Rabbit Remedies


Posted by Teresa (Piney Flats, Tennessee) on 05/04/2012

Does anyone know if it is ok to use Castor Oil on a breast lump and to give Tumeric internally to a rabbit for this condition? And how much tumeric to give internally.... I am assuming that you just rub the Castor Oil on the lump.

Posted by Teresa (Piney Flats, Tennessee) on 04/09/2012

The vet found a lump close to our female rabbit's breast. She doesn't know if it's benign or cancer. Can we use remedies on her (rabbit) that are suggested here for dogs and cats???Please let me know your thoughts....

Thank you! Teresa

Replied by Yeli
(Indonesia, Bali)

Mites. Prob solution is rub or make the infection area with iodine first if open wound and next days is just vinegar and water. Very good result. Good luck!


Posted by Jen (Ann Arbor) on 07/20/2016

My dog bit a small part of a baby bunny's neck skin off. It needs a stich. One vet was too busy, another said 95$ plus we keep him. I wanted to bring him hack to his mother and the nest and keep my dog in and walk him in front for a while. Took him to bunny sanctuary where they gave us food to take home that looks like mud and gave him antibiotics orally and pain meds. I wanted to clean the wind wi th warm water and put coconut oil on it or something...but haven't. He seems healthy otherwise. Is in a cool place in the home but a warm box in a pocket of a cotton skirt. Was hoping humane society would stitch him and give back so we could return to his mom but they haven't called us back. Pls help.advise. Thanks so much. 248-342-9397

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Jen,

You might try any of the liquid bandages available from the drug store OR a drop of superglue.

Good luck!

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Jen, cayenne pepper will stop bleeding and will help keeping the wound clean, bathe it with colloidal silver or put your coconut oil on the wound.

Wry Neck Remedies

Posted by Forloveford (Lethbridge, Ab, Canada) on 12/12/2013

I have been researching wry neck in rabbits and have found sources stating a very low dose of ivomec administered biweekly will kill the spores of EC (encephalitazoon cuniculi) the protozoa that attacks the kidneys and results in the horrible symptoms of wry neck. I would like to find out if there are any known natural methods of eliminating and even preventing the parasite from becoming opportunistic and attacking the kidneys and brain?

Here is some info about our rabbits:

We feed ACV to our rabbits by means of adding 1/2 tsp to their bottle of water. The rabbit with wry neck was previously fed a diet of hay and pellet food, the other rabbit has been converted to a raw diet consisting of veggies, fruit, seeds and hay. Since the onset of the wry neck I have administered a low dose of ivomec- 1/10 cc per lb of weight- to each rabbit and fed grated carrot mixed with seaweed and ground dandelion root to aid immune function. I have also been feeding the unaffected rabbit small amounts of bee pollen, which he loves, but the effected rabbit will not eat these things. In my opinion, the effected rabbit is not be used to the diet that our older rabbit is, it took him about a month to completely convert his diet. I wish to stay away from feeding pellets to the effected rabbit because pelleted food can become contaminated and cause the wry neck problem. Hopefully this will not stress the effected rabbit in a way that will cause her immunity to become even more compromised. She has been eating the hay and baby greens and drinking allot of water, since the dose was administered (Dec 12/2013) they have become more lethargic than usual, which in my understanding is normal behavior for the next 24 hours.

So I hope there may be someone out there who has had some knowledge and understanding of this parasite and its effects. For the best source I found for information on this disease here is the link (if its not against the rules of EC) sorry if it is. Barbi has been researching this disease for over 25 years, although methods are not natural they seem to be the only alternative to the veterinarian so far. Also if anyone is wondering why we haven't taken the rabbit to the vet, it is because there are no rabbit vets in this area, most vets will not even touch the subject of small mammal care here and I know the cost of the tests necessary to diagnose EC parasites would be more than I could afford. As an example it cost us $900.00 to have our cat euthanized after a blood test.


Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Forloveford!

Some ideas for you:

About the Ivomec - not a big fan but it does have its place in certain situations. Ivomec is an immune depressant. The sluggish behavior after dosing is very likely a Herx reaction; the Ivomec causes the parasites to die off enmasse which makes bun not feel so good for a few days as the toxins caused by the parasite die off work their way out of his system.

I like the ACV in the water bottle - be sure to use the raw, unpasturized unfiltered kind with the active cultures/"mother". Another thought would be to alkalize with baking soda; you might consider hanging two bottles and letting the bun decide for himself which one [ACV/baking soda] he needs.

Read up on alkalizing remedies on EC here:


Read up on remedies for parasites on EC: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/parasites.html

Consider adding food grade diatomaceous earth [DE] to your buns food, or making a slurry of the DE and dose it orally [mix try DE with water until it forms an easy flowing gruel and dose 1cc am and pm to start].

Consider dosing tinct of Black Walnut; tinct straight out of the bottle likely will be unpalatable to a bun, so add a few drops to a little water and get out the turkey baster/eye dropper/what have you and admnister orally to the bun.

Consider a nutritional approach with foods that are natural remedies for protazoans:

Blueberries - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 5 days

Broccoli - 4 flowerets twice daily for 5 days

Carrots - 2 baby raw organic carrots twice a day for 8 days

Celery - 1 raw stick twice a day for 7 days

Green Pepper - 1 half-dollar sized piece twice a day for 2 days

Lemon Juice - 1/2 teaspoon twice a day for 5 days

Pumpkin Seeds - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 8 days

Spinach - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 5 days

Sunflower Seeds - 1 tablespoon twice a day for 8 days

Any or none of the above may apply; hold your bun in your lap and read down the list, the right ones will just seem right.

