Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

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Posted by Robin (Dallas, Texas) on 09/18/2007
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I feel I sleep better when taking ACV and since I have a problem with high blood pressure it is helpful in that regard also. I do have a problem though, whenever I take it for awhile, like 3 or 4 days I get constipated. Do you know why? Lately I have been taking it by itself, I don't like it with juice or water, however, I could go back to taking it that way.

Replied by Erika
(Libertyville, Illinois)

Responding to the man who said he took apple cider undiluted. Please do not take it that way - the strength can cause damage to one's esophagus. Always dilute it with apple juice (my favorite taste) or water or some other juice. Thanks for reading"

03/25/2009: Erika from Libertyville, Illinois writes: "To Robin from Dallas I apologize - when I responded to your post, for some reason I did not pay attention to your name and thought a man was writing the comment and therefore when I sent a reply to your statement about taking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach I referred to you as the man who...etc I sincerely apologize Robin for not looking more closely at your name....please do not take the vinegar on an empty stomach as it can damage your esophagus. Thanks for reading and good luck with the vinegar

Replied by Laurie Holden
(Wolverine, Michigan)

Robin from Dallas,

To get rid of constipation drink one full glass of warm water first thing every morning, this gets things moving & hydrates the system. To speed things up, drink your first glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of sea salt, you will go. Good luck.

Replied by Lisa
(Brandon, Florida, Usa)

Another good remedy for constipation is 1 tablespoon of oil (the good kind) on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and you will go.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Scott (Paradise, California) on 09/11/2007
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Hi. I am a new user of ACV and am very pleased and surprised at the way it is helped me to feel better. I know that I have always struggled with candidiasis, but never got the complete relief from it using other remedies. The ACV has made an incredible difference in how I feel. I have also experienced the other benefits of increased energy, decreased anxiety, better sleep. However, there is one concern I have that I hope someone can help me with. Sometimes when I take the ACV it seems to upset my stomach. Help! I really value this remedy, but I'm concerned about stomach upset. Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Melinda (El Paso, TX) on 09/11/2007
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Just started using ACV for acid reflux but I'm so tired since I started. Is this a side affect? When can I expect to have energy? Also by the way the ACV worked the first day for my acid reflux.

Replied by Sue
(Baltimore, Md)

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects
Posted by Flemmie Kittrell (New Rochelle, Ny )
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I am trying apple cider vinegar while still on meds and its been a scary ride. I hear experiences that blood pressures immediately go down. Well mine immediately spikes up.... This last bout perhaps I should have paced better: before breakfast approx 9 and before lunch approx 1:30 (and during the lunch instead of the tablespoon I had been taking I followed instructions from the blog to do two teaspoons which is a bit more. I felt was immediately going into some type of type of physical shock with body constrictions even around my heart. My pressure went from 134/92 (trying to get lower down) to 169/99/101. I was flushing. My heart was pounding (not rapidly... Just hard. Was it because I took little extra? was it because dosage was too close or because I am still on Norvasc 2.5 and when it cleans the body of toxins its including the Norvasc and the body is going into withdrawal shock and that because Nor. is a calcium blocker and that ACV has all the minerals.... Any ideas... I was in a scary place for 4 hrs... Didn't know where this was going or what damge it was causing.... FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!

Replied by Charles Seaton
(New Rochelle, Ny)

I have found ACV to be useful in helping with blood pressure and overall health, particuarly during winter months. Two tablespoons in glass of water.