Natural Cures for Pyoderma in Dogs

Posted by Anne (Warsaw, VA) on 01/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

From experience, I know turmeric does wonders for skin & body in general as a great anti-inflammatory. I used it for 2 years now on my dog who was diagnosed with recurrent deep pyoderma. Vet gave him immuno-booster to help then put him on cephalexin to clear it. But after 2+ weeks off the antibiotics it would always just come back. This was half a year of torture to the dog, switching his diet to no grain, no corn, no soy, single protein foods, vitamins, fish oil, echinacea in food, etc. Then with long research, I stared giving my dog a mix of turmeric, cinnammonum cassia, ginger, raw honey & ACV, twice a day, mixed into his food. He had no eruptions for over 1.5 years!