Rabies Shot Side Effects in Cats

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

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Posted by Mike (Bourbonnais, Il/usa) on 10/04/2011
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My cat has a Rabies Vaccine Injury. She is now over 50% paralyzed and can barely walk. She stumbles around and is uncoordinated. She developed a neuro-muscular/ neurological disease from the Rabies Vaccine. She is very Lethargic, has an 'autistic blank looking stare' and has major behavior changes such as being very fearful & agression at times. They analyzed her and found she has partial blindness. So far my vet just started giving her Steroid Injections and liquid Benadryl for treatment. This is only a starting therapy and won't fix the problem, but is better than nothing. The vet won't officially admit that it is a 'Vaccine Related Injury' but I know it is.

What is a homeopathic/ herbal / vitamin / misc. Remedy that you can recommend for my cat. I need to know what herbs are SAFE to feed my cat and which are TOXIC to feed my cat, and what symptoms they may help with. I've heard about possible acupunture, to help with the neurological problems that the vaccine caused, but what other treatments are out there?? I have searched the net but couldn't find anything specific....[Mike]

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Sandy (Kenosha, Wi) on 09/14/2011

My cat - a female Tonkinese just developed a tumor on her side. I took her to the vet and they removed it. The report came back as vaccine related fibro carcinoma. I have done some reading and found this is actually not that rare. She only received one vaccine in 1993, the year she was born. I discontinued giving my two cats the vaccine because her brother - a male Tonkinese, had a bad reaction from the shot and he layed like a zombie on the bed for a week. He died of cancer at 16.

Now here we are 2 years later and she comes up with this cancer. I will never give another of my cats a rabies vaccine again. They never leave the house and are always kept inside. I dont understand the vet community and how they are always pushing this shot on animals. Its just not fair!

Replied by Melody Q.

My 3 year old kitty named Tomas was given a 3 year rabies in his right rear leg and 2 months later has a firm lump in his leg. Taking him on Monday to have it looked at. You said in your post in 2011 that his lump was removed and came back vaccine related fibro carcinoma. How long did he live after that? Just curious if it came back somewhere else? Thank you!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Jp (Escondido, Ca. Usa) on 08/30/2011
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large cat started haveing lose stools with blood & musis other than that happy & fine took to vet had him checked out vet said he was healthy & ok than they gave him a rabies shot about two days after that he started down hill within 20 days he could not eat or drink with in that peroid. I took him to see another vet I was told that it was too late he could not be a hero today. Cat could not eat drink or breath. Swollen limpnods and thyroid, throut, water sounding lungs could not even hear cat breathing-had to put him down to stop the pain.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Ravenquille (High In The Mountains, Pa) on 08/17/2011
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I had one of my cats die in a few days after getting his first Rabies shot. After that, I no longer vaccinate, or use any traditional medications for my cats ( I use diet and naturopathic, natural measures only ). Any kind of vaccine is dangerous to both man and beast; it is always best to avoid them altogether.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Nancy (Sebastopol, Ca) on 08/01/2011
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I took my two cats (8 years and 10 years) to the Sonoma County Humane Society Hospital for their rabies shot. My healthy 10-year old cat died within an hour. She appeared to be in wretched pain, vomiting, crying, unable to hold her head up..... She was poisoned by the bad vaccine. If I'd know that it is not necessary to give an indoor-outdoor cat the rabies vaccine (very low risk of rabies in this area), I would not have done so. I feel horribly guilty for my uninformed decision. My other cat was fine (different vial of vaccine) It's been heartbreaking. My regular vet said that in his 28 years of practice, he's never known an animal to die from a rabies shot.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Denise (Griffin, Ga/ Usa) on 06/12/2011
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My himalayn was vaccinated for rabies yesterday. She has been lethargic won't eat or drink I had not taken her to the vet for over 5 years because of this. She had a very bad reaction the first time. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid to take her back for fear of further damage.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Denese (Cumming, Georgia, Usa) on 05/05/2011
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Hello. I adopted a 3 yr old Himalayan/persian mix cat from animal control and she was fine when I brought her home. Two weeks after I first adopted her I took her in for a rabies shot. Within 4 days after the rabies vaccination she began vomiting pretty chronically.

Dr's were never able to link the vomiting to the rabies shot, but thought she may have IBD or some type of unknown lymphoma? At any rate, she just passed away the other day and had gone into severe renal failure.

I took her over to UGA where a Dr. has performed a complete necropsy, and we are waiting on some more definitive answers as to what Apple's problems were..

The brand name of the vaccine I remember was called "Fort Dodge".

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Sylvie (Santa Cruz, California) on 03/27/2011
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Hello, My Nella cat just received a rabies vaccine in order to travel overseas. She is now experiencing several side effects: loss of appetite, vomiting, and she has mucus and blood in her scant and milky stool. Are there any folk remedies to help her with these symptoms? Is there something I should be giving her to prevent further complications?

