Treating Side Effects of Rabies Vaccine in Dogs

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Carolyn (Hollis, New Hampshire) on 04/21/2018
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James Beats Odds Against Severe Adverse Reaction to Rabies Vaccine

That fateful day, August 27th 2016 would change our lives forever--especially for our senior dog boy. James received a 3 yr. Rabies Vaccine at almost 7.5 years young. No adverse reactions ever before this and he was given as being healthy, smiling like he finally is now. But within 24 hours of that Rabies Vaccine, he suffered a couple of mild seizures with trembling at first seen by me when I went into see him early the next morning. James was not himself. He was lethargic & appeared uncoordinated slightly like he had a mild stroke plus he was wheezing & drooling heavily with whitish foamy stuff.

Wondering at first, he was bitten by a snake, I immediately gave him 4 tablespoons of Activated Charcoal (keep on hand as it has saved 4 other Springers & humans before) mixed in warm water & pulled it up into a horse syringe & got it down him safely. Noticed his throat & neck/jaw appeared swollen and inflamed. Next, I gave him Allergic Pet's VSF Nuroplex to help stop any more seizures which I had on hand from my English Springer Spaniel "Gabby" who suffered from Idiopathic Grand-Mal Seizures when was alive in 2016. Had to rush him to the Emergency Animal Medical Center 10 minutes away & upon examination there was no evidence of any snake bite. However, before rushing him to the ER, noticed James was draining heavy whitish/frothy foam & large grayish/greenish mucus lumps from his mouth into his spring water bowl. James showed paralysis & was unable to move his neck & his lower jaw dropped down frozen as he could not pull it back up. He was clearly paralyzed. I asked if this was a severe reaction to the Rabies Vaccine but the doctors would not say. After finding zero bacteria in his mucus and no areas bitten, they gave me advice to give James Bendryl plus a safe form of Pepcid AC. He had no vomiting or diarrhea & the Benedryl did absolutely nothing except make him loopier & more imbalanced. Home again, for James's severe throat swelling/inflammation & Larynx swollen with severely swollen lymph nodes in his neck, I started him on my Solgar's Curcumin--opening the liquid gel caps mixing them with Coconut Oil & water given via syringe. I held his head up as he could not take it by himself.

By day 2, had a lengthy consult with Paw Healer's Holly Meade who express-mailed me their Lung Qi Support Damp Heat which I had to mix into soft liquefied Organic Pumpkin Puree & Turkey Bone Broth.

By day 3--made a 2nd ER trip to the Emergency Room with James and Vet Doctors did CatScans of his head, throat, & neck. They called it a rare form of Open Idiopathic Trigeminal Neuritis of his neck, throat & jaw but even 3 days later, when he received that Rabies Vaccine, doctors would not say it was directly caused by the 3 yr. Rabies Vaccine--Yet the symptoms I witnessed emulated everything about Rabies except for PICA (which James could not even eat dirt or pebbles) in the Paralytic Dumb Phase which is fully described with its symptoms by the Veterinary Merck Manual for Canines & Web PETMD James required my full assistance in feeding & giving him water via a syringe for 9 weeks straight. He was prescribed Temaril-P (a steroid to control severe inflammation)for 4 weeks and weened off of that as I was already using Pawhealer's Lung Qi to reopen his lungs by eliminating excessive fluids/mucus & 1/3rd teaspoon of Curcumin Complex Powder mixed with 2 teaspoonfuls liquid Coconut Oil three times daily for pain & inflammation reduction. I contacted Dr. Will Falconer DVM, a certified Homeopathic Vet in Texas & described everything to him that happened to James. He stated that he had personally witnessed "exactly the same thing that James went through" numerous times as a Traditional & Homeopathic Veterinarian--and in fact, James did have a severe life-threatening reaction to the Rabies Vaccine attacking his Central Nervous System as the Rabies Vaccine directly impacts the Nerves. It took James 8 long weeks to regain 80% of his strength plus another 10 weeks more to fully recover. He never use to have allergic reactions before until after being given that Rabies Vaccine.

Since, then I have had to do full Liver Detox using Dr. Jean Hovre's formula Liver Support for past 12 months & take him completely off dry kibble. Learned from Dr. Karen Becker that dry kibble is 50 - 60% carbohydrate starch & sugar. James will never again be able to have the Rabies Vaccine as it could kill him the next time. And, Dr. Falconer further re-iterated that James should be exempt & never again have the Rabies Vaccine because he already has more than enough antibodies against it for the rest of his life. He is undergoing special allergy testing this week and awaiting the results.

