Removing Ticks on Dogs and Cats: Tick Bite Remedies

Cedar Oil + Neem Horse Spray
Posted by Suzy (Queensland AUSTRALIA) on 12/10/2021

Regarding ticks. We get nasty paralysis ticks here. I've tried cedar oil alone which didn't do much. So I started mixing it with neem horse spray which was more effective. For bites, I dose with 1x tablespoon of activated charcoal mixed into BARF food. 1.5hrs later the paralysis was gone. My border collie also had his eye swollen shut as well as lost his back leg movement. All without any nasty liver damage from drugs. I don't find the Baltic Amber collars work for ticks, yet are far more effective for fleas. And my cat (maine coon mix) has never had any ticks or fleas with his collar.

For parasites and worms I use a Don Croft style zapper first designed by Dr.HULDA Clark, twice a year I'll add parasite drops to their food. I just hold the zapper on their belly at night while they doze for 20 mins.

ie wormwood, black walnut, Clove etc. also