before getting better while in the healing process?

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Abbie (Frankfort, Kentucky) on 07/05/2011
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Better But With Side Effects

I have started using Apple Cider Vinegar for my blood pressure and have noticed a difference in my skin and am not as bloated. But I also take meds for hbp. I have noticed that the Apple Cider Vinegar makes me very tired and sleepy could it be reacting with meds? how can I take both without the tiredness? thanks for all info.

Replied by Carolyn
(Abilene, Tx)

One of the wonderful effects of ACV is it lowers blood pressure. When I took it consistantly last year, it made me drowsy and tired, so I checked with my doc he said my bp was way too low so he took me off meds. Unfortunately I got out of the habit of my ACV over winter and my bp crept back up so back on meds I went. I'm imbibing again and hoping my bp goes low enough I can stop the meds again because I think they have more side effects than ACV. I hope to never again stop my ACV because it helps so with allergies and many other issues, not to mention its megabucks cheaper than my bp med.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Evelyn (San Antonio, Tx, U.s.a.) on 07/04/2011
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I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar (1 T with water) and I feel that it is constipating me. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I am a senior citizen, has my age anything to do with this problem? Love this site and recommend it to everyone.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Evelyn -

Most people seem to report the opposite effect from ACV from what I have read.

If constipation is an issue - try taking one heaping teaspoon of Unsulphered Blackstrap Molassas in your morning tea or coffee. I use Brier Rabbit brand, purchased on the baking row at my local grocery store. No need to go to a health food store for it.

You will visit the bathroom within 30-45 mins of finishing it!

Best, Carly (50 years and counting... ) :-)

Replied by Evelyn
(San Antonio, Tx)

Dear Carly, thank you so much for the prompt reply. I have taken 1 t. Blackstrap molasses in my coffee but had to discontinue it. The doctor said that I was close to being a Borderline Diabetic. So I stopped it. Any other suggestion? Thanks a lot for your response!

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Evelyn,

I agree - BSM is no good if you have high blood sugar. I would suggest drinking a few extra glasses of water every day, and trying to get more fiber in your diet - along with maybe take a probiotic daily. It might make things worse at first, but it will be much better in the long term.

Good luck, Carly

Replied by Evelyn
(San Antonio, Tx, U.s.a.)

Carly, you have been very nice to take the time to answer my questions. Thank you very much!

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Evelyn

You are so welcome. When you have been in the hell of FMS like we have - you automatically want to try to help someone with what worked for you. I hope you find what you need to balance out your system, and feel better - and pass it on to the next person.

Together we can lick this thing.... Sharing IS caring!

Carly :-)

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Oops - I confused you with someone else I sorry!

Carly :-o

Replied by Cyndy
(Nyc, Ny)

a good ole apple a day will keep the constipation away. :)

Replied by Jc
(Boston, Ma)

I have also experienced constipation from ACV. I read elsewhere on Earth Clinic that ACV is high in potasium and potasium can draw out fluids. My holistic doctor told me he has had a few other patients give him this feedback.

He suggested taking additional magnesium and of course drinking more water. I stopped the ACV but I now will start up with this knowledge in mind.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Tam (Oroville, Ca ) on 07/04/2011
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To all who choose to 'sip' their ACV, BEWARE! Quickly drink your ACV, as the enamel on your teeth will start wearing off! If you must take your time drinking the acv, make sure you brush your teeth afterwards, or swish with H20 between sips.

Replied by Emily
(Alameda, Ca)

You do NOT want to brush your teeth until a half hour to an hour after you are done drinking ACV as your enamel is too soft until then. Once you have given it time, the enamel will harden again in which it is safe to brush your teeth :D

Replied by Glen
(Toronto, On)

To neutalize any acidic substance in your mouth to protect your teeth, swish immediately with a mix of 1/4 tsp of aluminum-free baking Soda (such as Bob's Red Mill) in a few ounces of water and spit if you don't want the neutalizing effect in your stomach.