And, Liver Detoxing 3 weeks before any vaccine given & 3 weeks afterwards too. Since then Anti-Vaccinosis Protocol is a must for all our three English Springers. Per Dr. Peter Dobias DVM in Vancouver, Canada--3 days before James gets 4 pellets of 30c Thuja Occidentalis (without human hand touching to devoid the potency) twice daily & on day of, he and the others get 200c Thuja (thru or and then 4 days afterwards, they all get 4 pellets of 200c Thuja.

Now, James must see a Veterinary Internist who will run a special drugs panel on his blood serum to determine what anesthesias are safe for James because he has had numerous inflammatory ear infections which have literally caused his ear canals to swell shut off and on from September 2017 forward (again after the Rabies Vaccine fiasco). He is currently on a special Rotation Diet of freeze-dried Rabbit, Turkey, Bison, & Cod (all Organic, non-GMO, wild-caught or grass-fed) with NWC Naturals Digestive Enzymes & Pre/Pro-biotics. Since it is 6 months changing his diet, he also gets Organic Spinach or Kale, Chard, or Celery, fresh blueberries, blackberries but no STARCH and avoiding all Brewer's Yeast. Was informed by Dr. Karen Becker, Holistic VMD that while detoxing James, his ears would get more debris & brown gunk coming out of them--this part is definitely true. And, now James has Dr. Mercola's Curcumin & Medicinal Mushroom Complex combo twice daily. He gets a special Vet Classics Anti-oxidant with Co-Enzyme Q-10 & Dr. Mercola's Krill Oils & Astaxanthin for his nerve, brain, eyes and skin. Additionally, he is on Allergic Pet's VSF Skin-Eze for past 18 months & his inflamed skin & ears have returned to normal. Believe both their Nuroplex which James must be on for rest of his life and Allergic Pet's Holistic Skin-Eze are helping with his dietary changes for the better. He has more energy & is smiling again which has been a long-time reappearing. Recently started him on Springtime's Raw Bee Pollen Granules (over 70 + vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nucleic acids) which is helping prevent allergic environmental reactions & food intolerances. The Rotational Diet is very similiar to Nutritional Ketogenic Diet using same Moderate Fresh Lean Meats (lightly baked in Spring water for 1/2 normal bake time) plus very low Carbs & high unsaturated healthy fats like Krill, Cod, & Coconut oils with Organic Raw Fruits n Veggies with low sugars. (No Chicken or eggs, though as they are suspected allergens). Clearly it is working as his energy level has soared since there are no grains & no starches & no dry kibble.

Will know better what he can safely have as food sources once Spectrum notifies my Veterinarian and we do a consult again. James is doing weekly ear cleanings by an Ear Specialist/Veterinary team to see if we can avoid having to do an expensive deep ear suctioning procedure. The Veterinarian doing this has tried for past 6 months twice to get a minature camera down James's ear canals to get a better look down beyond them to the ear drum area. That was unsuccessful still as of last week.

At first Zoetis's Apoquel was recommended but I refused that based upon clinical reviews that prove Apoquel causes agressive Lymphomas, Sarcomas, life-threatening pneumonia, severe nose bleeds, seizures, & death in dogs over 1 year of age. Emminent death is a result of it being tested on dogs under 1 year old. And, now the newest drug offering by Zoetis is Cytopoint, a monoclonal antibody that targets the Interleukin 31 in both canines and humans. Just as Apoquel permanently cripples the immune system by suppressing it so that Cancers rise up & attack as well as infections it appears Cytopoint is not much better. Interleukin 31 is a cytokine/protein encoded by the IL-31 gene and is made by type 2 helper T-Cells. If this monoclonal antibody targets & shuts down T (Thymus) and B (Bone-marrow) cells which are needed to successfully thwart Cancer Cells from multiplying once again, the dog's or pup's Immune System becomes suppressed giving rise to more mitochondria (energy cells) being destroyed because T & B Cells can't do their jobs of adaptive immunity defensive responses against invaders.

So bottom line: 36 Laboratory Beagles with already healthy immune defenses being tested by Zoetis's Cytopoint (Mono-Clonal Antibody) injections in-house for 7 months and rushed to market without any Unbiased Independent Clinical or University studies & longer period research/tests backing it up, clearly does not make a success story for Cytopoint. Prefer to use caution here as do all holistic veterinarians with common sense like Dr. Falconer. He is waiting for "the other shoe to drop and this newest drug will probably come back to bite you." (Vital Animal). His advice: Pet Parent Beware as do Dr. Andrew Jones, Dr. Edward Jones and other DVM's! Will update the results of James's Allergen Tests when they become available later by next week.