Now, if you are good at dosing nasty tasting oral meds down your buns craw, some herbs may apply. Which ones you choose are up to you, so several or none may seem right. I mix them up with a little water and dose with a medicine dropper:

Astragulus - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Bilberry - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Cat's Claw - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Dandelion Root - 1 capsule twice a day for5 days

Garlic -1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Kelp - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Licorice - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Milk Thistle - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Olive Leaf Extract - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Oregano Oil - 1 pill or 1/4 teaspoon twice a day for 5 days

Oregon Grape Root - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Pau D'Arco - 1 capsule twice a day for 3 days

Schizandra - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Turmeric - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

Yellow Dock - 1 capsule twice a day for 5 days

After banging that all out on my keyboard, the Milk Thistle struck me as indicated - read up on EC about it here:


Good luck with your bun, and report back with an update please!

Replied by Forloveford
(Lethbridge Ab Canada)

Thank you, that's a great couple of lists and I will definitely be trying some, dandelion root has already been used so I'm going to keep that one up. Any thoughts on coconut oil? There are little to no studies done on the effectiveness of coconut oil on rabbits other than to test cholesterol levels. I give it to my old dog for his anal glands, he chews on them so even though they are healed he keeps opening them up, works like magic and he will be healed in a week.

I am seeing some effects of the ivomec on my small rabbit, diarrhea, off his food, not drinking and sluggish since last night. Im wondering if giving him a tiny bit of activated charcoal would help his diarrhea, although I dont want to stress him any more than needed and I wonder if I should just let it run its course.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

"Hey Forloveford!

"dandelion root has already been used so I'm going to keep that one up."

Did you feel it was working? My suspicion is that it wasn't providing the results you wanted to see, hence your initial post. My experience with these remedies is that, if they work - they work fairly quickly and its obvious they are working. IMHO if its not working, try something else - again JMHO.

"Any thoughts on coconut oil?"

I think it would be much easier to get a bun to eat carrots or spinach or green pepper even than coconut oil, but if it came to you then you should give it a whirl. If this were my bun, I would put out each of the fresh remedies including the coconut oil in a small dish and let the bun have at it; he will know, perhaps better than anyone, just what he needs to ingest to heal himself. Again, JMHO!

How often are you dosing the ivomec? Are you sure of your doses? The AC might help with the loose stools, however since you know why the loose stools are present [dosing ivomec/system detoxing] it seems contraindicated to me - ie let it run its course.

That said, its your bun and I advise anyone to go with their gut as I am only tossing out advice from my side of the keyboard and you are with your bun real time.

I would watch to make sure your bun doesn't dehydrate - if anything I might err on the side of caution and use a dropper to make sure he is getting sufficient water. If the diarrhea is severe, then home made pedialyte is in order.

Homemade Pedialyte:

4 cups of water (boiled or bottled drinking water)

1/2 teaspoon Morton lite salt (because it has potassium in it as well as sodium chloride) Can use regular table salt if you have to.

2 Tablespoons sugar

If you want to add the AC start with 1 cup of electrolyte solution in a small jar with a lid; add 2 heaping tablespoons of AC and then put the lid on and shke to blend. This goes into a syringe well and then can be placed into your bun's mouth; tip the head back and gently depress the plunger to allow him to drink it slowly.

Take a peek at this thread - the remedies certainly could apply to your bun:


Replied by Forloveford
(Lethbridge Ab Canada)

I have only tried the dandielion root for two days now, not sure how its working because his system is really in up-heaval right now. He just looks so sick its sad. I gave him coconut oil and he ate it so fast I figured he must have needed it, now he seems sicker than ever though.

As for dosage, the rabbit that was initaly efected got a larger dose and she is allot better I noticed, it is my small bun that seems to be going through a shock, I literally gave him 1 tiny drop of a syringe, less than recommended. I think he is adjusting to the different herbs and meds he has been given in such a short time.

To ensure he stays hydrated I have been syringe feeding/watering him with a solution I made thanks to your recommendation. I made a very diluted dandelion root/raspberry leaf tea with mineral water, added about 1/2 a tsp of turbinado sugar and a few grains of sea salt (all I had). Ive also ground up swiss chard and spinach leaves, mixed them with water to make a juice and syringe fed him that. He will not eat on his own even when offered his favorites like apple and carrot nor will he drink from his bottle.

It has been a few hours since he was at his worse, he is moving around his cage a little more (actually changing positions) and his breathing is not so shallow.

He must have been more sensitive to the medication because of his size which is amazing to me since the dose was so small compared to what I was supposed to give him. I hope he pulls through and thank you so much for your advice and recommendations.

Replied by Forloveford
(Alberta, Canada)

Just an update:

Our little bunny died in the night after trying everything we could. I think his size really accounted for his sensitivity. Poor thing, we loved him so much, it's a shame to lose him. The other bun, the carrier of the disease, is still alive her symptoms have gotten worse but she is getting through. We pray she makes it until Thursday for her next dose of ivomec. She is no longer in our care and is in fact with the original owner so hopefully she makes it through to be a very special bunny. Results are supposed to be more apparent after the second dose.

As for all the natural remedies I can only say that despite our trying we still have no idea what would have worked or not. We will not be having anymore rabbits so there is no way for us to test this out, nor would we want to, it is such a heart breaking thing to see and go through.

In the mean time we have bleached everything in the house to ensure the cats do not suffer from this disease (very rare to find it in felines, only very sick ones).

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

My condolences, Forloveford, for the loss of your bunny.

You fought the good fight and tried so hard - how sad the bun lost his fight with this parasite.

Thank you for sharing your journey.

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