Thank you kindly, Sylvie

Replied by 5 Pooches Home
(Houston, Tx)

Try Thuja 30c.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Jan (South Windsor, Ct) on 10/23/2009
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Our beautiful long-haired calico 18yr old cat received her rabies vaccine yesterday at 3pm. At 10pm she suffered a seizure and died in my arms. My vet denies a correlation. I think it was the vaccine. I didn't want her to have it because she was an indoor cat and her advanced age. My 22yr old dtr and I are heartbroken.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Anonymous (Malibu, California, USA) on 10/18/2009
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After having a cat nearly die after his first rabies vaccination, fast forward many years to now -- I have a six-month old male kitten whom I have chosen to not vaccinate. The problem is I have failed in my attempt to find a veterinarian who will neuter him without being vaccinated. Can anybody out there refer me to a veterinarian in southern California who will neuter my unvaccinated kitty? I feel we are being held hostage because we've chosen an altenative, healthier path. Thank you!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Carmen (Ladysmith, B.C Canada) on 05/31/2009
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I am just commenting on the side effects of Feline Vaccines. I believe 2 of my cats have has serious reactions. My cat Willow ( she has now passed ) started having seizures shortly after having a rabies vaccination. She had to be on phenobarb for the rest of her live. I also believe her life was shortened because of the vaccination reaction. And if that wasn't enough I had my kitten Sawyer's first set of shots in December. The next day I heard him growling behind the couch..he had bit off the end of his tail and was attacking it like it wasn't his own. I went back to my vet that day and she kept him for observation and treated him for fleas ( he didn't have any ) I thought this was a bunch of bull and called the homeopathic vet up island. She sent me some tinctures that seemed to help. He goes in spells now....is good for a few weeks then regresses. When he was neuted I asked for the tip of his tail to be removed just incase this would solve the problem. It hasn't. He still growls, attacks his tail and his back crawls like there are bugs crawling on him. I am going to try accupunture next, get him on some more homeopathic, and will never vaccinate him again I work in an animal hospital and this puts me in a tough spot as i do believe our animals are being over vaccinated.

Side Effects

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Posted by Carri (York, Pa, Us) on 06/10/2012
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Five years ago, I had to move into low income housing. Prior to that, I was not letting my cat, named Mouse, get vaccinations since I first got her because I had another cat get cancer at the injection site and die from it. So my cat Mouse hadn't had a shot in a long time. Since she has been getting the required by law and FORCED on me shot because of where I live, she has been steadily losing weight. She went from almost twelve pounds five years ago, to seven and a half pounds now. And last week when I was forced to take her once again for the Rabies shot, I think she's lost more weight in the past week. She's experiencing all kinds of side effects from the shot now. She's been refusing water alot. And this is a cat who loves her water. She's barely been eating. I had to change her food and give her other things just to get her to eat. She's in pain all over since the Rabies shot. If you pick her up, she makes noise like she's in pain from it. The day after the shot last week, she was confused. And she's even tried to eat things that aren't food, like bits of cat litter. She's having trouble doing anything now and just wants to stay on my bed. Half the time, I'm carrying her to her food and water and this is since the Rabies shot. She's in too much pain to do much. And she's running fevers on and off, mostly on.

I'm praying the side effects will wear off and she'll at least want to eat and drink more. She drank a tiny bit of water this morning and then refused to touch it the rest of the day.

I am heartbroken, upset over it. I had asked the vet if he would give her a waiver and not give her the shot, but he refused. This is a fifteen year old indoor cat that never goes outside. There is zero risk of her getting rabies. And the horrific side effects from the shot are not worth anything in this world. His excuse for not giving her the waiver was that he would only assign a waiver if he personally witnessed a reaction in his office. He's so EVIL. First of all, if that happened, he would have already killed your pet or harmed them with the shot. Second of all, in many pets, reactions take time to happen. Usually hours after the shot. All this vet is interested in is his wallet. He doesn't care whose pet he harms or kills as long as he's making that money.

I want this barbaric law repealed. There is absolutely no reason on this earth for indoor older pets to get a shot of any kind. Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective. The vaccine industry is the biggest fraud on this planet. Vaccines produce an antibody that often does nothing. You will still get sick with whatever you or your pet were vaccinated for. The side effects of many vaccines are permanently disabling. It's not worth anything on this earth.

The building I live in, because it's a HUD building, if I don't do the Rabies shot, they will literally evict me. I had to do it. If I didn't, they would tell me to get rid of my cat, or they would call someone to take her from me by force. And I'd still get evicted for breaking the lease. I am literally held hostage to force vaccinate my cat every year. They don't care if my cat is harmed by the vaccine. They don't care if I can afford to take her. All they want is those papers proving she was injected.

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