Learned this the hard way after I developed 5 cavities (nusiances but expensive and also expensive to maintain) while under medical care for extreme nausea caused by Vertigo. Unfortunately the paramedics and nursing staff in our hospital's emergency department didn't know that stomach bile is very acidic. This can also be beneficial to anyone who is addicted to those vile acidic dark colas :)

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Leah (Orlando, Florida) on 06/28/2011

I am a great follower of your website. I actually started taking apple cider vinegar for about a year and have had great benefits from it. It has definitly helped improve my acne by detoxifying. Unfortunetly, for the past few months I have been noticing a pungent smell from my vagina. It actually kind of smells like the ACV. I stopped taking the ACV for a few days and the smell went away. When I started it again the smell came back again. I tried taking less and using baking soda with 8 oz of water, but it has not worked. I wanted to know if the ACV is throwing off my ph level causing the smell or maybe I'm not drinking enough water? I really don't want to give up the ACV. Please help. Leah

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Sparkygirl (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/07/2011

Hi - can anyone tell if ACV causes thrush? I got thrush and a sore tongue (which wasn't thrush) at the same time I commenced taking ACV for general pain, but I was also taking antibiotics at the time which I know can cause thrush. The sore tongue seemed to be solved by rinsing my mouth with water straight after drinking ACV. I know ACV is also supposed to help with thrush but it obviously didn't with me. Thanks for your help!

Replied by Danae
(Munich, Bavaria)

Hi Leah, Try to reduce the ACV and stopp at intervalls e.g. once every week - do not take it. Check what intervall works for you. As ACV plays with the pH level in our body I found as well that it 'stopped' working at some point and I think it might be that the blood pH is now adjustedn and the ACV works now 'counterproductive'. Perhaps Ted could look into the 'science' of this phenomena as a lot of people here report similar feelings that it works a while and than it stopps... However, I found that once I stopp for a week I can take it in reduced quantities... Check it out. Hope it helps. For the smell in general research - Chlorophyl - liquid or dragee --- it works amazing for any body smell --- eg. I use it when eating garlic and it is extraordinary. Question for Ted on EarthClinique: How can one insure to keep the write pH level in the body not overdo or underdo with the AC so that the stomach acids are not getting out of balance. Thanks.

Replied by Leah
(Orlando, Florida)

Thanks Danae! I will keep trying. I really don't want to give up the acv.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Linda (Omaha, Ne) on 06/06/2011
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I wanted to let you know that just yesterday I consumed 1/8 cup of ACV in a pitcher of water throughout the day; not all at once. It was ACV, that's all I ever buy. This morning I woke up with a burning stomach so bad I was doubled over. The last time that happened was when I overdosed on pasta sauce (acidic food) The only food I ate yesterday was mostly veggies, salad and cantaloup. Therefore I am under the conclusion that the ACV is acidic in my body; not alkaline. Would you agree Ted? By the way, the fastest cure is to down a cup of green water (chloryphil & spirulina) which stops the burning within about 10 minutes; took me about 3 shots to do the trick.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Zarka (Dubai, Uae ) on 06/04/2011
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Please TED, tell me, when I use the nor ACV, my weight, and the buffness of body disappred and I was happy, after that I found organic with mother ACv, and started taking it, it had Acidic Reflux, unberable, go to Dr.took medicine, then started using again, now instead of weight going down it's increasing, and I feel my body is swelling on fingers, face like I feel uneasy - tell me why.

Replied by Courtney
(Granite Bay, Ca)

Perhaps you should return to using the non-organic ACV then.

I had a similar situation. I was taking regular ACV for reflux and high blood pressure with great results. When I switched to the organic brand, everything returned! (The reflux, etc. ) I went back to using the regular ACV and haven't had a problem since.

Replied by Karen
(Lawrenceburg, Ky)

ACV is known to get rid of toxins. I was wondering if it can also get rid of other nutrients in the system when taken with other supplements, such as a vitamin c powder. I believe it only gets rid of actual toxins and not nutrients, but there's conflicting stories. Do you think it could pull out my other beneficial supplemental nutrients? If so, do you think it'd be ok to separate when I take them, so they're not too close together? Thank you! ~Karen