Natural Remedies for Salivary Gland Problems in Dogs

| Modified on Aug 05, 2022
Salivary Gland Remedies
Posted by Donna (Texas) on 01/13/2019

My Pit Bull neck and glands swelled up it was hard and soft bulge under his neck. We had him to the Vet and they aspirated the neck and fluid drained out and was on antibiotics. It did not rid the swelling. We took him back the second time and they gave him more antibiotics. The third time we went to a different Vet and they saw him and recommended that we bring him in on Monday and they cleaned out the infection which she thought was a cyst with inflamed swelling around the cyst and put in a tube which didn't drain very well.

After he finished the antibiotics it came back with a vengeance swelling but there was no infection. The time we went to the other Vet they took a syringe of pus and blood from his neck and did a lab test on him the test came back that there was no bacterial infection. So five trips to the Vet and a new Vet in the same office she thinks it is the Salivary Gland and we might have to send him to a surgeon to have the gland removed.

The bad thing is I live in the Texas Panhandle and there are no Cat Scan machines here for dog to see what is in the gland. So I have a choice I drive to Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, New Mexico or to Dallas. I don't live in a small town just not any options for animals. I have already spent $600 for treatment and I don't want my dog to die. He doesn't have a fever, he eats and he's active. What do I do. I will drive to one of these places to see a Specialist. I am not a Vet and I looked at the pictures of dog that has gland problems and that is what he looks like. Can anyone offer natural remedies or advice?