Treating Side Effects of Rabies Vaccine in Dogs

Raw Diet
Posted by Lightkeeper8 (Houston, Texas) on 03/05/2012
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After my Yorkshire Terrier 18 mo. old puppy had his second rabies shot, he vomited after eating (any) food, and couldn't keep anything down. He was also having bloody diarrhea. His system was so severely inflamed that when the vet did a barium test with x-rays. Looking at the film, it appeared he had a large mass in his stomach (toy stuffing, they thought). The vet performed emergency surgery and found only inflammation in his stomach and intestines.

My clinical nutritionist advised I put him on a canine raw diet, and now he sees a holistic vet. The colitis ceased, but he is still very sensitive and can have an episode if we are not careful.

He has had no more rabies shots, nor yearly boosters. At 8 y/o now, he is quite healthy, but his diet remains strictly raw (Stella and Chewy's brand). If he eats anything other than his raw, or freeze dried diet, his stool becomes loose and mucusy. Our Vet has multi-degrees in veterinary studies and has attended many clinics on vaccines. I believe our pets are being over-vaccinated in this country. It's unfortunate that it is the law across-the-board that our pets be forced to have rabies shots even if they are strictly an indoor pet and never get boarded.