Natural Cures for Pyoderma in Dogs

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sue (Uk) on 02/20/2015
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Hey Jen & Theresa

My dog had a couple of small crusty spots appear behind her ear which then spread to her cheek & neck in just a couple of days!! The vets diagnoses was Superficial pyoderma, he prescribed a 10 day course of Rilexine 300 (antibiotics) and to bath her in dilute hibiscrub. He was insistent on clipping my dog back to the skin, ear, face & neck!!!! Is that normal procedure I wonder? I couldn't allow him to do this as surely her long thick coat has served as some protection against the scratching & spreading of infection.

Not feeling overly confident in our vet I did a little research and came across your posts & I have to tell you I'm convinced that 'Naseptin' did the trick, the scabs have gone after only 1 application & a bath, she still feels a little bumpy but the skin doesn't look angry at all, it hasn't spread further and the scratching has almost stopped. So thank you both so much for the detailed info :)

The story so far:

Day 1 (Arrived back from the vet too late in the day for a bath)

Applied Lucy Bees coconut oil & fed 3.6gms of tumeric mixed with raw feed, rolled into balls and hand fed (white coat, orange hands!! )

1 Anti biotic

Day 2 (Not much change prior to having a bath)

3.6gms tumeric

Mixed 20ml of hibiscrub, 60ml 'Earthbath' Oatmeal & Aloe shampoo (great for skin problems), diluted to make 300ml.

Gave 2 good shampoos (not forgetting in between the toes! ) & left on the coat for 5 minutes, dried thoroughly on a cool setting then applied the 'Naseptin'

She threw up the antibiotic! I dont know whether to continue with these, I know you are supposed to complete the course but she has only kept 1 tablet down...decisions, decisions

By the end of day 2, following the bath and Naseptin the improvement is quite amazing :)

I obtained the prescription only 'Naseptin' from the doc to treat a tiny little spot just inside my nose that would come and go, a common ailment, so quite easy to obtain ;) The prescription costs 2.30 if you get it online here

Will keep you posted :)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jackie (Yaxley, Peterborough, United Kingdom) on 06/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have recently spent over £1,500 having surgery on my dog for a lip fold pyoderma. She is 12 years old and I thought it was her last chance. It came back almost straight away and I was so stressed as I didn't want to have her put down, but didn't have the money for procedures that the vet suggested. As a last resort I looked into a natural cure and by chance found this site. People on here seemed to recommend natural coconut oil and/or Allicin. I don't know which cured my dog, but within a week of using both these (relatively cheap alternatives) my dog is not only cured but fitter than she has ever been. Thank you so much to those of you who posted these remedies. Without you my dog would no longer be here.