Removing Ticks on Dogs and Cats: Tick Bite Remedies

Sulphur Powder

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Posted by Louisa (Queensland) on 11/05/2022

Ever since my husband and I came out in rashes from our cats' toxic "tick treatment" given from the vet, we had to find alternatives.

I now use a pinch of sulphur (bright yellow powder you can buy from livestock places) in their food every day during tick season. Been doing this for 4 years and found no fleas and only about 1 tick per year on our cats, which is excellent considering we live in tick central country!

This is an old livestock remedy that apparently also works for humans!

I also sometimes add a bit of kunzea oil (diluted 1:4 with liquid coconut oil) on the nape of the cat's neck. Just for good measure... the sulphur is my consistent remedy though.

Tick Paralysis Remedies

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Posted by Vicki F (Oklahoma) on 04/20/2014

I have a Chi X that was bitten by a paralysis tick & it was a long time before I found it (this is not even the right time of year for them to be out here! ). Wasted $172 at my clinic- all the near-intern did was test him for everything but that- all negative (said they had to have the tick to test for that.& it would be days before the results would be back. I didn't have it). I told him I KNEW that's what it was. All he said was there's nothing they can do for it!!! Even I know Neurontin helps! I got a kit (even express took a week) from a holistic practitioner in Australia & it has saved his life, but I'm out of her rescue remedy & he is suffering. The "official" brand is glycerin based & doesn't help very much, very quick. I assume hers must be alcohol based. He is not improving- mornings I fear I'm going to lose him. I came here to look for something that might detox, as traditional medicine has nothing. I got MMS when I did a search for "tick paralysis". I've never heard of it & don't know where to get it & I am desperate. Please help!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Vicki!

Sorry to hear about your dog's issue with ticks.

First things first: have you scoured over every inch of your dog's skin for other ticks? Continued/worsening symptoms *may* indicate an undiscovered tick still feeding on your dog, so be sure to check every skin fold, between the toes, **everywhere** to make sure there are no ticks still feeding on your dog.

Next, the Neurontin aka gabapentin can be ordered online -it requires a prescription, but if you feel that it helped then its something to consider pursuing, ie get a prescription from your vet and fill it elsewhere.

If the holistic product you purchased helped then you may wish to consider continued use of the product as this condition requires a lengthy recovery time. There are numerous online sources for the Tick-Immune Solution, but Rescue Remedy is commonly available at most health food or health supplement stores - no need to wait for the mail to arrive, you should be able to find that locally.

MMS is something I have no experience with using, and although you can google up sources it would still take time to arrive.

More reading on the condition: Paralysis_MCannon.pdf

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Vicki, I have cured many a dog and cat with tick poisoning with high dosage vit c

Replied by Karen

Read up on homeopathics as well. 1m ledum palustre over three days 3x per day is suppose to help infection. Not sure if not catching at a certain time will make the homeopathic more effective. Try also olive leaf capsule (google for correct dosage) Great for tick borne infections. Also, check out the whole dog journal on lymes homeopathic protocol. Apparently lots of success. Hang in there!

Replied by Joanne

For any toxin I would use sodium ascorbate (a form of vitamin C). The substance has reversed many poisons very quickly. It can be give orally or IM/IV. I would check out the documentaries by Dr Thomas Levy, Dr Suzanne Humphries and the late Dr Frederick Klenner. It should be in everyone's home....You can find it at Iherb.

Replied by Suseeq

I have saved many animals by using vitamin c, even when they have been paralysed from a tick bite, given in high dosages.

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